Chapter 121.2: Two Tang Doudous

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It, it sounds like Baili Yu!?

Tang Doudou was pleasantly surprised. What was that evil spirit doing here? Has the injury on his back healed? There’s no way that it would heal that fast, right? Looks like her earlier guess wasn’t wrong, there were people from the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce in this Mist City.

Was he here looking for her?

Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up. She pulled out the slip of paper from her chest and looked at it again in delight. He was definitely here to save her from danger after hearing the news!

Aiy, and she had been saying that she needed to save him. Unexpectedly, she still ended up the one being saved!

Even as Tang Doudou sighed, her eyes betrayed her current mood. Some other emotions were mixed with the clear happiness in her eyes. However, she had a carefree personality so she didn’t pause to figure out what exactly she was feeling. She reached out to knock on the wall in front of her so that the people outside would help her open the secret passageway.

Just as her hand was about to make contact with the wall, she heard Baili Yu say something. The happiness in her eyes shattered like ice. Disbelief flooded her eyes as her hand froze in midair.

All that reverberated in her ears was what Baili Yu had said in his usual characteristic way. His manner of speaking was forever three parts amused and seven parts languid. It was a manner that normal people would never be able to replicate.

“Haa, it’s nothing but a chess piece. If it’s abandoned, then it’s abandoned…”

Chess piece, chess piece!

The light in those sparkling eyes instantly dulled. These two words were the only things reverberating in Tang Doudou’s mind. Her hand slowly tightened into a fist inside her sleeve. She didn’t seem to feel it even when her nails stabbed deeply into her palm. How laughable. She was truly naive to have thought that Baili Yu was different from the rest. Even when onlookers said that he could not be trusted, she chose to trust him without hesitation.

She thought that she understood him well enough. But thinking about it now, she understood a lot of people but she didn’t understand him even the slightest bit.

She had been too naive. So many people had said that he couldn’t be trusted yet she just had to be so biased and had to trust him. It was because of that tiny bit of hope, hope that he really did want to take responsibility for that night...

“Baili Yu! You will face retribution! For the sake of that item, how many innocents have you massacred!? How many families did you wrench apart, how many people did you leave ruined and orphaned!?” It was the old sir’s voice. It was apparent from his tone how stirred up he was.

“It’s not worth it ah, not worth it!” After that moment of wrath, the old sir’s voice faded like a withered leaf that carried endless amounts of loneliness and the weight of half a lifetime’s experiences.

“Whether it’s worth it or not, is up to me to decide.”


“Could it be that you really don’t even have the tiniest bit of feelings for that grandson of mine? There are so many people in the world that can help you, why did you insist on dragging that pitiful grandson of mine into it!?”

“I’ve already made it very clear, and you yourself is well-aware. What need is there for you to persist in asking? Why not just go on your way in peace? Sealing all the secrets forever is your true duty.”

“Keep dreaming! I won’t let you get away with it!”

“Ha, is that so?”

There was strong amusement in his voice but it was soon replaced with a cold heartless humph. Despite being partitioned by a wall, Tang Doudou could still feel that ruthlessness fly towards her and cut countless wounds in her heart.

“Baili Yu! I am Li Xueyi’s biological grandfather! If you kill me today and he finds out, he won’t forgive you!” The old sir was being forced to retreat towards the secret passageway. The sound of heavy gasping jolted Tang Doudou out of her sorrow. Baili Yu was going to kill the old sir! No way, he was Li Xueyi’s grandfather! She bit her lip hard. She had to save the old sir!

She needed to find out more of the secrets. She must find out everything regarding Li Xueyi!

Originally, she just wanted to understand what had happened so that she wouldn’t be controlled by anyone or need anyone’s help anymore in the future. At this moment, however, an obstinate feeling washed over her. She was determined to figure out the truth of this matter, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to be at ease this entire lifetime!

“With a grandpa as contemptible as you, she would only thank me with endless gratitude if I kill you… Moreover, when have I, Baili Yu, ever needed anyone’s forgiveness?”

Thump thump thump!

Tang Doudou seriously could not bring herself to listen anymore. She fiercely hit the wall in front of her as she shouted, “Grandpa! Grandpa! Hurry up and open the door! Let me out!”

“Dumb child, you, why are you…”

“Grandpa! Let me out! I have something to ask Baili Yu!” Tang Doudou wasn’t someone that would bury her troubles in the depths of her heart. She wanted to ask Baili Yu what exactly he meant by what he said earlier! Even if she might die she still had to get an answer.

Unexpectedly, right after she finished speaking it became completely silent outside. Tang Doudou panicked, worrying that something had happened to the old sir. She started feeling about all around in order to find a switch to get out but didn’t find anything even after searching half the day.

“Damned you f*cking great uncle!” Tang Doudou cursed indignantly, but it still wasn’t enough to relieve her anger. She turned around and started pounding on the wall again, “Is there anyone there!? If there’s someone there, then hurry and let this great uncle out ah!”

However, no matter how much she cursed and hit the wall, it continued to be silent as a grave outside. Tang Doudou’s heart gradually got heavier. Could it be…

Right at this moment, she heard a crack. Tang Doudou retreated in alarm. As she moved back, she noticed that the cracking sound had come from the wall in front of her.

Is it the old sir?

But why was this sound was completely different from how it sounded when it opened earlier?

Tang Doudou looked at the wall in front of her that was completely silent once again and discovered that there were thin seams appearing in the center of the wall. They were rapidly extending outwards. In just a few breaths, the entire wall was filled with small seams in a spiderweb-like pattern.

Someone was using force to break the wall from outside!

Right after this thought occurred to her, she heard a muffled sound and the wall collapsed like clay, falling with a rumble to Tang Doudou’s feet.

The bright fiery light that came from outside was so strong it slightly blinded her. She could faintly hear the sound of people crying out in fear. The calls seemed to be things like, it’s a fire, flee for your lives!

On the other side of the collapsed wall, a figure whose back was faced towards the light of the flames outside cast an enormous shadow over the dark passageway. The yao-like crimson gown fluttered in the hot wind as countless strands of silky black hair danced along. Those exceptionally ethereal eyes seem to pierce through all time and space to arrive in front of her in this present moment.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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