Chapter 115.1: Nightless City

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Fatty scratched his head after hearing what the short and skinny guy said. It was clear that he didn’t really get it.

The short and skinny one shook his head in exasperation.

Seeing that Boss Suo happened to be walking back this way, the short and skinny one hastily told Fatty to spread out the fox fur and put Tang Doudou back onto the cart. Meanwhile, he went over to greet Boss Suo with a smile. “Everything is prepared. What do you think Boss Suo? Shall we set out now?”

Unexpectedly, Boss Suo wasn’t in a very good mood. Upon hearing this, he simply swept a glance over at the short and skinny one and responded in a dispirited voice, “Wait a little.”

The short and skinny one was taken aback, but he didn’t dare question Boss Suo and simply followed him silently.

Although Fatty was lacking in intelligence, his eyesight was rather good. When he saw their behavior, he didn’t ask anything and went to crouch at a corner of the wall by himself. He would throw a rock from time to time. The muffled sound of rocks impacting the ground came from the darkness.

Boss Suo glared at him. “Damned Fatty, do you want to die? What are you throwing those damned rocks for? Get over here, I have things to tell you!”

Fatty became aggravated when he heard this. He clearly wasn’t as well versed in social behavior as that short and skinny guy. He shouted, “If you have something to say, say it to Skinny. I don’t want to listen.”

“Stupid thing…” Boss Suo brows lifted. “Are you coming over here or not!?”

Fatty moved his lips. However, he saw that the short and skinny guy next to Boss Suo was constantly giving him meaningful glares. Reluctantly, he got up and made his way towards them. As he walked, he muttered, “What’s the use in telling me? It’s not like I can decide on matters. Isn’t everything decided by you guys anyways?”

“You blockhead! You want to make your own decisions? Is it that you don’t want to earn money anymore!?” scolded the short and skinny one.

Fatty replied, “Earn money? Even after working for so many years and tiring ourselves to death, we still haven’t earned much. In my opinion, it’d be better to just do something else. For better or worse, at least that way we’d be able to take a wife. As of now, we can’t even get a wife with this business, so what’s the point of even earning so much money?”

Although Fatty also liked to chatter and complain, he had always done so in a joking manner. The two were so taken aback by his current serious tone that even Boss Suo’s anger faded. Boss Suo knew that though he was the main force behind the three of them, he would not be able to carry out this business without the two of them. Thus, he looked towards the short and skinny one and indicated for him to go ask Fatty what was going on.

The short and skinny one was curious, so he would’ve gone even without Boss Suo’s indication.

After the two exchanged a glance, Boss Suo went to drive the carriage to the side.Meanwhile, the short and skinny one pulled the fatty to a corner to talk to him.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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