Chapter 116.3: Fabricated Big Lie

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Meanwhile, Tang Doudou and Gu Xun had exited the courtyard and stepped into a large bustling street. Colored lanterns were strung up everywhere, making the night scene beautiful as brocade. People moved by one another in an endless stream. Tang Doudou was dazzled by this sight and shocked by how lively this Mist City was.

It was even several times more impressive than the nightscape of Huai City. And it must be known that Huai City was the number one city in the Wind Spirit Imperial Court ah!

“Alliance Head Li, in your opinion, is this Mist City livelier, or is Cloud City livelier?” Gu Xun saw the amazement in her eyes and couldn’t resist revealing a proud smile.

Da f*ck? She hasn’t even been to Cloud City before, how was she supposed to know which one was livelier?

“No better, no worse!” Tang Doudou brushed over the topic with a laugh. “That’s right ah, Brother Gu, wonder what happened with the person whom you guys said escaped earlier?”

Why did she suddenly mention this out of the blue?

Both Gu Xun and Boss Suo were taken aback by this unexpected question. They clearly couldn’t quite adapt to Tang Doudou’s unpredictable actions.

“This Old Suo also just happens to have a question that I must ask Alliance Head da ren to clear up!” This time, the first to speak was Boss Suo who had been silent up to now. His ugly face currently had an exceptionally serious expression.

Tang Doudou’s heart leapt and she soon realized what he wanted to ask.

He definitely wanted to know how she had managed to recover.

As expected, he continued, “Wonder how Alliance Head Li managed to undo this Old Suo’s poison?”

If she knew that, she wouldn’t be here beeping with them!

Boss Suo wasn’t the only one curious about this. Gu Xun also wanted to know.

Looking at the two’s eager expressions, Tang Doudou licked her dry lips. A nefarious smile appeared in the depths of her eyes. It’s time to tell a story again!

“This ah…” She hesitated for a long while. Just as Boss Suo was about to open his mouth to urge her on, she continued, “Wonder if you two have heard of the Hundred Poisons Pill?”

“Hundred Poisons Pill!”

Who would have expected that the moment she said this, Boss Suo jumped up as if his butt exploded and excitedly shouted this term.

There were people around everywhere so his shout immediately attracted a lot of onlookers. They paused to watch, but when they realized it was Old Suo and Gu Xun, they dispersed again as if they were avoiding snakes.

From the looks of this, these two people didn’t have a very good reputation in Mist City.

“Old Suo!” Gu Xun saw that they had attracted quite a lot of attention so he hastily indicated in a low voice for Boss Suo not to get too wound up.

However, Boss Suo didn’t seem to hear. He stared fixedly at Tang Doudou. Red light was practically about to shoot out from his eyes.

Tang Doudou got goosebumps from being stared at. She gulped, then looked towards Gu Xun. “He, is some disease of his flaring up?”

Of course Gu Xun couldn’t say it was, right?

He gave an embarrassed laugh and explained, “Alliance Head Li, actually, Old Suo is a doctor. His medical expertise is extremely high - it’s equally matched with that of Cloud City’s Cang Baicao - that’s why he’s so interested in this type of exotic pill. From the sound of it, is this Hundred Poisons Pill a pill that can cure a hundred types of poison?

Tang Doudou really wanted to say yes, however, Gu Xun had said that Boss Suo’s medical expertise was pretty much on par with Cang Baicao’s. If she kept recklessly making things up, wouldn’t she end up slapping herself in the face?

However, if his medical expertise was so high, why was he working as a human trafficker instead of being a proper doctor?

“It’s probably pretty much like what Brother Gu said. Of course, there’s no way it’s some medicinal pill. It’s probably just some sort of pill.” (Medicinal pill refers to the type of pill that are refined in furnaces, they’re more like stuff of legends. Pill refers to a medicinal mixture that’s formed into a pill shape, usually made by pharmacists and doctors.)

If one has to fabricate a story, it must at least be done well!


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