Chapter 119.1: I’m Your Grandpa

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Da f*ck? What is this!?

Tang Doudou didn’t even think. She immediately turned around and ran.

She soon returned to the place where she had kicked the drunkard. When the drunkard saw that she had been forced to turn back, he watched amused, with a hand on his waist. “Hey, why’d you come back so soon!?”

“Beat it!”

“Oh? Still quite fierce huh? I’d like to see how you’d be able to keep up that attitude!”

Tang Doudou spat at him. Then she glanced at the walls on both sides before jumping up and kicking off one of them. As that drunkard watched, stunned, she started flying in the opposite direction again.

The beggars that were chasing after her hadn’t expected for her to change directions again. The first person that saw started shouting, “Turn around, turn around! He’s escaped to the back!”

However, there were too many people so by the time news had reached the back of the crowd, Tang Doudou was already gone from their sights. She had seized the opportunity and snuck into a group of beggars and was walking amongst them.

Since she was walking together with a lot of beggars, no one wondered who she was. She walked with the group for quite a while before finally reaching the rumored Five Kilometers Emporium.

Actually, it was just a street filled with worn-out stores. A signboard made with a piece of wood hung between two crude stone pillars. On it were the words ‘Five Kilometers Emporium’.

Alright, fine, it was a place where beggars lived so how good could it be? This was already not bad. At the very least, it gave shelter from the wind and rain ah!

Tang Doudou walked into Five Kilometers Emporium. There were quite a lot of people in the stores, looking as if they were bored stiff. Their attires were much better than that of the beggars though, so they were probably the so-called hoodlums and ruffians-typed people. There were people like this strolling on the streets as well. Some gathered in groups of three to four and chatted while others gambled. Under the hazy light, there was a strange sense of luxury and leisure.

“You’re Li Xueyi?” It was the voice of a woman. Her intonation was soft, almost like water.

There was actually a sis in Five Kilometers Emporium?

Tang Doudou turned around, completely confused. The sight that entered her eyes was that of a young woman around the age of twenty-seven who gave off quite a lot of hinted charm. She was wearing a dark purple gauze gown. The snow-white magnificent surging waves were faintly visible from beneath the gauze. The sight was so grand and magnificent that even Tang Doudou, this sis, involuntarily gulped and gave a sincere praise: “Nice chest…” ((好 - “hao3” commonly used to say ‘good’ and in combination with other words, used as like the word ‘very’ )(胸 - “xiong1” chest; bosom)

“Fierce?” (凶 - “xiong1” fierce, vicious) The woman’s expression stiffened when she heard what Tang Doudou said. When has there ever been a man who hadn’t complimented her on how she was gentle as water and graceful as a willow? When she thought up to this point, she glanced at Tang Doudou with a bit of disdain in her eyes. So this was the way homosexuals acted. What a waste ah. The most beautiful man in the country, Baili Yu, actually liked men.

What a waste of that handsome face!

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but become bewildered at the expression of pity on that woman’s face. Could it be that her appearance had let down the audience and disappointed this woman?

Tang Doudou hastily swiped at the ash on her face. “This xiong(breasts) is not that xiong(fierce). In any case, why are you looking for me?”

The woman recalled her motive for coming over and replied, “My master has invited you.”

“Your master?” repeated Tang Doudou. Then she asked, “Your master is Skinny? That’s so unexpected ah!”

“What skinny or fatty? Gongzi really knows how to joke.”

“As a matter of fact, it really was a skinny and fatty that invited me here ah! May I venture to ask who exactly your master is? If it’s not the person that invited me here, then, my apologies, please have him invite me another day. I don’t have time today!” Hell, she had even been called by her name. It’s likely that the person had already investigated her entire background. It’s best not to provoke such a dangerous person!

When the woman saw that Tang Doudou wanted to slip away, she hastily reached out and grabbed Tang Doudou. “What kind of joke is gongzi making? Isn’t it precisely my master who invited you to Five Kilometers Emporium? What do you mean by a fatty and skinny? As for who my master is, wouldn’t you know if you came with me?”

“This…” Tang Doudou looked at the woman, troubled, as she thought about the warm arrowhead she could feel on her chest. Should she go or not?

The woman saw that Tang Doudou was hesitating and tugged her forward, almost causing Tang Doudou to fall into her ‘vastness’. “Let’s go, gongzi…”

She didn’t bother to wait for Tang Doudou’s reply and pulled her directly into a small alley at the side.

After several twists and turns, they arrived at a simple building. The woman pushed Tang Doudou inside and closed the door with a ‘bang’.

Gongzi, please come this way.” The woman seemed to become a different person the moment she stepped inside this building. Her manner instantly changed from that of a peevish little evil spirit to that of a well-bred young lady from a wealthy house as she led Tang Doudou towards the second floor.

Tang Doudou didn’t know what was going on so all she could do was follow.


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