Chapter 128.2: Ye Chuan Has Encountered Danger

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Skinny looked at the stunning man in front of him and immediately recalled who he was. Wasn’t this the man they had carried to Gu Residence before Tang Doudou showed up?

At that time Baili Yu’s eyes were closed and he was quite dirty so Skinny hadn’t bothered to look closely. That was also why Skinny didn’t recognize him at first glance.

Now that Baili Yu had brought it up, Skinny immediately recalled when he had seen him. However, he was currently incapable of even making a sound and could only implore Baili Yu with his eyes in hopes that Baili Yu would excuse him.

“You recognize me now?” Baili Yu gave a slight smile, then took out a picture scroll. Shaking it open in front of Skinny, he asked, “Then do you recognize this person?”

There were very few brush strokes on the paper but they managed to recreate the features of a person vividly. The unruliness contained in those eyes were portrayed especially realistically.

Skinny recognized the person with one glance. His pupils dilated. It was him!

Baili Yu unsealed his pressure points. “Tell me, where did he go?”

Skinny hastily shook his head, his eyes filled with fear. “No, no…”

“Are you refusing to say, or do you not know?” Baili Yu’s eyes darkened as he took in Skinny’s abnormal reaction. The old man he had encountered in Mist City this time was connected to the matter he had been investigating for a long time. As this incident was likely also related, he had no choice but to become serious about it.

It was for his own sake, and also for Tang Doudou’s sake.

“I really don’t know!” Skinny fell backwards onto the ground as he looked at Baili Yu in terror. “I really don’t know!”

“You really don’t know?”

Skinny shook his head frantically. “I don’t know!”

“That’s alright, I’ll have you know very soon.” Baili Yu smiled, then said, “Ye Chuan!”

By this time, though there was still lingering fear in Skinny’s eyes, he had already calmed down somewhat. He knew that no matter what he couldn’t allow himself to be captured by this person, so he immediately seized the current chance to run away.

Ye Chuan walked out of the forest right in time to see Skinny fleeing. He immediately made to catch him.

Before he could, however, Baili Yu extended a hand to stop him. “Let him go.”

Ye Chuan immediately understood his master’s intentions. He nodded, then entered the forest again to shadow Skinny.

After everyone else left, Baili Yu’s gaze once again turned towards that paper. His smile disappeared as he sighed in worry. Following that, the white garments swept out as the graceful white figure headed towards the distance. All that was left on the ground was that spray of flowers.

Not long after Baili Yu left, a figure started slowly walking towards this direction. A pair of abnormally dark eyes were beneath a silver butterfly mask. The person’s black robe swayed slightly with his steps and the antique lamp on his palm emitted faint blue light. He came to a stop in front of that spray of flowers.

He stood there and looked at the flowers for a long time. Then he looked towards the direction Ye Chuan and Skinny had gone in and remarked in a cold voice, “You want to find my whereabouts? Baili Yu, you still don’t have the qualifications to do so!”

Following that, he started walking forward again. He had to get rid of Skinny before Ye Chuan caught him.

Ye Chuan didn’t know that someone had started following them as he was completely focused on keeping his eyes on Skinny. He was worried that he might overlook an important clue if he was negligent.

Skinny was terrified. Thinking that Baili Yu might be chasing after him, he rushed forward frantically without paying any attention to directions at all. By the time he came back to his senses, he discovered that he had actually come to this place.

He looked back in fear. There was nothing behind him except the empty road and plants; no one was chasing after him. He automatically exhaled in relief. Luckily no one had chased after him.

He sat down to catch his breath. Soon though, he looked around again. For some reason he kept feeling a strange chill. He immediately got up again. This place had always been very strange, it was best if he left as soon as possible.

Thinking to this point, he made to run forward again. Ye Chuan prepared to move seeing that he was about to leave. However, he sensed something was wrong. Why did Skinny suddenly stop moving after a couple steps?

Something was red… that’s blood!

Ye Chuan knew things were bad when he saw blood pooling beneath Skinny’s feet. He hastily leapt forward. Landing behind Skinny, he said, “Hey, are you alright?”

He had a concerned expression as he reached out guardedly to grab Skinny’s shoulder.

That head then rolled over his hand and onto the ground, drawing a long bloody line on the green grass.

Despite Ye Chuan’s experience with bloody battlefields, this scene was so terrifying that even Ye Chuan was taken aback. He retrieved his hand as if he was shocked by electricity and retreated backward several steps. After a while, he finally recovered from his shock and looked around in alarm.

Then he stared at Skinny again. He hadn’t relaxed his concentration at all, he never took his eyes off this person, so how did he suddenly die just like that?

He crouched down and carefully inspected Skinny’s wound. The cut was completely smooth, likely made with a very sharp weapon. The blood he saw earlier came from Skinny's mouth. There were probably no marks visible on his neck earlier. It was his pat that caused Skinny’s head to fall off.

However, he didn’t see any weapons fly over?

Ye Chuan checked the surroundings again, even more puzzled. What exactly was going on?

Sigh. Skinny was dead so this trail was now a dead end. As for how Skinny died, that question should be left to Master.

He sent a signal into the air, then stood next to the corpse, waiting for people to come help him bring the corpse back to Master.

However, after just a little while, he saw a faint blue glow in the forest. Someone was here!

Ye Chuan lowered his hand to place it onto the hilt of the blade at his waist. Who would come to such a remote place?

That figure soon got close. The one holding the antique lamp was none other than Ming Mengxin.

“Long time no see, Ye Chuan.”

In the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, Qing He was in the middle of receiving her punishment when she suddenly saw a Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce’s special signal firework light up the sky of the area southwest of Mist City. Her brows furrowed. This was the SOS signal. Who could have encountered danger outside of the city?

Just as she was puzzling over this, she saw Baili Yu come out from his room and look towards the signal in the sky with a concerned expression.

Qing He was surprised. She had never seen Master expose such an expression. Could it be that it was Tang Doudou who had encountered danger?

What did she run outside the city for?

Baili Yu was also a bit puzzled upon seeing that signal. Ye Chuan’s ability to conceal himself was extremely impressive. There was no way that Skinny would be able to discover him with that bit of martial arts. Could it be that they’ve encountered other people?

Suddenly, something occurred to him and he immediately leapt out of the courtyard. Right at the instant he rushed out, five continuous signals came from the same place the earlier signal had appeared. They were all SOS signals.

Baili Yu’s figure stiffened for a moment, then he rushed rapidly towards that direction. He must get there fast. Ye Chuan has definitely encountered that person!


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