Chapter 138.1: I’ll Definitely Be Back

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Su Yi was surprised to hear what Tang Doudou said. “Old Cang isn’t the type to make this kind of mistake. Let me have a look at that booklet.”

Let him look at it?

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose and gave a very unnatural smile. “I didn’t bring that booklet. How about I show it to you some other time?”

Su Yi didn’t like wasting time. He waved at Tang Doudou and said, “If you want to be able to help Baili Yu cure his poison sooner, then hurry and let me have a look at it.”

He still had to bring her back to Cloud City after helping her with this trifling matter. Amnesia is nothing but trouble. In the past she could head back and head out whenever she felt like it without any regard for his city rules - which led to no small amount of complaints from those old men in Cloud City - but, now she probably wouldn’t even be able to find the way back.

When Tang Doudou heard this, she couldn’t be bothered to worry about whether it was a ‘little yellow rabbit’ anymore. She stood up and said, “Then wait for me. I left that thing in the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. I’ll go grab it and come right back.”

Su Yi pulled her to a stop and said, “Don’t you think that’s troublesome? Why don’t I just go with you?”

Feng Wu agreed, “That’s right. You’re a girl, it’s best not to randomly run around at night. Just let Su Yi take you back, alright?”

Tang Doudou couldn’t find any reason to refuse this offer so after saying goodbye to Feng Wu, she prepared to head back with Su Yi. Unexpectedly, the moment they stepped out of the City Lord Residence, their path was blocked by Murong Ming.

“Li Xueyi, come with me.” Murong Ming obviously did not recognize Su Yi since he had rushed up and rudely shouted at Tang Doudou the instant they stepped out of the City Lord Residence.

Da fudge? Does this guy have a mental illness?

Tang Doudou was rendered speechless as she looked at Murong Ming. Back then Feng Wu was just saying that in order to give him a way out of the embarrassing situation, yet he actually took her words seriously!

From the looks of it, he had been waiting for her for quite a while.

If his tone had been a little more courteous, perhaps she would have found time to chat with him a little about that pitiful lil sis’s (‘mei4zi’ this is a general very informal way to refer to a girl) situation.

But now?

Su Yi reacted before she could even speak. Setting aside Li Xueyi’s status in Cloud City for now, just based on the fact that she was the current martial arts Alliance Head made her status high enough that no ordinary person should dare to casually call her by name!

“Brat, scram right now before this da ye gets angry!” He had been excited to go back to Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce with Tang Doudou. Of course, it wasn’t for the reason that Feng Wu said, that he was worried about Tang Doudou heading out alone at night. After all, children that walked the Jianghu were different from something like an unmarried daughter of a noble house!

He was actually looking forward to meeting with Baili Yu.

He was heading over with the resolution to con Baili Yu.

Murong Ming’s blocking of Tang Doudou’s path was pretty much the same as blocking his path. This crime cannot be forgiven!

Who was this person? How dare he talk to him this way? (This is Murong Ming’s thoughts now)

Su Yi’s features were fresh and elegant and his attire was usually in accordance with his temperament. However, today, for the sake of being a Spring Festival couplet with Feng Wu, he had put on a crimson robe. Rather than giving him an enchanting and flirtatious air, the attire seemed out of place and made him appear like a little (male) courtesan.

Murong Ming thought about Baili Yu and Li Xueyi’s unclear relationship, then looked more closely at Su Yi. Could this person be Li Xueyi’s new darling?

Once this thought emerged, the more Murong Ming looked at Su Yi, the more he felt certain of this possibility. Hence his eyes became filled with disdain as he said, “Who do you think you are, to dare speak this way to ben gongzi!?”

Bro ah, you sure are capable ah, to dare speak like this to the Lord of Cloud City!

For the sake of avoiding the ensuing violent scene, Tang Doudou silently said ‘pray for yourself’ to Murong Ming and ran to hide behind a nearby stone lion.

Murong Ming knitted his brows upon seeing that. What was that about?

However, before he could think much more about it, a painful feeling transmitted from his chin. Following that was a bone-shattering sound. Tang Doudou heard this and hastily covered her chin. This was way too cruel!

“You dare to act fierce towards lao zi!?” Su Yi didn’t stop cursing even while beating the guy up.

One punch after another greeted Murong Ming’s face. “People who are fierce towards lao zi, if they aren’t already dead, they are not much different from dead! Who the f*ck do you think you are!?”

“Y-you! You actually dared to hit me!” Murong Ming was dumbfounded. He never thought that Su Yi would suddenly turn violent and so it was only after being punched a few times that he managed to react.

“I am hitting you, this grandson, what about it!?” (Calling someone ‘grandson’ is a way of looking down on them)

“And you even dare to curse at me!”

“I am cursing at you, you damned grandson!”

“How dare you!?”

“Heh. If you had the ability to, you could do this to me as well!”

The sounds of punches mixed with Murong Ming’s angry pitiful cries as well as Su Yi’s unbridled cold laughter. Tang Doudou couldn’t bear to look directly at the scene. This Murong Ming actually seems pretty good at enduring. He didn’t retaliate even after being beaten up this bad!

How could Tang Doudou possibly have known that Murong Ming also wanted to retaliate but for some reason couldn’t? His pressure points hadn’t been hit, yet his body wouldn’t obey him. All he could do was watch dumbly as he got beaten up.

His heart gradually chilled. It was likely that he had run into an expert this time.

He never thought that there would be such a high-leveled expert by Li Xueyi’s side. The only reason he had dared to be so rampant in picking fault with Li Xueyi was because he had heard rumors that Li Xueyi had lost his martial arts and was now powerless.

He never expected to end up meeting with such a mishap!

“Never thought that this thin-skinned tender flesh could stand up to a beating this well!” Su Yi had hit him for half a day but when Murong Ming gradually stopped screaming, he became disinterested in it. What meaning was there in hitting someone that didn’t scream?T/N

So Su Yi just threw him on the ground. “Da ye’s in a good mood today so da ye will stop here. Stop hanging around here to hinder lao zi’s line of sight, hurry and scram!”

Murong Ming only recovered control of his body after Su Yi released him. He hastily climbed up from the ground. He reached out to touch his face which was numb from being hit, then he glared at Su Yi as he said menacingly, “Boy, you just wait!”

“Aiy, do you see this? He’s gotten addicted to being beaten up. Alright ah, remember that this da ye’s name is Su Yi. When you go looking for a beating you better not end up looking for the wrong person!” As Su Yi spoke, he took a step forward with a smile that didn’t quite seem like a smile, scaring Murong Ming into running away.

However, even as he ran he didn’t forget to say fiercely, “Su Yi, you just wait! I’ll definitely be back!”

Pfff. Wasn’t this Big Big Wolf’s signature line? (from Chinese animated series: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf)

This Murong Ming sure was a weirdo. Even though he clearly knew he wouldn’t be able to beat Su Yi, he still wanted to come back and be beaten up.


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