Chapter 114.4: Original Stock, Original Taste

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Once he left the short and skinny’s sight, the short and skinny spat on the ground and cursed, “Ugly freak, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re scared of those drugs you make, you think we’d pay attention to you!?”

In the middle of his cursing, he saw Tang Doudou staring wide-eyed at him. Her appearance was rather out of the ordinary so after thinking for a split second, he gave her a fawning smile. “This gongzi, you saw it as well. That Boss Suo is the one who’s forcing us to do everything, it has nothing to do with us ah. If, in the future, you catch the attention of some wealthy and influential big shot, please don’t target us brothers for revenge ah…”

Tang Doudou really wanted to roll her eyes but managed to endure the impulse. However, she still silently criticized him in her heart. This short and skinny person really wasn’t someone that was easy to deal with ah! When he was in front of that Boss Suo, he was a complete ass-kisser yet he also extended an olive branch (symbol of peace) to the captive in secret.

Easily swaying grass that falls both ways with a blow from the wind. This sort of person is probably the definition of that saying, right?

If she spoke and promised him enormous wealth now, would he help her escape?

She immediately extinguished this thought right after it emerged. This type of person was naturally suspicious. No one had been able to speak after getting poisoned. If someone who was immune to the poison suddenly showed up, he’d definitely suspect the person of having hidden intentions. Not to mention, this type of person understands more than normal people about the importance of keeping to a group. Although his words revealed discontent towards Boss Suo, he still understood that he was only able to survive due to having Boss Suo’s protection. Unless he was able to ascertain that she was someone capable of helping them overthrow Boss Suo and that she was not a threat to them, her end would be one of two:

Being directly killed or being drugged with something stronger.

Based on their won’t-wake-up-early-if-there’s-no-profit personalities, it was likely that she’d be drugged then carried off.

Tang Doudou went ‘haha’ (T/N - inwardly, probably), then ignored the guy.

The short and skinny guy chattered on and on for a long time. It was basically about how they came to be forced by Boss Suo to do this type of work. Afterwards, he even talked about how he had parents and children to support… In any case, he made himself sound as innocent as humanly possible.

He only shut up when the carriage arrived. After greeting the fatty, he helped lift Tang Doudou onto the carriage.

Though it was called a carriage, it was really just a horse-drawn handcart. It was extremely simple and crude.

Something was on the boards and it pressed so painfully against Tang Doudou’s waist after she was thrown on that she felt like her waist was about to break. However, she still couldn’t move so she forced herself to stay still, not even knitting her brows.

“Isn’t there a blanket inside?” The short and skinny one felt that the scene seemed a little inappropriate. Thus, he pointed towards the fox fur on the ground of the stone room and said, “Fatty, take that blanket and cushion him with it.”

Fatty mumbled unhappily, “No way. He’s going to get sold anyways, what’s the point of cushioning him so well!?”

“Ignorant idiot!” rebuked the short and skinny one with a tone of hating iron for not becoming steel (resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations). However, he didn’t want to waste time convincing him and decided to just get the fox fur himself. “If you want to sell something for a good price, you have to demand beauty beyond perfection. It must be flawlessly perfect! Don’t you see that Boss Qing didn’t even take the things on him? What could it be except for the sake of ‘original stock, original taste’? This is the hottest trend lately, you know!”


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