Chapter 133.2: Spring Festival Couplets Whose Attractiveness Indexes were in Defiance of the Natural Order

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Chapter 133.2: Spring Festival Couplets Whose Attractiveness Indexes were in Defiance of the Natural OrderOriginal and most updated translations are on volare. If this is being found anywhere else, it has been stolen. Don't support theft. :)

Su Yi stopped and turned back to look at her strangely. “Really?”

Was he ill or something!? Tang Doudou didn’t know how many times this question had emerged in her heart.

Su Yi seemed to realize that his reaction was unusual as well and he hastily corrected himself. “What I mean is, did you come to the City Lord Residence just to check out the liveliness? It wasn’t for some other motive?”

“You think I have that much free time? Why would I insist on running all the way over here just to check out the liveliness?” Tang Doudou snapped back.

“Then what did you come for?” asked Su Yi curiously.

“None of your business!” Tang Doudou gave a humph, then said, “Are you leaving or not?”

“Not leaving after all.” Su Yi shook out the creases in his robe. After he smoothed out the wrinkles, he pointed towards a corner of the garden and said, “There are several of your old friends over there. Come with me to go sit with them.”

He has an illness! He really has an illness! He definitely has an illness! And it’s beyond cure!

“If you want to go, then you go. I’m heading back.” She had no time to see what old friends were there. Not to mention, they were Li Xueyi’s old friends so what would she go over for?

“You really don’t want to go?”

“Su Yi, are you Tang Seng’s reincarnation?" (The monk from Journey to the West, more details below)T/N

“Who’s Tang Seng? How could I possibly be his reincarnation? Based on how outstanding and formidable I am, if I’m someone’s reincarnation I should be Kou Yunhai’s!” (Kou Yunhai doesn’t turn up any search results. It’s likely that it’s simply a famous figure in this fictional world.)

He’s beyond saving!

Tang Doudou covered her forehead. “Give me some space.”

The sentence is 我想静静. The first word translates to ‘I’. The second word translates to the meanings of ‘want’ ‘think’ and ‘miss’. The third and fourth words mean ‘calm’ and ‘quiet’. It’s also a common name to give to a girl. So more literally, it’s “I want some quiet”. It can also mean “I miss (a person named) Jingjing”.

“Which lady is Jingjing?” Su Yi’s eyes lit up as he looked Tang Doudou over. “You’re finally starting to like women?”T/N2

Endure it! She’ll endure it!

Reminding herself about Su Yi’s monster-like martial arts skills, Tang Doudou turned away without saying anything and headed towards the garden exit.

She couldn’t afford to anger him, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t avoid him!

However, just as she turned around, the sharp whistling sound of something piercing through the air reached her ears and she hastily sidestepped. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sword stabbed halfway into a stone slab, still vibrating slightly. Before she had even recovered from her shock, she heard Su Yi’s anxious voice. “Feng Wu, what are you doing!? She’s little (girl) Xueyi ah!”

Following that, a sweet-sounding voice that spoke neither too fast nor too slow said, “You’re lying to me again. How could little Xueyi possibly be so dumb as to not even be able to dodge a sword I casually threw?”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou turned to look in Su Yi’s direction with both anger and curiosity. She wanted to know who exactly this woman, who not only attacked her out of the blue, but even threw shade on her identity, was.

“It’s not like you don’t know what happened to her. If you do this again, don’t blame me for not being polite!” Su Yi’s voice suddenly turned cold and his tone filled with warning. Tang Doudou was surprised at this. She couldn’t understand why Su Yi was so… protective of her?

The feeling was similar to that of a mother chicken protecting a baby chick. Tang Doudou felt overwhelmed by this favor from a superior. Also at this moment, she finally got a look at the woman called Feng Wu.

She was much taller than normal girls and was standing shoulder by shoulder with Su Yi. Her blazing red dress wrapped around her body, outlining her flawless and enticing curves. Unlike usual ancient era girls, she had wheat-colored skin. Her features were not particularly delicate but they were unusually glamorous. Her slightly wavy black hair was left loose and cascaded down her back freely, giving off a wild and unruly impression.

The most unusual feature she had was that her eyes were water blue. They were the color of the sea and the sky, wild and pure.

Tang Doudou gulped. She couldn’t help but admit that this Feng Wu was truly extremely beautiful.

If she wasn’t standing next to Su Yi, the scene would have been so beautiful that one couldn’t tear one’s eyes away.

Following that, Tang Doudou sighed in pity. With Su Yi standing next to Feng Wu and the two red garments fluttering in the wind, it was just like a pair of Spring Festival couplets. 

first line is pasted on the right side of a doorway at New Year, second on the left side, like such

En. If Baili Yu was in this picture as well, even the horizontal couplet would be here.

“Wah!? It’s really little Xueyi ah!” Feng Wu covered her mouth in shock when Tang Doudou turned around. Then she glared reproachfully at Su Yi. “If it weren’t for the fact that I purposefully held back, she would already be lying there.”

“And you still have the nerve to say that?” replied Su Yi, annoyed, as he walked towards Tang Doudou. His eyes were filled with concern as he asked, “You didn’t get injured right? This crazy woman threw out the sword before I had a chance to react.”

“Aiy, there’s no way little Xueyi would blame me, right?” Feng Wu also walked over and pushed Su Yi aside. Curiosity filled her blue eyes as she said, “It doesn’t seem like she’s any different even after getting poisoned by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance?”

From Feng Wu’s tone, it was likely that she knew Li Xueyi well.

But what did that have to do with her, Tang Doudou? If she hadn’t reacted fast enough, she’d currently be a corpse.

After being scared for no reason, if she didn’t dig some benefits out of it, would she still be Tang Doudou?

Thinking that, Tang Doudou slightly curved her eyes as she smiled sweetly. “Of course I wouldn’t blame Feng Wu jiejie.” (jiejie is older sister)


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - I didn’t get why Tang Doudou asked if Su Yi was Tang Seng’s reincarnation so I searched it up. Turns out Tang Seng was actually the tenth reincarnation of Golden Cicada, the second disciple of the Buddha. However, when he was Golden Cicada, he was really lazy so the Buddha sent him off to be reincarnated. In his nine reincarnations before becoming Tang Seng, he was sent to get Buddhist scriptures from India back to China but every single time he encountered demons and was killed (eaten), leaving behind only nine heads. Finally, when he reincarnated as Tang Seng, the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) helped Xuanzang find three powerful supernatural beings to aid him in his journey and he was finally successful. This was also the reason why numerous demons tried to eat Tang Seng. They heard that one could attain immortality by consuming his flesh because he was the reincarnation of a holy being.

This explanation is partly summarized from Wikipedia and partially translated from a Chinese source. And nowww I finally get why the demons kept trying to eat Tang Seng, that makes so much more sense. I always wondered why they thought it was possible to become immortal just by eating a random monk.

T/N2 - ' “Which lady is Jingjing?” Su Yi’s eyes lit up as he looked Tang Doudou over. “You’re finally starting to like women?” ' Lmao, I just find it funny how excited Su Yi seemed to be for yuri action.


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