Chapter 116.1: Fabricated Big Lie

Prodigal Alliance Head


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When Tang Doudou got a clear look at who that person was, she immediately jumped up from the carriage with a carp-like flip. Astonishment filled her face as she called out, “Xiao Bai?”

That’s not right!

Tang Doudou instantly overruled this thought the moment she blurted out the name.

Although the person in front of her looked exactly like Bai Feizhou, his actions, bearing, and expressions were totally different. It was practically like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Alliance Head Li is talking about Bai Feiyun, that elder brother of mine, right?” said that person with a smirk. Seeing such an insincere expression on a face that was identical to Bai Feiyun’s really made Tang Doudou feel out of sorts.

“Xiao Bai is your older brother? But isn’t your surname Gu?” Tang Doudou glanced around the surroundings. The four people had already silently moved to seal off all the possible escape routes.

“Humph! As expected, she already woke up earlier!” interrupted Boss Suo with a cold humph.

“Aiy, Boss Suo, be more polite. The person standing in front of us is the current martial arts Alliance Head ah!” The man that claimed to be Bai Feiyun’s brother smiled as he shot Boss Suo a meaningful look. Then he started walking towards Tang Doudou as he said, “Alliance Head Li, since you’re already here, why don’t you come in to drink some tea and chat? Although my surname is Gu, I shared the same mother as Elder Brother.”

He had already revealed all his intentions in her presence, and now he was trying to act courteous by inviting her to tea? Does he think she has no temper at all?

“Haha, since Brother Gu is Xiao Bai’s brother, then that means you’re also this Alliance Head’s brother ah. Since we’re already brothers, what do we need to drink tea and chat for? Why not find a nice place to drink some alcohol and have fun with some beauties instead?”

Alright, she admits that she really doesn’t have any temper.

Everyone present was shocked by what she said and couldn’t quite figure out what exactly she was planning. However, wasn’t this precisely the effect Tang Doudou was going for?

She inwardly looked down on them. Humph, still a bit too inexperienced to play with this big sis.

Taking advantage of this time while they were still stunned, she walked up and wrapped an arm around the shoulder of the person surnamed Gu. “Heh, what are you guys still dazing out for? Could it be that Brother Gu can’t bear to…?” (can’t bear to spend the money)

A trace of unnaturalness flashed past the face of the person surnamed Gu when his shoulder was seized. At this point, he had no choice but to respond with a laugh. “What is Alliance Head Li saying? It’s nothing but a meal. Although this Gu doesn’t have mountains of gold and seas of silver like the Alliance Head Residence, this Gu can still afford to treat one meal.”

“I heard that a new restaurant has recently opened in the city. Why don’t we go there today?”

He didn’t want to act so politely towards Li Xueyi but what choice did he have? He had been seized. Several large fatal points were unprotected and right beneath Li Xueyi’s hand. Even if one used his big toe to think he would still be able to figure out that the person was doing this on purpose. Since his life was in the person’s hands, of course he couldn’t afford becoming hostile towards the person.

Boss Suo’s face was gloomy. It was unknown what he was thinking.


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