Chapter 119.2: I’m Your Grandpa

Prodigal Alliance Head


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They soon arrived in front of a room. The woman gently knocked three times on the door. An aged voice came from the inside, “Come in.”

The woman stood on the side and indicated with her eyes for Tang Doudou to enter by herself.

From the sound of the voice, the person inside was at least sixty years old. Tang Doudou hesitated for a while before pushing the door open and walking in.

The decor inside was very simple. It was no different from the rooms of normal elderly people. Next to a window was a couch and an aged figure could be seen leaning on the couch, looking out the window.

After Tang Doudou had entered, he beckoned Tang Doudou with his hand. The gesture was as affectionate as an old man welcoming his son home. “Xueyi ah, come here.”

The tone was so affectionate that huge question marks popped out above Tang Doudou’s head, one after another, almost crushing her unconscious.

“What are you standing there for? Come sit down and chat with Grandpa for a while. Seriously child, why didn’t you notify me ahead of time that you were coming to Mist City? If I hadn’t seen that lamp, you probably would’ve left before I even found out… Why are you dressed like that?” After chattering a lot on his own, the old man couldn’t wait anymore and shakily got to his feet. When he turned around, he became dumbfounded upon seeing Tang Doudou’s filthy appearance. “Child, how could you dress like that? Lady Qian, hurry and bring gongzi down to wash up.”

He then walked over and took Tang Doudou’s hand. Rubbing it between his wrinkles-filled hands, he said, “Now that you’re here, stay a couple more days since I might not even be here anymore the next time you come…”

The old man gave a heavy sigh. His voice which had sounded only about sixty years old, at this moment, sounded as rough as that of someone in their eighties.

Tang Doudou really couldn’t handle this sudden display of strong affection any longer so she awkwardly pushed away the old man’s hand and stared at him guardedly. “Old sir, I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

“Haha, child, you’re still so naughty. You’re my biological grandson, how could I not recognize you?” said the old man with a laugh. The way he looked at her was practically the same way her grandpa used to look at her. This time it was Tang Doudou’s turn to be dumbstruck. What exactly is going on?

She actually had a biological grandfather in this underground place where birds don’t even shit?

That’s not right. He’s Li Xueyi’s biological grandfather!

But wasn’t Li Xueyi an orphan? Where did this grandfather of his come from?

This was a complete mess. Not to mention, the guy didn’t seem like he was lying. This caused Tang Doudou to become even more flustered.

If only a little angel could come and explain to her what exactly was going on.

“Why aren’t you saying anything anymore? Child ah, you’re always causing trouble outside. How many times has Grandpa told you that you can’t lose this lamp, yet you never listen…” The old man was still chattering on and on by himself. “In the future, you must not lose it again. Go wash up for now. Once you’ve washed up, we’ll have dinner.”

What a troll ah! Not only does she have to figure out his identity, now the matter of the lamp was suspect too!

Tang Doudou felt that someone was definitely behind this current scene. For one, this old man in front of her was already quite suspicious. Was Li Xueyi really his biological grandson? If that was the case, who would freaking send their grandson a message using a broken arrowhead? Had Gu Xun not blocked that arrow, she would’ve already been a dead corpse by now!

Then there was the way that woman treated her, her tone wasn’t polite at all. If this old man was her master, then she would be that woman’s young master. Who has ever seen a servant pulling and dragging their young master around?

Lastly, there was the matter of the antique lamp.

Gongzi, please come this way to wash up!” Tang Doudou was in the middle of wracking her brains about this when Lady Qian pushed the door open and called her over to wash up.

Tang Doudou felt that she was going to need some time to slowly think about this to figure everything out, so she nodded towards that old man and followed Lady Qian out of the room without saying anything.

Lady Qian led her to the third room on the side and had her wait while she went to give instructions for the hot water to be prepared.

Tang Doudou sat in the room restlessly. She couldn’t tell where the uneasiness came from, she had simply felt exceptionally fidgety ever since she stepped into this place.

In short, she had a really bad feeling.

It was as if something big was about to happen.

Since she couldn’t sit still and Lady Qian hadn’t returned even after a long time, Tang Doudou decided to take out the letter tube. She pulled the paper strip out and slowly unfolded it.

“Leave, hurry and leave! The farther the better!” Eight words leapt out at her. Tang Doudou was so startled that she stood up and immediately looked around. Seeing that everything seemed safe, she looked back at the letter. On the lowermost corner was a tiny seal. It looked a bit familiar.

When Tang Doudou reexamined it, she discovered that it was the seal of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce!

The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had actually sent her a message to leave and get as far away as possible. Did this mean that there was something dangerous in Mist City?

And who exactly was the one that sent this paper strip to her!?

Could it be…

Tang Doudou suddenly stood up in a flash of understanding after various possibilities flashed through her head. T/N She shoved the paper into her chest and made to open the door in order to leave this Five Kilometers Emporium.

No matter what secret that lamp held, she still had to leave!

This situation is too strange. It was strange to the point that it was making her hair stand up on end.

However, she hesitated again right as her hand made contact with the door. If she rushed out rashly, she would definitely be blocked and brought back. The fact that one of them dared to pretend to be her grandpa meant that they knew about her amnesia. In addition, there was the secret of the lamp. If she left, she might let a great opportunity to find out about the lamp’s secrets slip by, secrets that might even have to do with her transmigration.

Tang Doudou retrieved her hand. How about pretending to not know anything and then fishing out the secrets before thinking of a way to escape?

What exactly should she do!?

Tang Doudou hit the door in frustration, giving Lady Qian, who was just entering, a scare. Lady Qian scolded angrily, “Gongzi, you’re so terrible! To scare this servant just because you have nothing else to do! You’re the worst!”

As she said this, she acted like a weak lady and fell towards Tang Doudou’s chest. If it was normal times, Tang Doudou may have taken liberties. However, Tang Doudou really wasn’t in the mood for that right now. She glanced at the men following behind Lady Qian and asked, slightly annoyed, “What are you all here for?”

When Lady Qian heard that Tang Doudou’s tone didn’t sound very happy, she gave a tender laugh and reached out to stroke Tang Doudou’s cheek. Her hand slowly slid down. Right when it was about to touch Tang Doudou’s Adam's apple, Tang Doudou grabbed it. However, Lady Qian wasn’t discouraged and proceeded to blow a sweet breath towards Tang Doudou. T/N2

Gongzi, I’m here to help gongzi bathe ah. Could it be that gongzi forgot?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

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T/N - “Tang Doudou suddenly stood up in a flash of understanding after various possibilities flashed through her head. “ various possibilities flashed through my head too. At first I thought it was Baili Yu, then when I was tling, I thought maybe Bai Feiyun, then… Jun Xin?

T/N2 - In Chinese, there’s a saying that translates roughly to ‘breathe out like orchid’ and it basically describes the scent of someone’s breath as smelling good like a flower. Apparently in ancient times, there were pills that were like modern breath mints, made for the sole purpose of making your breath smell good.

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