Chapter 13: Swallowed a MYLIKES

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Chapter 13: Swallowed a MYLIKES

Wowwah, these two commodities definitely has some passion ah!

At this time, facing this scene, a gossipy fire suddenly ignited with a torrential rush in Tang Doudou's chest. She was beside herself with excitement. This is the biggest drama of the year ah!

Perhaps because her mood was excessively excited, it caused Bai Feiyun to stare at her for quite a while before he recovered and reacted. Without a trace, he pushed Syndicate Leader Liu away and with a displeased tone, said, "Syndicate Leader Liu, if there's a matter explain properly."

"You really don't remember me?" Syndicate Leader Liu was extremely disappointed.

"Apologies, this Bai really does not recall where I have seen Syndicate Leader Liu before." Bai Feiyun was speaking the truth. There were so many syndicates in Jianghu that they can't even be counted, it was impossible for him to know them all. Not to mention, just now when Syndicate Leader Liu arrived he didn't recognize him. Since they didn't know each other, where did the words ‘do you remember’ come from?

This thought also seemed to have occurred to Syndicate Leader Liu. Trying to explain, he said, "Bai gongzi doesn't remember this one, but do you recall the Pleased Fragrance House in Huai City?"

"Don't remember."


Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. The other person has already spoken to this point. Little Bai Classmate, give a little face, will you?

Ruthless after taking out the penis, seriously!

Cough, it seems like it can't be used this way. Tang Doudou withdrew her little thoughts, wanting to say something to ease this awkward situation. Bai Feiyun shot her a look, warning her not to speak any nonsense. Then he cupped his fist and bid goodbye to Hall Master He before walking towards the large doors in front.

He left, so Tang Doudou naturally had to follow him and leave as well. Midway, she turned her head to look at that Syndicate Leader Liu was crestfallen. She couldn't help but ask Bai Feiyun, "Little Bai, could it be that you also have amnesia?"

Otherwise, how could such a big person be forgotten just like that?

Seeing that neither he or Syndicate Leader Liu looked like they were lying, Tang Doudou couldn't figure it out.

Bai Feiyun didn't look at her and also didn't reply. He walked through the entrance then quietly exhorted, "After entering, remember to speak as little as possible. Although there are few people in Jianghu that would recognize you, no one can guarantee that there wouldn't be any unexpected accidents. You've forgotten a lot of stuff now that you have amnesia, if you speak too much it would be easy for you to cause an even bigger mess from a slip of the tongue. At that time, even I wouldn't be able to help you."

It's that frightening inside? Peeking in the door, she only saw the crisscrossed figures of people. From time to time there would be the sound of coarse loud laughter.

Tang Doudou's curious heart was aroused by Bai Feiyun to the point it itched. Just as she was about to say something, a black pill appeared before her eyes.

"What is this?" Looking at the pill Bai Feiyun handed her, Tang Doudou exceptionally suspicious. From its appearance, it looks like the MYLIKES that are guaranteed to cure all diseases in some TV shows.

MYLIKES is a brand of chocolate malt balls. Because they look like pills, they're often used in TV shows, Chinese historical ones, at least.

"Only the Demonic Sect have the antidote to Tendons Softening Powder, if you want to recover your martial arts you must wait for 24 hours. During this time period, the poison will flare up four times. This pill will allow you to feel a bit more comfortable during the flare ups."

Bai Feiyun explained.

It's really a MYLIKES ah! Tang Doudou excitedly took it. Even though she was not sure what the Tendons Softening Powder and Demonic Sect that Bai Feiyun talked about were, she heard the meaning in Bai Feiyun's words loud and clear.

In other words, he was saying that her body was still poisoned and from time to time the poison would still flare up. Eating this pill can let her feel a bit more comfortable during the flare ups...

Just a little bit more comfortable is still better than nothing!

After Tang Doudou hesitated for a moment, she threw the pill into her mouth and squished it once before swallowing it down. The bitter and astringent taste exploded in her mouth. If it weren't for Bai Feiyun that immediately turned back to cover her mouth, she absolutely would have vomited it back out without hesitation.

This is seriously too f-ing bitter!

"It's the last one there is, if you vomit it out then you'll just have to endure until the martial arts convention concludes." Bai Feiyun said as he released his hands.

The words have already been spoken to this point, Tang Doudou could only swallow this pill that was even more bitter than Chinese goldthread. Afterwards, the sticky pill powder was still stuck in her throat. How could the word uncomfortable be enough to describe it?

Seeing her face filled with an emaciated expression, for some reason Bai Feiyun's mood became rather good. "Pills must be dissolved in water than drank, who taught you to directly eat it?"

After saying so he looked at Tang Doudou with a smile that was not quite a smile.

On the surface Tang Doudou's expression was unperturbed but inside she felt her balls hurtingE/N. She wished that she could just charge forward and beat up Bai Feiyun.

Dammit, he did it on purpose to laugh at her, didn't he?


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