Chapter 116.2: Fabricated Big Lie

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou was very wrongly accused. She really wasn’t purposefully trying to seize the fatal points of the person surnamed Gu. What she wanted was very simple, you can’t very well slap a smiling face, right? Since she can’t beat them, of course she would use other methods!

“Since it’s your territory, of course we’ll listen to Brother Gu’s arrangements! I’m fine with going wherever Brother Gu wants to go!” said Tang Doudou with a bright laugh.

“Alliance Head Li is really a refreshing person. The matter should not be delayed, so why don’t we head out now?” That restaurant belonged to him so everyone in it were his subordinates. As long as Li Xueyi entered, regardless of how amazing his martial arts were, he’d inevitably have to admit defeat!

After he finished speaking, he made a ‘please go ahead’ gesture. Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’, then walked towards the outside of the courtyard with her arm still around his shoulder.

“Since Brother Gu and Xiao Bai are twins, why are your surnames different? I still have yet to ask what Brother Gu’s given name is.”

“It was this Gu’s neglectance. This one has Gu as a surname and Xun (search/look) as the sole given name. Although Elder Brother and I are twins, since young I have followed Father and he has followed Mother. Our family names are also according to our father and mother, respectively,” explained Gu Xun with a smile.

No one called him but Boss Suo decided on his own to follow them. He simply walked next to the two without a word.

Skinny and Fatty couldn’t join in the conversation either since they had been sent away by Boss Suo.

The business transaction didn’t succeed and so they didn’t get any money. The moment Skinny walked out of the courtyard, he turned around and spat. In a low tone, he cursed, “Damned bastard Old Suo, to even dare to kidnap the martial arts Alliance Head! Is he trying to cause lao zi’s life to end early? Luckily lao zi was smart and spoke to that Alliance Head beforehand. Otherwise I’d already be dead!”

Fatty didn’t really understand what was going on but he was also very vexed about not getting any money. When he heard Skinny exclaim that in relief, he asked while scratching his head, “Skinny, when did you talk with that Alliance Head?”

“Even if I explain you wouldn’t understand, just go over there!” Skinny was in a bad mood and didn’t feel like explaining.

He lowered his head and thought for a while. It was unknown what he thought of but his expression suddenly turned excited and he turned around to look for Fatty in order to discuss his plan.

However, he didn’t see Fatty when he turned around. It had only been a few moments. Where did that idiot run off to?


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