Chapter 122.1: Baili Yu’s Words of Love

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Tang Doudou stared in a daze as he walked down step by step until he arrived in front of her.


He spoke. Unexpectedly, what came out of his mouth was her name.

“It’s ok now. Let’s go back now.”

He spoke again. This time, Tang Doudou was taken aback by what he said. Immediately afterwards, the shock was replaced by unbearable sadness. Does he think she’s that easy to fool?

One sentence of ‘it’s ok now’ is enough to wipe away everything?

One sentence of ‘it’s ok now’ is enough to make her go back with him and continue being a chess piece?

“You should go. I’m going to stay here.” Tang Doudou pulled her sight away from his deep eyes. Recalling that the old sir’s current status was unclear, she lifted her head again. “My grandpa, what did you do to him!?”

“Haa, grandpa? He doesn’t deserve to be one.”

“Whether he deserves to be one or not is up for me to decide!”

“Silly.” Baili Yu only chuckled in response to Tang Doudou’s calf-like obstinate behavior.T/N He reached out and ruffled her hair.E/N “Don’t believe whatever other people say. If one day you should get kidnapped by someone, who am I supposed look for in order to demand the return of my wife?”

What did he mean?

However, Tang Doudou’s expression was calm even as misgivings flashed in her eyes. She didn’t speak, she wanted to see how Baili Yu would try to explain things.

However, Baili Yu didn’t continue explaining. He simply lifted Tang Doudou in a princess carry while she was still in a daze. Even as she cried out, his figure flashed and they left the passageway.

“Baili Yu! Let me go!” Tang Doudou hit Baili Yu’s shoulder as she noisily demanded to be put down.

In her fluster, she didn’t pay attention to her strength. She suddenly heard a muffled groan from  Baili Yu as blood seeped out from the corner of his lips. He lifted his hand and wiped it away, then gave a chuckle. “Such ruthless hits. Could it be that you want to be a widow?”

Only then did Tang Doudou realize that he was bleeding. She immediately recalled his injuries. It was impossible even for celestials to recover that quickly from such a heavy wound. Why did he run all the way here instead of staying in the Chamber of Commerce and recuperating!?

As she thought about it, the rims of her eyes slowly turned red. A sour feeling attacked her nose. Tang Doudou took a deep gasp of cold air. “Put me down. I have feet, I can walk.”

Baili Yu lowered his gaze and glanced at her slightly red eyes. With a soft sigh, he said, “Wife has already become a rabbit.T/N2 If I put you on the ground, you’ll run off in the blink of an eye. At that time, wouldn’t I have suffered a huge loss?”

“I won’t run off!” Tang Doudou gritted her teeth, unable to ignore how harsh the red at the corner of his lips was to her eyes. What exactly was he planning? How important was that matter to be able to make him, an unscrupulous businessman who sought nothing but profit, to sacrifice so much for its sake!?

Tang Doudou was furious yet extremely worried at the same time. Baili Yu’s completely unconcerned expression irritated her to the point that it caused her anger which had just calmed, to flare up again. “Your injury hasn’t even recovered yet, what are you running around for? Are you hoping to die!? Do you know that for your sake, Ye Chuan used up all his strength in order to chase after you!? Why can’t you be a bit more content with your lot and stay in bed until you recover?”

“I also wanted to stay in bed and properly recuperate ah. Just one trip out is so tiring…” said Baili Yu in a helpless tone. “But how could I recuperate in peace while Wife was still in the clutches of other people? The injury would recover but my wife would have been rolled up and taken away by others. The exchange would not have been cost-effective at all.”

“Be good and hold onto this husband. Everything will be over in a bit!” Baili Yu’s chin was pressed against Tang Doudou’s forehead. His eyes became extremely gentle and swept across her face like a soft spring breeze. “I’ll give you a proper explanation later. Trust me, alright?”

Tang Doudou tensed for a moment. She wasn’t completely sure if it was because of that gentle glance or because of his words, but her heart was in turmoil again. As expected, he knew everything. So would his so-called explanation simply be a fabricated story?

Should she trust him one more time?

Bewilderment appeared in her clear eyes. Now that things had reached this stage, she really didn’t know who she should trust. She could no longer tell who was speaking the truth.

The entire Five Kilometers Emporium was burning up. Baili Yu walked into the large fire while carrying her as if he was simply taking a leisurely stroll. The surrounding flames seemed to bare fangs and brandish claws at the two, trying to swallow them. Even at this moment, while Tang Doudou was wary of Baili Yu, she felt exceptionally at ease. It was as if as long as this man was here, she didn’t have to be afraid of anything, as if there was nothing in the world she needed to fear…

Suddenly, she lowered her head. This was because the book that she got from the dark passageway was currently slipping out of her clothes. She didn’t stop it. She allowed the book to slowly slide into the flames and silently burn up.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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E/N - “and ruffled her hair” I finally can use this phrase!

(Without getting scolded for messing up someone's hair. >.>

T/N - in Chinese culture, cows/ox are said to be stubborn.

T/N2 - rabbits have red eyes, according to Chinese culture. I think it’s just some rabbits that have red eyes though.


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