Chapter 134.2: Dominated His Wife?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“I’m very sorry, I don’t seem to recall.”

Even if I know, I insist on pretending I don’t know! I’d like to see what you dare to do! Humph! (I’m going to) Anger you to death!

From the start that matter was extremely dubious. Li Xueyi was a woman, what could she use to humiliate a little lady? In addition, Xiao Bai’s investigation showed that the matter had nothing to do with Li Xueyi at all, yet this Murong family insisted on blaming her. They wouldn’t believe any of the evidence Xiao Bai had found. As of now, Li Xueyi was dead to the point she couldn’t die any further so this dirty water was being flung towards her, Tang Doudou!

There were so many people here. No one else moved, but you, Murong Ming, insisted on standing out and being the odd bird out.

His IQ was beyond saving!

“An eminent person is said to have a short memory. It’s normal that Alliance Head Li cannot recall that little Cloud Sun City of ours.”

Ever since the martial arts convention, Bai Feiyun took care of all the Alliance Head Residence affairs by himself so the Murong family hadn’t been able to even get a single look at Li Xueyi. Today the Heavens have finally opened their eyes and given him a chance to encounter Li Xueyi. Even if it meant he had to face the pressure Feng Wu gave off, he still had to demand an explanation from Li Xueyi and get justice for his pitiful younger sister!

Ever since that incident, meimei hadn’t been herself. Although she had reached a marriageable age, not a single person had asked for Murong Jiao’s hand in marriage.

Wasn’t it all Li Xueyi’s fault? Although Bai Feiyun had investigated the incident and found that Li Xueyi wasn’t the one that committed the deed, the reality that his younger sister had been defiled was definitely linked to Li Xueyi. As of now, Murong Jiao couldn’t be married off so he himself also could not take a wife.

Therefore, no matter what, Li Xueyi must take responsibility for this matter!

Everyone present were prestigious people. No matter how thick Li Xueyi’s skin was, there was still no way that he would dare talk rubbish in front of so many people!

With Tang Doudou’s little cleverness, was it possible for her not to see through what Murong Ming was planning? She simply smiled and waited to see what else Murong Ming would say.

“Since Alliance Head Li does not recall Cloud Sun City, does Alliance Head Li remember the Murong family!?” Murong Ming gave a cold humph. “If Alliance Head Li does not remember the Murong family, then does Alliance Head Li still remember that pitiful younger sister of mine!?”

Tang Doudou found it really strange. Normally people of the ancient era would always try to cover things like this up yet this Murong family insisted on bringing this matter up with great fanfare wherever they went. No wonder that lady went crazy. It had probably been brought about by her own family?

Although the women in this space-time were a bit more open than the women from her world’s ancient era, it was only by a little bit. When all was said and done, they were still quite conservative.

To have such a shameful matter be spread around by her family so much that everyone knew, any woman would have been driven crazy.

As Tang Doudou watched Murong Ming attempt to force her to give an explanation in front of everyone, she started feeling pity for that Murong Jiao who she had yet to meet. It was likely that this family only cared about their clan reputation and personal benefits and didn’t care about her at all.

“My apologies, I really don’t remember anymore!”

“Ha!” Murong Ming laughed coldly and his eyes darkened even more. “What a good ‘don’t remember anymore!’”

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she deliberated for a while. Then she looked at Murong Ming with a probing gaze as she asked, “From Murong gongzi’s tone, it seems that I should remember something?”

She gave a light laugh and her gaze sharpened slightly. “I’ve only just taken over the duties of the Alliance Head Residence and have to personally deal with many matters. With so many things to deal with, the brain really doesn’t function well. It can’t be helped that some things would slip the mind. If I really did do something that has caused Murong gongzi to misunderstand, then I ask Murong gongzi to please say it clearly. This way the friends present can also help act as witnesses!”

Things had gotten to this point yet he was still feigning ignorance. It was seriously too hateful!

His goal in saying so much was precisely to make Li Xueyi take the initiative to bring up that matter. Unexpectedly that despicable person had kicked this troublesome matter right back to him with just a few sentences.

If he wanted to get justice in front of everyone, he had to bring up this matter. But then meimei...

He couldn’t very well talk about it, but he also couldn’t not talk about it. Both choices were equally difficult!

In the end, he gritted his teeth. Meimei has already gone crazy. A lunatic was no longer capable of bringing the clan any benefits. If it weren’t for the fact that she was his biological sister, for the sake of the Murong clan’s face she would have already been put to death. However, if he managed to successfully force Li Xueyi into taking responsibility, not only could he get rid of this crazy younger sister, he could even establish a connection with the Alliance Head Residence. That would definitely be a great help in the competition to become the family head!

Thinking to here, Murong Ming felt that he had been too rash. He should have gone and looked for Li Xueyi in private… However, it was also unexpected that Li Xueyi was this thick-skinned. Who present didn’t know what he was talking about? Yet the person involved, Li Xueyi, was actually acting as if he didn’t know anything. It was seriously too hateful!

The originally lively atmosphere had gradually chilled as the two exchanged words. Feng Wu swept a displeased glance over Murong Ming. Which blind person was it that invited such an annoying person here?

“Xueyi is right. Murong Ming, if you have something to say, then hurry up and say it. Don’t delay this good opportunity and waste our time, causing my guests to be unhappy. If you do so, then don’t blame me, Feng Wu, for not giving your family’s old man any face!”


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