Chapter 135.1: Lord of Cloud City

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Wu’s annoyed tone made Murong Ming glance over at Tang Doudou several times. He had been wondering since earlier when Li Xueyi had become on such good terms with the Lord of Cloud City.

Several years earlier, didn’t they fight in North Hara for three days and three nights due to a certain person? In the end, Li Xueyi had failed to counter one strike and received severe internal injuries.

It was also said that Li Xueyi had been in Mist City for quite a while. This gathering had been open for quite a while, yet despite having invited over Baili Yu, who many people did not like, Feng Wu still did not invite Li Xueyi to the gathering.

Tang Doudou didn’t expect Feng Wu to speak out for her either. After all, Murong Ming was her guest. As a host, shouldn’t she feel that harmony is to be prized and urge the two to stop talking about it?

Tang Doudou glanced at Feng Wu out of the corner of her eye and saw that the latter was looking at Murong Ming with a face full of anticipation. Her water-blue eyes contained a suppressed ruthless light. It was clear that she was just itching for the matter to blow up so that she could beat someone up.

Cough. This Feng Wu’s interests seemed even more exotic than those of Baili Yu’s.

What she could see, Murong Ming could also see. Tang Doudou didn’t know Feng Wu well, but Murong Ming knew Feng Wu’s personality very well. He could see that if he kept at this, the one who suffered losses would definitely be he himself.

“City Lord Feng has overstated the matter. I was just a little stirred up after seeing a certain person, I wasn’t intentionally trying to disrupt everyone’s mood.” Murong Ming inhaled deeply. He hadn’t expected for Li Xueyi to be so hard to deal with. Looked like he had to take his time with planning out this matter.

Feng Wu nodded. “If you have any issues, you can resolve it in private…”

Murong Ming’s eyes lit up. Earlier he held a little bit of a grudge against Feng Wu for being biased and helping Tang Doudou but now a grateful feeling emerged from the bottom of his heart. On the outside though, he still acted a little unwilling. “Since City Lord Feng had said thus, Murong can only listen and obey.”

“En, only kids who listen are good kids,” said Feng Wu with a slight smile. However, her eyes were filled with disappointment from having failed at provoking a fight.

Tang Doudou silently roasted, could you possibly make your thoughts even more clear?

Murong Ming’s expression was extremely dejected but he forcefully pulled out a trace of a smile.

Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou felt unexplainable schadenfreude although what she had planned was to provoke Murong Ming to reveal the truth and while at it, force him to reveal his goal, then fiercely slap his face with proof. From the looks of things now, her meticulously crafted plan was going to go to waste.

It wasn’t easy to finally find a bit of a ‘palace battle’ feeling, yet it was broken up just like this by Feng Wu. Tang Doudou couldn’t help but also feel a little sad.

However, this faint sadness was soon blown away when Feng Wu pulled her onto a boat. The moment they walked in, Tang Doudou saw a certain seductive yao lying there languidly with his eyes closed. He was still in the same moon-white robe; it shone beneath the candlelight, making him seem like a celestial that had been banished to this world. (a ‘banished celestial’ is a description for a person who always seems above worldly matters)

Tang Doudou glanced at Feng Wu and, as expected, saw that she found the scene breathtaking as well. Unhappiness immediately floated up in Tang Doudou’s heart. She had wasted half the day and so much effort to find him, she even worried that something had happened to him, yet it turned out that he was here leisurely enjoying the fine liquor and beauties!

Seeming to have noticed Tang Doudou’s rising anger, Baili Yu slowly opened his eyelids to reveal his gorgeous peach flower eyes. Unexpectedly, the first person he looked towards was Feng Wu. His dark red lips parted and a magnetic, pleasing to the ear voice spilled out. “City Lord Feng, wonder if City Lord has finished considering the matter this one had proposed earlier.”

Even after saying this, he didn’t glance at Tang Doudou who was standing beside Feng Wu.

“This matter is of tremendous importance so of course I must consider it at length. In any case, didn’t we agree not to talk of official matters today and only talk of the wind and the moon (small talk/romance)?” Feng Wu laughed as she pulled Tang Doudou over. Her tone was filled with probing as she asked, “What, did Baili Yu not see Xueyi? You two are almost about to be married, it’s not good to act so unfamiliar with each other!”

Baili Yu didn’t say anything. He simply glanced unconcerned at Tang Doudou, then gave a laugh.

He looked back at Feng Wu again and said calmly, “Hasn’t City Lord Feng heard? This marriage has already been canceled. It was nothing but a jest Alliance Head Li and I were making to joke with everyone. Alliance Head Li, am I right?”


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