Chapter 132.1: Pay a Visit to the Lord of Mist City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The first thing Su Yi saw when he raised his head was the sight of Tang Doudou walking over with an ominous smile.

He rubbed his lips in confusion. Why was she asking about his mouth out of nowhere?

“Why did it take you so long to get here?” Su Yi rolled his eyes at her, then said, “Come with me, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it that you can’t talk about here?” There’s no way she would agree to just casually follow him out like that. Who knew what strange things he might say again to shake her resolve.

Su Yi glowered at her. “I told you to come with me, so come with me! Quit wasting time!”

“If I go with you just because you tell me to, wouldn’t my dignity as the martial arts Alliance Head be nonexistent?” Tang Doudou didn’t care about his threatening glare at all and refused to budge.

“You!” Su Yi was angered to the point he was about to vomit blood. He pointed at this woman that couldn’t differentiate good from bad and stuttered in rage, “Y-you…”

Tang Doudou curved her eyes in amusement. “Aiyah, Brother Su, don’t get angry ah. What I mean is that you’re a guest from far away so how could we just go to any random old place to talk? How about this? I’ll act as host and take you to a teahouse where we can chat while drinking tea.”

She was actually going to be this considerate?

Su Yi rolled his eyes and stood up. He dusted off his clothes and glanced at the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce signboard, then said, “Let’s go.”

Tang Doudou headed back to notify the manager of the Chamber of Commerce before following Su Yi out.

The entire way, Su Yi’s expression was serious but he didn’t say a word. Tang Doudou pondered what he came here for. From the looks of it, it was a pretty urgent matter. Contrary to that impression though, he was currently very calm. It was seriously strange ah!

Tang Doudou had long since gotten familiar with the area and knew the location of the nearest teahouse. However, she purposefully led him towards the furthest teahouse in order to annoy him into revealing an impatient expression.

Su Yi’s expression turned impatient several times but he forcefully suppressed it. Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou came to the conclusion that this matter was definitely very important. It would be a great sin if she ended up delaying a matter of such importance that human life was beyond value.

In addition, she still wanted to ask for Su Yi’s help so she couldn’t afford to anger him too much. She looked around, then her eyes lit up. “We’re here!”

Su Yi followed her gaze and looked over at the so-called teahouse. It was actually just a tattered tea vendor’s stand?

As expected, she was purposefully messing with him.

If it weren’t for the fact that he knew she had lost her memories due to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, he really would have just slapped her dead. That way would save him a lot of trouble.

It was currently dinnertime, so there weren’t many people wandering the streets. The tea vendor’s stall was completely empty so the boss was just lying there and teasing the housefly on the table out of boredom.

“Hey Boss, bring us two bowls of herb tea!” Tang Doudou slapped the table, startling the boss and he hastily got up.

“Alright, alright. Guests, please sit, the herb tea will be up right away!” The boss immediately became spirited upon finally getting some business. When he saw that the two didn’t seem like ordinary citizens, he even used a cloth to wipe the bench and the table before inviting the two to sit down.

Following that, he carried over two large bowls of herb tea for Tang Doudou and Su Yi. “Dear guests, take your time. Just call for me if you need anything!”

“Leave, we have matters to discuss!” said Su Yi coldly as he threw down a silver ingot.

The boss smiled like a flower when he saw the money and he hastily but securely tucked it away. “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll leave right away!”

After he finished speaking, he ran off and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

There weren’t many people on the street so once the boss left, the atmosphere surrounding the vendor stall immediately became heavy. Tang Doudou’s heart suddenly started beating faster. She snuck a glance at Su Yi and, noticing that his expression was extremely solemn, couldn’t help but start wondering why he was looking for her.

Su Yi silently took a sip of the herb tea, then asked, “You met with that old man?”

Old man? What old man?

Tang Doudou had not expected for this to be the first thing out of his mouth. She rubbed her chin and said, “Are you talking about Cang Baicao? We did meet, what about it?”

“I’m talking about another old man, I’m talking about-- about your grandpa!”

Pfff!” Tang Doudou was so surprised she spurted her tea out all over Su Yi’s face. She stood up and pointed at Su Yi as she asked, “How did you know!?”

A disdainful expression appeared in Su Yi’s eyes. He pulled his sleeve and calmly wiped the tea off his face. “Of course it’s because he told me!”

That old man had knelt outside Cloud City for three days and three nights for the sake of asking him to come and look for Tang Doudou. He remembered that on that heavily raining night twenty years ago, that damned old man had also knelt that way outside Cloud City, begging him to take in this damned yatou.

“He.... looked for you?” Tang Doudou attempted to organize her thoughts. How come she couldn’t really understand the situation?

Three days ago, she had gone to Five Kilometers Emporium and met that old man.

Afterwards, Baili Yu appeared and took her away, saying that the old man was deceiving her. Following that, a large fire had burned the entire Five Kilometers Emporium to the ground. Even that book had been thrown by her into the fire and burned to ashes.

She didn’t even know for sure if that person was really her grandpa. As of right now though, Su Yi had jumped out and said that the old man is her grandpa. Then doesn’t that mean everything he said was true?

And that the person actually lying to her was Baili Yu?

Slap! Tang Doudou slapped this idea flying. That’s not possible. Su Yi and that old man were definitely working together to trick her!

“He told me everything. He said that you chose to trust Baili Yu over him, and it caused him to be greatly hurt. But no matter how hurt he was, he still couldn’t leave you alone so he asked me to come.”

“You came to find me just for this matter?”

“Of course not!” Su Yi took another sip of tea. “I don’t believe a single word that old man says.”



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