Chapter 129.1: Taboo

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As Tang Doudou strolled on the streets, she kept feeling the presence of someone following her.

This wouldn’t do. Even though she knew that it was someone Baili Yu had sent to protect her, she couldn’t let Baili Yu know about what she was going to do next.

She hadn’t told Baili Yu about the mysterious person that delivered the child lamp to her either.

It wasn’t that she was intentionally keeping it from him, but simply that she felt she couldn’t tell Baili Yu about it, otherwise, it’d cause him a lot of trouble.

Tang Doudou was also very puzzled by another thing. So many people seemed to know about the antique lamp, why was Baili Yu the only one who didn’t know about it?

She had never seen him look at the antique lamp with any particular interest either.

But back to the current matter, how should she shake off that annoying tail behind her?

Suddenly, Tang Doudou spotted a brothel out of the corner of her eye and immediately broke into a devilish smile. Hehe, you’ll do! It’s a strategy that has yet to fail ah! She didn’t know how Baili Yu trained his subordinates but they all seemed very averse to the pleasure quarters.

For Tang Doudou, however, the pleasure quarters were a great place ah!

She glanced casually behind her, then strode right in.

The expression of the hidden guard that was following her immediately turned unpleasant when he saw her enter the brothel. How was he supposed to continue following like this?

His family’s master never went to dirty places like this.

For the sake of his mission, however, he gritted his teeth and went around to the back of the building so he could climb onto the roof.

Ever since Tang Doudou became familiar with manipulating her inner strength and using qinggong, her seeing and hearing abilities had become much keener. As of now, despite the clamor of the brothel, she could still hear the sounds of someone treading on the roof tiles of the building.

Everything was within her predictions. Tang Doudou snuck a glance at the ceiling and saw that a roof tile had been removed. There was a faint bit of light peeking through.

In the past, or in Chinese wuxia dramas, the roof tiles that make up the roof are easily removable and spies would often remove a tile to peek in on the occupants of the room.

E/N - If this was real, they'd flood inside the houses every time a rain storm hit. At least I hope they aren't THAT stupid.

T/N - Extra trivia: back when doors and windows were covered with paper instead of glass, spies would lick their finger to moisten it and poke a tiny hole through the paper to spy…

She used the same old method and called a bunch of women into the room. Taking advantage of the time while they were noisily mingling, Tang Doudou slipped out of the bustling crowd.

All the person on the roof could see were the tops of many heads of black hair. He couldn’t see the faces so he could only differentiate Tang Doudou from the others by her clothes. He was completely unaware that Tang Doudou had already switched outfits with another person.

By the time he realized that something was off and rushed into the room through a window, Tang Doudou was already gone.

At this moment, Tang Doudou had already changed into a male outfit and was making her way, according to what she remembered and little inquires, to Gu Residence.

That’s right, she had wanted visit Gu Xun’s place!

“Who are you looking for?” After Tang Doudou knocked, a manservant poked his head out from the door and questioned her in an annoyed tone.

“I’m looking for Gu Xun, is he in?”

“Looking for gongzi?” The manservant sized her up. Upon seeing that her aura didn’t seem like that of an ordinary person, he opened the door and stepped out. “Who are you? What are you looking for gongzi for?”

“I’ll have to trouble Little Brother to tell your family’s gongzi that Li Xueyi is looking for him. He’ll understand.”

“Li Xueyi?” The manservant looked as if he was trying hard to recall something. Suddenly, he said in realization, “So it’s Li gongzi ah! Come in, come in! My family’s gongzi has said that as long as Li gongzi, you, came to look for him, he’s always in!”

...what an honest manservant. Did Gu Xun know about this?

The manservant seemed a bit embarrassed about his earlier rudeness. As he led Tang Doudou in, he was extremely attentive. He answered everything Tang Doudou asked extremely thoroughly to the best of his ability, allowing Tang Doudou to successfully fish out of him a lot of information about Gu Xun.

She finally found out why this guy was working with Old Suo to conduct that sort of immoral and shady business. It turned out to be completely because of Gu Xun’s father.

Who was also Bai Feiyun’s father.

In any case, their father was an unbelievable scumbag who angered Gu Xun’s mother to death, then took Gu Xun away and sold him to a human trafficker. A person from the Bai family had stopped Gu Xun’s father in time to rescue Bai Feiyun, but after that, there was no news at all about the Gu family’s father and son pair. After Gu Xun was sold to a human trafficker, he used his quick wits to rapidly improve his position within the trafficking center. In the end, the human traffickers couldn’t bear to sell him off and kept him to train as a successor.

Those human traffickers were eventually successful in raising Gu Xun to be an elite human trafficker. Once Gu Xun grew to adulthood, however, he broke faith and kill those human traffickers, then established his own specialized group of human traffickers. His group focused on selling people that had quite a bit of status; ordinary citizens didn’t garner their attention at all.

It was during an operation that he encountered Old Suo. For some unknown reason, the two hit off and soon came to Mist City to set up camp here.

After many years of operation, Gu Xun became greatly influential in Mist City. On the surface he ran restaurants and conducted some trades but in reality, the number of people that had been sold by him was so high that it could no longer be counted. Despite that, no one has ever dared to investigate him.

This was because he had the Lord of Mist City as support.

Who asked Gu Xun’s human trafficking business to be one of the pillars of Mist City’s economy?

These were all things that Tang Doudou managed piece together by indirectly questioning the manservant.


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