Chapter 131.2: Is Your Mouth Still Ok?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Lady Doudou. This is the place where prisoners are kept.” Xiao Dao’s voice interrupted Tang Doudou’s train of thought.

It was very dark. Tang Doudou couldn’t even see where Xiao Dao was.

“Why don’t you give me some light?” Tang Doudou really wanted to knuckle rap Xiao Dao again. Was this kid a natural airhead?

Xiao Dao gave a dejected ‘oh,’ then took out a rolled torch to light the lamps.

The entire room gradually became illuminated.

Huh? There actually wasn’t much to be scared of!

Weren’t those just the torture instruments often shown in TV dramas? There was nothing particularly grotesque or novel, what a disappointment ah!

“Xiao Dao? What about the people imprisoned here?” Tang Doudou looked around and discovered that there was not a single person here. Where was Skinny?

Xiao Dao replied, “Master has never placed much importance on this branch so these have never been used.”

“This branch isn’t valued?” Mist City was a nightless city and it was flourishing even better than Huai City. As an authentic businessman, how could Baili Yu not value this piece of fat meat?

This made no sense!

“By the way, Xiao Dao, have you always been in Mist City?” She recalled that when Baili Yu was heading over, Ye Chuan had only arranged for those maids to go with him. She didn’t know if he had arranged for any guards to go in secret as well.

Xiao Dao nodded. “That’s right. Back then, I was sent here to be the person in charge at this branch. It has probably been about five years.”

Five years. That doesn’t count as short.

Xiao Dao didn’t look older than eighteen. If it had been five years, then back then wouldn’t he have been around twelve or thirteen?

To become the person in charge of such a large branch at that age, Baili Yu was exploiting child labor ah!

However, this meant that Xiao Dao probably had a lot of skill.

So why did he become a hidden guard?

“Lady Doudou, if there are no other matters, then we should head out. It’s not good for girls to look at these things.” Xiao Dao couldn’t stop himself from saying this when he saw Tang Doudou lost in thought as she leaned next to the torture instruments.

Although Tang Doudou wasn’t afraid of these things, being underground was a little stifling. Hence, she nodded in agreement. “Alright.”

Right as they stepped out of the basement, a figure ran over.

“Boss Xiao Dao, I’ve finally found you!”

“What is it?”

“Master, Master is looking for you!” The person who had arrived was the hidden guard that usually stayed by Baili Yu’s side.

Baili Yu? Before Xiao Dao could even reply, Tang Doudou interjected, “It was Baili Yu that send you to find Xiao Dao? Did he call for me to go over there?”

Only then did the hidden guard notice her presence. He hastily bowed and said, “Greetings, Lady Doudou.”

“Enough wasting words. Did Baili Yu ask for me to go over?”

The hidden guard displayed a troubled expression. “Master only called for Boss Xiao Dao to head over, he didn’t say to find Lady Doudou.”

“Then where is he right now?”

“City Lord Residence!”

And so, Xiao Dao was brought away just like this and Tang Doudou was left by herself in the large courtyard.

So he’s gone to the City Lord Residence. No wonder he brought so many people.

Tang Doudou felt relieved now that she found out Baili Yu was off dealing with business and was not in danger. Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to take out the things Cang Baicao gave her for curing the Hoarfrost Poison and look through them.

She was afflicted with an incurable poison. Despite the fact that the poison had never flared up, she still lost sleep due to worrying about it. Baili Yu’s poison often flared up so it was definitely even more unpleasant for him. If she could help cure his poison sooner, she’d feel more relieved and perhaps he might even help cure her poison once he got better.

Tang Doudou could understand why Baili Yu kept putting off the matter of helping cure her poison. It was likely because her poison wasn’t easy to cure and on top of that, Baili Yu didn’t have medical expertise. It’s said that when he cured himself of the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance back then, it was completely due to good luck. Even so, it was a very narrow escape. Hence, it probably wasn’t that he didn’t want to help her cure the poison but more that he wasn’t completely confident he could do it.

She looked at the things inside the box. The most eye-catching item was an old, faint yellow booklet.

Alright, this was probably the manual?

Tang Doudou took out the booklet and carefully put the other things back inside before flipping open the booklet.

After flipping through a few pages, black lines appeared over Tang Doudou’s forehead. Da fudge, what was all this!?

Was this a troll!?

Did that old thing, Cang Baicao, give her the wrong thing?

Da f*ck? What exactly was with this ‘little yellow rabbit’-like booklet?  (yellow = porn. Tu4 = rabbit. Tu2 = drawing. Semi-homophone of graphic porn)

Speechless, she threw it to the side. Tang Doudou felt an incomparable headache coming on. Truly, not a single person from Cloud City could be relied on.

Soon afterwards, she began worrying again. Where was she supposed to go to find Cang Baicao so that he would teach her the real method to cure the poison?

“Lady Doudou, are you here?” Right at this moment, the sound of Qing He knocking came from outside the door.

Tang Doudou stuffed the ‘little yellow rabbit’ into her chest and jumped off the bed. “I’m here. What is it?”

Upon hearing this familiar yet loathsome voice, Qing He’s eyes darkened for a moment before returning to normal. She then continued, “Lady Doudou, a gongzi called Su Yi came to the Chamber of Commerce and said he was looking for you due to a very important matter.”

Su Yi?

Speak of the devil ah!

Su Yi and Cang Baicao were both people from Cloud City. If she couldn’t find Cang Baicao, finding Su Yi was good enough.

Tang Doudou rushed over and opened the door happily. Instantly noticing that Qing He’s arm was wrapped with white bandages, she asked, “You got injured?”

“Lady Doudou had better hurry and go. That gongzi seemed to be very worried.” Qing He avoided Tang Doudou’s worried gaze and replied mildly.

It couldn’t be that Qing He was holding a grudge against her, right?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Forget it. From the looks of it, the injury had already been treated so it’d probably be fine. She had better go find Su Yi first.

“Alright, then I’m going now!” After waving to Qing He, Tang Doudou headed towards the anteroom.

Right after she walked in, she saw Su Yi sitting at the entrance of the Chamber of Commerce, his appearance completely wretched as he panted heavily.

Something’s not right ah. He looks terrible. It couldn’t be that he was here to ask her for help?

After thinking about it a moment, Tang Doudou straightened out her clothes, then slowly walked towards Su Yi. “No wonder I heard magpies calling outside the window this morning, so it turns out that a honored guest has come to visit ah! Brother Su, long time no see, is your mouth still ok?”


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