Chapter 12: Hedonistic Son of Rich Parents

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 12: Hedonistic Son of Rich Parents

Tang Doudou, who had already entered the winding corridor, didn't know that there was someone following them. Rather, it was Bai Feiyun that sensed it and glanced backward a few times. However, each time his attention was broken by the winks Tang Doudou sent his way. In the end, he could only turn back around with the mindset of refusing to look back even if he were to get beaten to death. 

In the end, was he really Li Xueyi or not?

"Hey, Bai gongzi, why are you also here?"

Walking in the corridors, the number of people around gradually increased. There were many people that smiled and gave greetings when they saw Bai Feiyun. For some people, Bai Feiyun would give a polite but alienated return greeting, for others, he would just move his gaze a bit and count that as a gesture.

As they walked along the corridor and gradually got close to the end, Tang Doudou discovered something strange. They don't seem to recognize her at all.

Even this middle aged man that cupped his fist in salute and came over didn't seem to know her. Even though he was very different from the rest, a flash of puzzlement also flashed through his eyes, as if he was very curious about her identity.

This scene caused Tang Doudou's thoughts to spin uncontrollably spin towards a strange direction. Little Bai* couldn't be duping her, right?

I just noticed that Little Bai is a modern way of saying pretty boy. Putting 'little' in front of someone's name is also a common way of calling little kids by a nickname. Bai Feiyun, being an 'ancient' probably doesn't know that Tang Doudou is calling him a pretty boy.

Bai Feiyun only needed a single glance to tell what she was thinking. 

He didn't pay attention to it. Instead, he greeted that middle-aged man back. "Hall Master He."

Hall Master is usually a title for a person in a sect with a management position. So it is likely that he has a teaching position or is respected as a master. Hall is as in teaching hall. And trivia, 'He' isn't pronounced 'hiiii' but 'h-urgh', stressing the 'ur' sound without the 'rg'.

"Is Bai gongzi currently heading to the convention?" Seeing that Bai Feiyun didn't plan on introducing the young man next to him, Hall Master He also couldn't bring it up himself so he just casually brought up a random topic to discuss.

Bai Feiyun nodded. "Hall Master He isn't heading over right now?"

"Heh, I do want to head over. As a matter of fact, aren't I out here looking for Li Xueyi?!" Hall Master He got angry just talking about this. Don't know what's going on in the head of the Cloud City's Lord, to allow Li Xueyi, that hedonistic son of rich parents, come to become the Alliance Head of these martial arts circles. From the start of the convention preparations until now, when it's already about to begin, not half a shadow of Li Xueyi was seen. Because of this, it caused the entire Jianghu to be very dissatisfied.

Where exactly was the millennium fame of Cloud City? But no one dared to say anything and this martial arts convention was even held at a brothel according to Li Xueyi's wishes!

Bai Feiyun heard the discontent in Hall Master He's voice. His eyes flitted across Tang Doudou's blank face out of the corners of his eyes. In his heart, he told himself that no matter what, he must first properly complete the tasks the City Lord gave him.

"No need to look anymore, Hall Master He,"

"Why is this?" Hall Master He asked, puzzled.

Tang Doudou also wanted to ask, why not keep looking? Let them search ah! After they get tired out searching, it'll be easier for her to deal with them ah!

Gaping and closing her mouth, she was just about to speak when another person ran over hastily.

"Hall Master He, I heard Li Xueyi was attacked by people from the Demonic Sect and that his whereabouts are currently unknown. Right now, Elder Yu is gathering everyone to discuss a countermeasure, what are you still hanging around here for?"

The man hastily walked over, grabbed Hall Master He and immediately turned to leave.

Hall Master He didn't have a favorable impression of Li Xueyi in the first place, having him be kidnapped by people of the Demonic Sect suited him quite well. To want him to go rush to think of an idea to save the person, how could that be possible?

Throwing off that person's hand, Hall Master He shot a glance at the unperturbed Bai Feiyun and gave a light cough:."Syndicate Leader Liu, in any case, you are still the leader of a syndicate. Making such a fuss over little matters and acting like a coarse martial arts practitioner that knows nothing but martial arts will cause people to laugh!"

Syndicate Leader Liu paused, stunned. Inwardly, he thought: he's precisely a coarse martial arts practitioner of the Jianghu that knows nothing but martial arts in the first place. Otherwise, do they expect him to learn from the scholars and intellectuals how to act all soft and refined?

Then glancing again at his own five larges and three thicks* physique, Syndicate Leader Liu laughed as he said, "Hall Master He really likes to joke."

The five large refers to the ears, shoulders, hands, buttocks and feet. The three coarses refer to neck, arm, and legs. Additional info in footnotes~

And then, he finally saw the two elegant white-clothed youths standing at the side. "These two are?"

"Oh, come, come, let me introduce you!" Hall Master He intentionally procrastinated, not wanting to go where Elder Yu was, and pulled Syndicate Leader Liu over. "This is White Wind Manor's Bai Feiyun, this is..."

Hearing Bai Feiyun's name, Syndicate Leader Liu's eyes lit up, almost on par with the way Tang Doudou looked when she saw a high-quality handsome guy.

He passed Hall Master He with large strides and grabbed Bai Feiyun's hand. His ardent eyes were full of little stars. "Bai gongzi, do you still remember me?"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Ocelot

[Chiyomira's Corner]


The saying five larges and three coarses has more to it. Having big ears are signs of good fortune and of long life, as well as wealth. In the ancient times, peasants preferred men with broad shoulders so that they could work well. Having big hands symbolizes the ability to amass wealth and people with big butts can sit steadily. A pair of large feet will allow workers to walk very far. And all 5 of these body parts are commonly used in other sayings based on these characteristics.


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