Chapter 113.4: Encountered Danger in Mist City

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However, she couldn’t do anything but silently curse him. She felt as if she had been drugged with an anesthetic, she couldn’t feel anything at all or even open her mouth to curse. She could only watch helplessly as that person caught her, then abruptly dive down towards the ground.

Da fudge? What a troll this is!

Tang Doudou was falling apart inside as she watched this abnormal course of action. Could it be that this ugly ghost wanted to commit suicide?

If he wanted to commit suicide, he should just commit suicide. Why’d he have to bring her along ah!?

However, reality proved that Tang Doudou was overthinking things. That person dived down until they almost reached the ground, then suddenly sent a strike towards the ground, startling a mass of dust. Following that, he whirled as he charged into the dust. The next thing Tang Doudou saw was an enormous underground hole. The hole even had simple stone steps.

Tang Doudou wanted to see more but that person took out a black strip of cloth and blindfolded her.

Afterwards, he went into that hole while carrying her.

From the start, it was hard to look around when you couldn’t move. Now that she was blindfolded, she couldn’t see anything. All she could hear was the sound of footsteps which seemed to come from all directions. The further down they went, the more concentrated this sound became. It was clear that the space was becoming narrower.

Where exactly was this ugly ghost bringing her? Could it be that the Mist City he talked about was underground? thought Tang Doudou, distressed.

How many times had it been already!? Seriously, her luck was too good! Her dog shit luck was good!

Baili Yu had been around to save her in the past but right now, Baili Yu was still waiting for her to save him. Could it be that death was really at hand this time?

If she had known it would be like this, earlier she wouldn’t have continued rushing forward at night. Those maids had high agility so even if they used up their inner strength, they probably would have still moved fast. Since they probably made plenty of headway, they might have stopped at night somewhere to rest and recover. Why didn’t she think of this earlier!?

However, it was already too little late for regret. She didn’t know whether this ugly ghost had brought her here out of lust or greed either. Luckily Ye Chuan had asked her to put on a male outfit when they set out. She had been worried about what Cang Baicao said as well, so she had also put on that thing as well. Otherwise, if he had ended up motivated by lust, she would have chosen to just die.

It’d be best if it was out of greed. After all, problems that money could resolve were not problems at all.

She just worried that it would prevent her from making it to Baili Yu in time. Hopefully Ye Chuan could put in extra effort and rush there in time.

Jesus ah! What kind of situation was this, yet she still had the presence of mind to worry about other people!?

Tang Doudou felt quite a bit of admiration for her impressive mental strength. After all, how many people in this world could be this unworried when facing death!?

Actually, she was just intentionally thinking about other stuff to distract herself because she was scared.

The ugly ghost walked for about an hour while carrying her before he finally seemed to have reached his destination. There were quite a few strange voices around. It sounded like human voices, but at the same time, also sounded like the cries of some strange animals. In any case, Tang Doudou couldn’t tell what exactly it was.


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