Chapter 121.1: Two Tang Doudous

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The layer of dust on top of the book was even thicker than the book itself. Tang Doudou gingerly picked it up from the bed so as to avoid accidentally damaging it. After all, from what the old sir said, it had been over twenty years since someone last set foot in this room. It’s already a blessing that these things haven’t deteriorated into dust. It’d be such a pity for this book to be damaged especially since it might contain some clues!

The old sir was completely engrossed in his own world as he continued recounting the past. He didn’t notice what Tang Doudou was doing at all.

After getting the book, Tang Doudou started to slowly brush off the dust on top of the book and gently shake it. After most of the dust stuck between the pages came out, she started flipping through it.

Tang Doudou was taken aback. This seemed to be something like a diary.

It recorded everything that happened during the time Li Xueyi’s parents were living here. This book was much more detailed than the old sir’s narration. Tang Doudou gradually lost herself in reading it. At the same time, the astonishment she felt gradually increased. Unexpectedly, the old man hadn’t lied to her and in addition, such a huge secret was hiding here.

However, this didn’t have much to do with her. After she got a general understanding of the situation, Tang Doudou started flipping through it to find the most important information - the information regarding Li Xueyi’s identity.

She seriously needed to know this. The only way she would be able to grasp the initiative and stop getting led around by people is if she came to understand who exactly Li Xueyi was and what secrets she held.

“Xueyi ah, I know about everything you’ve been doing in Cloud City. Although the City Lord said he would look after you like his own child, in the end, wasn’t his aim still to use you to accomplish his goals? You’re nothing but a chess piece in his eyes.”

“A chess piece is a chess piece only when it’s useful. When it’s not, it’ll simply be abandoned. You must remember this logic at all costs and no matter what you can’t trust anyone.”

“Especially Baili Yu…”

When Tang Doudou heard the evil spirit’s name, her concentration was interrupted and she lifted her head. A trace of confusion flickered through her eyes. Why does everyone say this to her?

What exactly did Baili Yu do that offended the heavens and reasoning so much that so many people would avoid him? Tsk tsk, next time she sees him she should give him a good teasing.

“He’s a businessman, all that exists in his eyes is profit, he doesn’t care about friendship. Originally, I hadn’t believed it when someone told me that he had come to Mist City but after you arrived as well, I came to believe it. Lately you have been getting too close to him!” The old sir’s voice was filled with worry.

“And that antique lamp was something your parents left behind, you better not lose it again. It’ll be very useful for you in the future!”

Found it!

The old sir had been talking for half a day outside the room but barely any of it reached Tang Doudou’s ears. Her entire attention was focused on the book. She finally found information about Li Xueyi on the last few pages.

However, after she finished reading it, she was practically about to go Sparta. (basically means go crazy/fall apart, check T/N for more info)T/N What the f*ck? Isn’t this a little too much of a coincidence!?

It was written down that Li Xueyi’s mother had given birth to Li Xueyi during a particularly festive New Year. Due to the fact that her father was overly excited when she was born, he knocked over the plate of candied fruits that had been placed on the table. Thus, they gave Li Xueyi the name Doudou.

However, what was even more of an amazing coincidence was the fact that Li Xueyi’s original surname was also Tang.

This meant that Li Xueyi was also named Tang Doudou. Their names were completely the same!

Jesus ah! Then there was also this perfectly identical face… Tang Doudou really wanted to cry but had no tears. Could it be that this was the most melodramatic coincidence of transmigration novels: previous incarnation-present incarnation?

Li Xueyi was her previous incarnation. After Li Xueyi died, more than half of her soul entered the reincarnation cycle but a trace was left in the antique lamp. After a millennium, Tang Doudou encountered the antique lamp and due to that fragment of a soul, she transmigrated to her previous life which was this current space-time?

When Tang Doudou’s thoughts got to this point, she was defeated by her own pit in the brain. However, when she thought about it carefully, she felt that it was quite logical.

She continued reading the rest of the journal but all that was written down were some insignificant trifles.

After finishing the last page, Tang Doudou closed the book in disappointment. The information she wanted wasn’t in here at all!

Forget it, she’ll just go ask the old sir to clear things up!

Tang Doudou tucked the book into her chest and looked for the old sir. Only then did she realize that the old sir who had been chattering on incessantly by the door was gone.

“Old sir?” called Tang Doudou. Her voice reverberated in the dark passageway but there was no response at all.

Maybe he went to get a drink after his mouth got dried out from all the talking he did?

Tang Doudou curled her lips unhappily. However, she recalled that this place belonged to him so it really wasn’t any of her business. Thus, she started wandering around the room again on her own. She only left the room when she could no longer find anything that had the slightest possibility of being useful.

As she was walking through the passageway that they came from, she heard the sound of people talking outside.

When she listened more intently, she discovered that the voice seemed familiar.


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T/N - the usage of Sparta in Chinese comes from the “This is Sparta” mv.

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