Chapter 133.1: Spring Festival Couplets Whose Attractiveness Indexes were in Defiance of the Natural Order

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 133.1: Spring Festival Couplets Whose Attractiveness Indexes were in Defiance of the Natural OrderOriginal and most updated translations are on volare. If this is being found anywhere else, it has been stolen. Don't support theft. :)

“Hey, hey, don’t leave!” Su Yi hastily picked up the stuff on the ground and rushed after Tang Doudou to block her way.

“Ahem. I was just joking with you a little. We’ll go in right away, right away.”

Perhaps Su Yi saw that Tang Doudou’s expression was still skeptical because he shoved the things into Tang Doudou’s arms, tidied up his clothing, then said, “Let’s go.”

Tang Doudou sighed. Whatever, let’s just see what else he could possibly stir up!

The results were beyond her expectations. When Su Yi told the guard standing at the entrance his name, the guard looked at him in pleasant surprise and asked, “You’re Su gongzi?”

“Yes.” Su Yi took out a circular jade pendant from his chest and passed it to the guard.

The moment the guard saw it, he became even more excited. “It really is Su gongzi! Our City Lord has been waiting for you for a long time, please come in!”

After Su Yi handed all the things Tang Doudou was carrying to another guard, he strutted into the City Lord Residence. Despite being in complete shock, Tang Doudou didn’t forget to follow him. She asked Su Yi in a whisper, “How did he know that you were coming?”

“Do you think that the guards at the entrance of the city are just there for decoration?” asked Su Yi with a tone of disdain.

“Hasn’t it been more than twenty years since you’ve last come? There’s no way those guards are over twenty years old. How come they recognize you?” asked Tang Doudou with equal disdain. She could finally see it clearly. Su Yi was a bad apple too, he was always making stuff up.

Su Yi gave a humph without replying to her. There was no way he could tell her that there were enough portraits of him in all the large cities that they could pile up into a mountain, right?

Tang Doudou took this silence to mean that he couldn’t think of anything to say in refutation and felt smug at having exposed his lie. As she walked, she also took the opportunity to observe the layout of the City Lord Residence.

As she looked, she started sighing again. She had visited quite a few places since coming here, and she has still yet to see a place that looked worse than the Alliance Head Residence. Look at other people’s City Lord Residence, it practically flings the Alliance Head Residence eighteen streets away.

“Stop gawking. No matter how much you stare this still belongs to someone else. If you’re envious ah, then you should work hard and swindle Baili Yu out of all his family property and bring it back to the Alliance Head Residence. At that time, you can make things as luxurious as you want!” Su Yi could see envy overflowing her eyes, how could he not guess what she was thinking?

His words were simply for the purpose of teasing her, but unexpectedly she started considering them seriously. “En, I feel like out of everything you’ve ever said, these words make the most sense!”

“I was just joking, you’re actually taking it seriously?”

“Of course I have to take such a good idea seriously. Are you ill or something? You probably forgot to take your medicine before you headed out, didn’t you? Where do all these useless words come from?”

“You stinkin’... brat!”

Forget it. It wasn’t worth it to lower himself to a kid’s level.

When the guard who was leading them heard this exchange, he was also extremely speechless. Wasn’t the person they were talking about swindling, Baili Yu, also currently in the City Lord Residence?

Weren’t they scared of others overhearing them with the way they’re talking so loudly?

City Lord ah, City Lord. What kind of friends do you have?

“Ahem. Su gongzi, the City Lord is waiting for you in this garden.”

Su Yi thanked the guard, then pulled Tang Doudou who was still jabbering on and on into the garden. He walked the path with ease and familiarity.

The moment they entered, the sound of fluttering, elegant music could be heard.

“This City Lord is sure generous. From the sound of this, the gathering’s probably pretty grand, right?” Tang Doudou looked at the magnificently lighted scene in front of her in envy, then slapped Su Yi’s shoulder. “We’re already here, why are you hiding?”

“None of your business!” Su Yi shot her a glare, then his expression became ill at ease. He asked Tang Doudou sheepishly, “Help me out, do I look ok like this?”

Why exactly was he so concerned about his appearance?

Could it be… the Lord of Mist City was a woman?

And she was Su Yi’s target of admiration?

Tang Doudou really couldn’t think of any other reason that could possibly make Su Yi seem so… shy?

That’s right! Currently Su Yi was acting completely bashful. He looked the very definition of a young girl, yearning for love. It really caused Tang Doudou an incomparable headache. She still had to go find Baili Yu, she didn’t have the time to dawdle here with Su Yi!

Now that she had made it into the City Lord Residence, she was itching to see Baili Yu.

Su Yi seemed to feel that his behavior was pretty shameful as well so he immediately put on a normal expression as he said, “I just don’t want to ruin Cloud City’s reputation, that’s all.”

Su Yi, why don’t you just ascend to heaven? (implied part: you’re so amazing. Spoken part: why don’t you just ascend to heaven?)

Tang Doudou was thoroughly defeated by Su Yi and decided not to pay attention to him any longer. She felt that since she was, for better or for worse, the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, it was probably fine for her to just walk in.

Thinking that, Tang Doudou started walking directly towards that lively scene.

When she got close, she sighed again. The reputation of Mist City’s nightlife really wasn’t in vain. Look at this brightly lit garden! There were people playing wind instruments, as well as the guqin. Some danced, some gathered in groups to recite poetry while others drank wine as they chatted, and still more were rowing boats in the pond…

This sight almost made Tang Doudou think that she had traveled through time and crashed into a modern era dress-up party.

After a moment of being stunned, she started searching the garden with her eyes for that familiar figure. Unexpectedly, she discovered that the person wasn’t here.

Could it be that he has gone back?

Tang Doudou was greatly disappointed when she wasn’t able to see Baili Yu. She inwardly blamed Su Yi for wasting so much time.

“What are you standing here for, aren’t you going in?” Su Yi caught up with her and poked his head out to peek at the lively crowd. Then he elbowed Tang Doudou’s arm and said, “How about we leave after all?”

He had wasted half a day for the sake of having a drink with the Lord of Cloud City but now that he got here, he wanted to run away before even seeing the person? Tang Doudou asked curiously, “Didn’t you say you were going to drink all of her alcohol? You’re leaving just like this?”

“There’s a hateful person present today. I’ll come a different day. It’s fine if you don’t want to leave but I’m leaving.” Su Yi seemed to have come to a hard decision. After he finished speaking, he turned and walked away without waiting for Tang Doudou.

As for Tang Doudou, since Baili Yu wasn’t here and Su Yi was about to leave, what would she stay here for?

Tang Doudou called for Su Yi to stop. “I didn’t say that I wasn’t leaving ah. Wait for me.”


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