Chapter 115.2: Nightless City

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Since they were so far away, Tang Doudou could only hear bits and pieces of murmuring. She couldn’t hear what they were discussing, so she decided to stop trying to listen and observed Boss Suo instead. She discovered that for some unknown reason, he seemed a bit troubled ever since he’d returned. She couldn’t help but wonder why that was the case.

There was no way that Boss Suo would take the initiative to talk about it. She also couldn’t figure it out just by guessing, so she decided to go back to listening to the short and skinny guy. Just as she lowered her eyes, she saw that Boss Suo was starting to daze out as he stared at the antique lamp.

She immediately became more alert. The reason why his mood suddenly changed was because of this lamp!E/N

Tang Doudou’s guess was right.

Boss Suo was worrying about the lamp at her waist. It turns out that he saw a new Mist City announcement post when he went to do his business earlier. It was concerning this antique lamp.

The announcement showed that someone was searching for this antique lamp. They hoped whoever saw the lamp would take down the announcement and notify the City Lord’s Residence. It even included a reward of a huge sum as compensation for this information.

For most people, this would be a cushy job. For Boss Suo however, just the seal pressed on the corner of that notice was enough to startle him awake from sleep. So the effect of the fact that the notice mentioned that that person was in Mist City didn’t even need to be explained.

When that person was brought up, the reason why Boss Suo was in this human trafficking business must also be brought up.

More or less it was because Boss Suo was too full of youthful vigor back then. He was highly skilled in medicine, yet he was full of dishonest schemes. Since ancient times, medicine and poison have been complements. Since his medical expertise was high, his skill with poison naturally wasn’t lacking either.It was common for people to poison others on the Jianghu. In addition, he was able to mask this fact from everyone due to his medical expertise. Although the income from rescuing people and giving medical treatment wasn’t low, most of the time it was the poor that came to ask for treatment. Though he was a degenerate, he still had medical ethics and simply couldn’t leave people to die. Therefore, the income often did not cover expenditure for him. From the start, Boss Suo had been born in an impoverished family and had his fill of impoverished days. So how could he accept things as they were?

He made numerous inquiries and, as the heavens truly do not abandon resolute people, he finally found a way to make money.

And that was poisoning people.E/N2“Boss Suo!” Talk of the past will stop here. Skinny was leading Fatty back over.E/N3


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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E/N - “The reason why his mood suddenly changed was because of this lamp!” or ya know, he could be going through some mid-life crisis.

E/N2 - “And that was poisoning people.” LOOOOOOOOOOOL yes the heavens truly do not abandon those that use toxins to end life. thank you good ol heavens

E/N3 - “Talk of the past will stop here” this is kinda weird. is this like some narration indicating that suo's small flashback ended?

C: Yup

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