Chapter 116.4: Fabricated Big Lie

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Boss Suo was all excited by himself for quite a long time. However, he had calmed down while Tang Doudou and Gu Xun were talking and at this time, he asked, “Could it be that Alliance Head Li managed to undo my poison by taking the Hundred Poisons pill?”

“This ah, it’s inconvenient to say!” Tang Doudou looked troubled.

Boss Suo immediately said, “As long as Alliance Head Li tells me, this Old Suo is willing to follow all your instructions from this day forward!”

What could a human trafficker be used for?

Perhaps Boss Suo noticed the objection in Tang Doudou’s eyes because he went silent a while. Then his expression turned resolute and he nodded towards Gu Xun.

In the past Gu Xun had already heard Old Suo talk about looking for something. Could it be that the thing Li Xueyi talked about was precisely the thing Old Suo was looking for?

Otherwise, there’s no way Old Suo would promise to obey someone else with his self-serving personality.

Back then he had promised to help Old Suo, so of course he couldn’t watch without lifting a finger at this point. He took a moment to sort out his attitude, then smiled as he said, “Alliance Head Li shouldn’t underestimate Old Suo. Not only is his expertise in healing and poison exceptionally high, he’s also a very influential figure in Mist City. As long as Alliance Head Li has Old Suo’s help, defeating that Surnamed Yu would be as easy as turning over one’s palm!”

Tang Doudou glanced at Gu Xun in surprise. When she saw from his eyes that he didn’t seem to be lying, she silently started considering it.

It’s not that she was capable of remaining cool and unperturbed in the face of this attractive proposition, but that everything that she said had been made up bullshit. It’d be fine as long as the cat didn’t get out of the bag but if Old Suo managed to find out that she had tricked him, considering that he had influence in Mist City, it’ll probably be difficult for her to get out of here.


“Aiy, Old Suo, how do you expect Alliance Head Li to make a decision here?” Gu Xun couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he saw that Li Xueyi’s tone suggested that there was room for negotiation. It was lucky that he had paid a visit to an old friend a while ago and found out about the conflict between Li Xueyi and Elder Yu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known how to help Old Suo’s cause.

“Brother Gu has a point!” Old Suo had calmed down as well. He had already been constantly on the move for so many years due to this matter so a little longer didn’t matter much.

Tang Doudou actually didn’t agree to the offered idea. “Actually, this matter isn’t as serious as you guys are making it. It’s also not something that difficult to say, it’s just ah…”

“Alliance Head Li, go ahead and say it!”

“I just want information about one matter, and also hope that you two can help me with another. Once the two matters are complete, I’ll tell you guys everything!”

Hell, there was no way she’d want Old Suo as a helper. Keeping this sort of crafty person by your side was no different from holding onto a ticking bomb. A single misstep would lead to a horrible death. Not to mention, even as he brought up that idea, the fake sincerity that didn’t reach the depths of his eyes clearly showed that he had other plans in mind.


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