Chapter 134.1: Dominated His Wife?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Wu’s smile immediately bloomed like a flower when she heard the words ‘jiejie’. She was so happy her smile practically reached her ears. “I feel like there’s quite a change after all, look at how sweet her mouth is. Aiyah, I almost can’t take it anymore. Su Yi, this dis…” (The actual phrase is ‘this dis____ of yours’, but due to English grammatical order I couldn’t fit it in)

Before ‘ciple’ even left her mouth, Su Yi hastily interrupted her. “Feng Wu, for better or for worse you’re still a City Lord, can’t you act a bit more like one? You’re already at such an old age, do you have no sense of shame to still want to be a big sister? You’re too old to even be a granny!”

“Su Yi, it’s been too long so you’re itching for a beating, is that it?”

What woman could take being called old by a man?

Moreover, for Feng Wu, this sort of haughty woman, such a comment was extraordinarily shameful and humiliating!

The surrounding atmosphere seemed to drop by several degrees. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. Her guess was pretty good, as expected, Feng Wu was the Lord of Mist City. It’s just unexpected that the person in charge of such a chaotic city was actually a woman.

Then she recalled the information Gu Xun gave her about the Lord of Mist City. Based on that, the City Lord should be a very ruthless person, otherwise she wouldn’t have been capable of giving the order to kill all the beggars and citizens that have been to Five Kilometers Emporium before. There were quite a lot of people that have been to Five Kilometers Emporium. There were at least a hundred beggars that chased her that day so there were probably several hundreds that she hadn’t seen?

Although that fire burned quite a few of them to death, there were a lot that had managed to escape. Yet, though they managed to escape the natural disaster, they had not been able to escape human disaster. Who would have imagined that this Feng Wu, who looked like a youthful young lady, would have given such a cold-blooded command?

Even after knowing all of this, Tang Doudou still couldn’t link Feng Wu to the mental image she had of the Lord of Cloud City.

What was even more shocking to her was the meanings contained in what Su Yi said earlier.

If ‘such an old age’ wasn’t a joke, then didn’t that mean Feng Wu was actually an elderly lady?

The reason she was even considering this was because Su Yi had said earlier that it had been twenty years since they had last seen each other. Now with the way Feng Wu was flying into a rage, it looks like this was really the case.

“From my point of view, you need some sorting out. You still have the mood to drink and play after causing such a huge incident. Do you really think you can be free of worries just because you’ve come here to hide?”

After Su Yi jabbed her sore spot, Feng Wu’s aggressive air instantly faded. “Of course not.”

“It’d be best if that was true,” said Su Yi mildly. “I agreed to come help you, but I still can’t break the rules.”

When rules were brought up, Feng Wu instantly flared up again. “Quit nagging about rules here in front of me. Here in Mist City, this ma’am is the law!”

Domineering ah!

What a strong nee-sama ah!

“No use roaring at me.”

“I don’t care. You’re already here so you must help me resolve this matter. As for those pain-in-the-ass rules, weren’t you the one that decided them? At worse you can just change them after you go back.” As Feng Wu spoke, she took Tang Doudou’s arm. “Xueyi ah, it’s been years since we’ve seen each other as well. Today we must drink until we’re smashed! Actually, I did hear people say that you arrived in Mist City several days ago but I thought it was just an imposter so I never went to look for you. I didn’t expect that he would actually bring you with him today. I’m really sorry for what happened just now.”

Tang Doudou who had been thinking of a way to troll Feng Wu felt so moved by this sincere apology that she almost forgave her.

However, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Su Yi making eyes at her, indicating for her not to believe Feng Wu.

Tang Doudou considered it a little, then looked towards Su Yi with a troubled expression. “This…”

The only way Tang Doudou would ever trust one of these two extremely unreliable people would be if her head had been kicked by a donkey.

“Since we’re already here, we might as well sit awhile before leaving.”

From the looks of it, if she continued to insist on leaving, some other disturbance would definitely occur. Tang Doudou felt especially wary of Feng Wu. She had noticed some mysterious emotions in Feng Wu’s eyes when she (FW) had been speaking.


“Haha, that’s more like it!” Feng Wu was visibly happy when Tang Doudou agreed. “Come, come. Come with me over there to have some wine.”

“I’ll be heading back after a while, so let’s just forget about the wine.” She hadn’t forgotten the tragic experience the last time she drank. Ever since that day she got drunk and slept with Baili Yu, she had vowed to never touch alcohol again.

“We’ve finally met again after such a long time, how could we not drink to celebrate? Xueyi, you’re not as refreshing as before!” Feng Wu’s clear laughter soon reached the ears of the people in the garden. They all started looking over. When they got a clear look at Tang Doudou who was walking with Feng Wu, quite a lot of their expressions turned ugly.

It caused Tang Doudou to be quite confused.

“Come on. You guys, stop drinking for a bit. Let me introduce this new friend to you guys!” Feng Wu pulled Tang Doudou and walked to the front of the crowd.

At this time, Su Yi had disappeared off somewhere. Tang Doudou followed the principle of not offending others as long as they didn’t offend her and stared right back at them.

Perhaps it was due to the fact she gave off an imposing manner, or perhaps it was because Feng Wu was next to her, but these people didn’t dare to show any obvious hostility towards her. However, an unfriendly air still enveloped the entire site.

“Aiy, isn’t this our famous martial arts Alliance Head, Li Xueyi, Alliance Head Li?” A man that looked about twenty-six walked out from the crowd. Though he had handsome features, his gloomy eyes gave people an uncomfortable feeling. When his taunting tone was added on, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but silently curse. Looks like she had to sort out another mess.

“And your distinguished self is?”

Was it that she snatched his money? Or was it that she dominated his wife? Or was it that she had beaten him up before… Tang Doudou was quite curious ah!

“This one is Murong Ming!” He enunciated each word sharply. After he finished speaking, he looked at her as if he was daring her to continue feigning ignorance.

“Oh…” Tang Doudou dragged the sound out. Her brows lifted slightly. Who the freak was he?

He definitely was not someone simple, seeing as Feng Wu had invited him.

Murong Ming gave a cold laugh. “Alliance Head Li, wonder if you still remember Cloud Sun City?”

Upon hearing this familiar name, Tang Doudou came to a sudden realization. So it was that Murong family ah!


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