Chapter 127.1: Spring Has Arrived

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As of now, the chilly winter was over and spring had just arrived.

Little pleasant green buds were clustered together on branches and a few plump birds were gathered in the trees, chirping and chattering together.

The landform in the distance was abnormal. There were strange yet exceptionally beautiful flowers growing there. The flowers spanned a large area, creating a scene so beautiful that nothing more beautiful could possibly be imagined.

Baili Yu glanced around. After confirming that there was no danger, he placed Tang Doudou down with a smile that was even more brilliant than the spring.

Tang Doudou was amazed by the beautiful scenery. When she realized that this place was outside Mist City, meaning that it was in some other part of the sinkhole, she immediately became curious. It must be known that sinkholes like this hide a lot of secrets. In the past she had been to a sinkhole but before she even entered it, someone had stopped her. Apparently, it was said that there was some sort of monster in the cavern. Then the person narrated a bunch of legends, scaring Tang Doudou so much that she immediately turned tail and ran.

Thinking to here, and then recalling how she hadn’t encountered a single normal person since coming to Mist City, she couldn’t help but feel that something was strange. Goosebumps popped up all over her skin. What did this bastard Baili Yu bring her to this place for!?

“Wife, spring has arrived,” said Baili Yu.

Spring has arrived, all living things recover and dat time of season is about here… She understood the logic but- Tang Doudou looked Baili Yu up and down. A weird expression appeared on her face. Could it be that he brought her here to tell her that he was experiencing (in) hormonal imbalance (heat)? (The things in parenthesis are clarifications that author-sama has thoughtfully included)

Jesus ah!

As expected, men were animals that thought with their lower half. She was still angry right now! Could it be that he really didn’t plan to apologize to her first?

He’s not even coaxing her!

What’s with this!?

Tang Doudou pouted. She knew that Baili Yu had definitely left due to an urgent matter. In addition, he had returned so soon. It was clear that he was trying to keep her from worrying. Her current actions were purely picking faults at nothing but she couldn’t help it!

In the past, she had hated women that wound around men and pestered them endlessly. Unexpectedly, a day like this actually came for her. It was seriously too scary!

As for Baili Yu, after he said that brief sentence, he grabbed her hand and started walking forward. He payed no attention to Tang Doudou’s currently turbulent emotions.

“Baili Yu!”


Upon seeing Baili Yu turn around with a confused expression on his face, Tang Doudou instantly came to a realization. It was likely that this evil spirit still didn’t know that she was angry!

Wasn’t he supposed to be pretty smart? Why was he so dense at times like this?

“Look at me!” Tang Doudou decided to just forgive Baili Yu this one time!

However, good boyfriends are instructable! Baili Yu had good looks and was wealthy, his potential to become a good boyfriend was already very high. All she needed to do was increase instruction…

“En, I’m looking. What is it?” Baili Yu saw the devilish sparkle in her eyes and knew that this girl was harbouring bad ideas. However, he just liked this girl’s bad ideas.

“Quit wasting words. Look at my eyes, what do you see in them!?” demanded Tang Doudou fiercely. She even knitted her brows on purpose in order to pull her eyes open wide.

Other than devilishness, these eyes only contained more devilishness. What else could there be?

Baili Yu looked at the silly girl in front of him, amused. Was she trying to let him know that she was angry?

Did this even need to be purposefully expressed?

“In your eyes?” Although Baili Yu felt that Tang Doudou’s actions were childish, he still earnestly leaned over and peered carefully into her clear eyes. After muttering to himself a little, he said, “Sore eyes, caused by fatigue from opening your eyes too wide. The whites of your eyes are slightly bloodshot, this is due to not resting well last night…”

After stating a whole bunch of symptoms, Baili Yu stopped smiling and declared his verdict with a serious expression. “You suffered from insomnia last night.”

Da f*ck!?

What’s all this ah!?

After hearing Baili Yu’s conclusion, Tang Doudou covered her forehead in speechlessness. “Other than this, is there anything else?”

“There is ah!” Baili Yu lifted the chin of the charming person in front of him and pressed against that enticing softness. As he tasted it slowly, he said in a low voice, “And there’s the longing for a certain person…”

She had been hit by a sneak attack after just a moment of being off guard. By the time Tang Doudou returned to her senses, Baili Yu had already reluctantly parted with the softness and reached out to pull her into his arms. He  gently told her, “It was an urgent matter related to the Chamber of Commerce and I had to rush over to deal with it. Before I left, I saw that you were sleeping very soundly so I didn’t want to wake you up… Not to mention, aren’t I already back?”

Fine, as expected!

As expected, she had been picking faults at nothing. Tang Doudou felt pretty depressed when she found out. She shouldn’t be like this! She should be doing whatever that needs to be done. Even when you like a person, you can’t tie him to your side. However, why was it that whenever she encountered something, she wouldn’t be able to control her little desires?

“Spring is here and our wedding day is also gradually approaching. After a couple days, once you’ve recovered, let’s head back to Huai City to have the wedding.”


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