Chapter 126.2: I Belong To You Now

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Look for tarts?” Baili Yu’s gaze landed on Qing He. Even without turning around Qing He could sense that Master was demanding an explanation. Qing He forced herself to turn back around then fell to her knees on the ground.

“Master, it was Qing He’s mistake.”

“Where have you erred?”

“Aiyah, Little Qing He! My darling treasure, what are you kneeling on the ground for? The ground is so cold, what will we do if you catch a cold?” Tang Doudou continued to feign drunkenness and swayed as she walked to Qing He. She dragged out the words ‘darling treasure’ so sappily that it sounded sickening. She even made a expression of heartache as she reached out to hug Qing He.

After the incident at Pleasure Seeking House, Qing He had come to the conclusion that Tang Doudou probably liked women. Hence, how could she possibly dare let Tang Doudou hug her? Qing He hastily dodged out of the way.”

Tang Doudou was just acting as a drunk so when she saw Qing He dodge, her sparkling eyes slightly narrowed and she seized the opportunity to fall onto the ground. “Aiyoh!”

“Lady Doudou!” When Tang Doudou fell, Qing He saw her master’s gaze instantly turn cold and was so terrified her face turned pale. She hastily went over to help Tang Doudou up.

Tang Doudou had fallen deliberately so she wasn’t injured at all. However, she sat there and started wailing loudly, scaring Qing He so much her eyeballs seemed about to pop out and bounce on the ground. Qing He was still using all her strength to try and pull Tang Doudou up.

“Aiyoh, this pain is killing me…”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t dodging you intentionally. Lady Doudou, what part did you fall on? Tell me, I’ll help you treat it!”

“You’ll really help me treat it?” Tang Doudou seemed to have suddenly became clear-headed and her eyes sparkled like stars as she stared at Qing He. However, she was glancing at Baili Yu who had been silent this entire time out of the corner of her eye. All she noticed was that he was wearing a snow-white outfit today. His long and narrow eyes were half closed like a languid persian cat. Even without any ornaments on him, he still emitted a grand and noble aura. This damned seductive yao, how can he have so many different temperaments!? Just a glance was enough to captivate her.

No! She couldn’t look anymore. You should be angry, you’re supposed to be angry!

Tang Doudou forcibly extricated herself from his charm and puffed up her cheeks angrily. Her gaze then shifted onto Qing He.

Humph, I insist on taking liberties with your maid and making you unhappy. As soon as you become unhappy, I’ll be happy.

This was what Tang Doudou was thinking as she took the hand that Qing He had placed on her shoulder.

“It’s Qing He’s fault, Qing He will take responsibility!” Qing He was now truly terrified since Tang Doudou was holding onto her hand tightly and staring at her with a passionate gaze.

Master wouldn’t think she tried to seduce Li Xueyi, right!?

Although Master had stressed over and over that this was Lady Doudou, who didn’t know that she was the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, Li Xueyi!?

Even if he was wearing female clothing, it couldn’t change the reality that he was a man!

It couldn’t be guaranteed that the way he was currently acting wouldn’t lead to Master pinning the blame on her.

After all, everyone knew how fond Master was of Tang Doudou. Even Ye Chuan who had served Master for so many years had never seen Master take care of someone so carefully.

Qing He was extremely nervous. She just hoped that Tang Doudou would sober up quickly and stop tormenting her.

Tang Doudou pinched her lips together and finally managed to squeeze out a few tears with sheer willpower. She suddenly rushed over and hugged Qing He. “You’re the one that said it! Then from now on, I belong to you!”

Her actions and words caused the master and servant that were present to be dumbfounded. Qing He’s jaw dropped. The shock was so great she couldn’t even close her mouth.

Baili Yu, on the other hand, returned to his senses quickly. However, his expression immediately turned serious. What exactly was this little evil spirit trying to pull now? Her eyes were completely clear, she wasn’t drunk at all. She was just purposefully teasing Qing He.

But why was she doing this?

Shouldn’t she be happy that he had returned?

This was also Baili Yu’s first time experiencing the affairs between men and women. No matter how intelligent he was, he wouldn’t have thought he had angered her because he left too hurriedly and didn’t say goodbye.

Baili Yu couldn’t figure it out. He stood up and started walking towards the two that were pulling and tugging at each other on the ground.

Qing He’s eyelids twitched when she heard these slow and steady footsteps. She reached out to push Tang Doudou away but her hands were seized by Tang Doudou. Tang Doudou shamelessly started pulling Qing He’s hand towards her face with a vulgar smirk.

Currently, there were still lipstick marks on Tang Doudou’s face so it made her look extremely frivolous. With this action added in, her manner was practically no different from that of a rogue. Qing He was about to be driven insane by Tang Doudou. She was furious but she couldn’t do a thing. Who asked Baili Yu to be standing right behind them? The tall and large figure emitted a pressure so strong that Qing He didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. Master was angry!

“Master!” Qing He wanted to explain to Baili Yu but before her words even came out, she saw a figure flash in front of her eyes and Tang Doudou instantly landed into her master’s arms.

“Tell Ye Chuan that there’s no need to wait for me, continue according to plan!” said Baili Yu as he swept a glance at Qing He. Following that, his figure flashed again and he disappeared into the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce.

Baili Yu carried Tang Doudou to an unknown place.

On the way, Tang Doudou was also acting unlike her usual self. She didn’t say anything to Baili Yu, nor did she ask anything.

It caused Baili Yu to become pretty depressed. He didn’t know how he had angered her.

He thought through the recent events again, then his furrowed brows finally smoothed out. He understood now.

It was definitely because he left this time without letting her know. Other than this, he couldn’t think of any other matter that could cause Tang Doudou to be angry.

After figuring out the root of the matter, Baili Yu’s signature smile reappeared on his face as he whirled in the air and gently descended, his white garments brilliant as snow in the air.


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