Chapter 138.2: I’ll Definitely Be Back

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This little episode soon finished and Tang Doudou walked out from behind the stone lion. Curious about why Murong Ming didn’t fight back earlier, she asked, “It couldn’t be that this Murong Ming really has an inclination towards masochism, right?”

Su Yi glanced at her curiously and asked, “What makes you think he has an inclination towards masochism?”

“If he didn’t, why didn’t he fight back?”

“Haha, so that’s what you were talking about!” Su Yi laughed, then smoothed out his clothing. “That would require him being able to fight back ah.”

“You hit his pressure points?” Tang Doudou couldn’t think of any other explanation as to why Murong Ming wouldn’t be able to fight back.

However, Su Yi shook his head. “You’ll know why once you recover your lost memories. There’s no use telling you so much right now. Let’s go see what’s with that booklet first.”

The two left the City Lord Residence’s entrance.

Murong Ming who had left earlier now reappeared and gazed after the two departing figures with a dark expression in his eyes.

“Eldest gongzi, should we…” Another man with rather sinister facial features showed up with him this time.

“No hurry.” Murong Ming was much calmer this time around. “Go investigate that person’s identity first. It wouldn’t be too late to make a move after we figure out who that person is.”

“However, Master won’t be able to wait that long.” That man glanced towards Murong Ming with a discontent expression as he objected.

From the start Murong Ming was pretty angry, now that the man said that, he became furious. “Who do you think you are to criticize ben gongzi’s decisions!?”

“T-th-this little one has spoken out of turn!” The man hastily lowered his head humbly. However, hidden from Murong Ming’s sight, a trace of cold laughter flashed through his eyes.

“It’s good that you know. What are you still standing here for? Hurry and go find ben gongzi a doctor!” He didn’t even know how badly swollen his face had become. Right now it was difficult to even speak clearly.

If he didn’t get revenge for this, he was no nobleman!

Li Xueyi, you just wait! Not only have you caused my younger sister’s reputation to fall to the ground, you even dared call for someone to humiliate me! This crime cannot be forgiven!

Originally he had been planning to give Li Xueyi a chance. As long as Li Xueyi’s attitude was good and he was willing to take his younger sister as his wife, even if he liked men and wanted to keep some male companions they wouldn’t have minded. It would have been fine as long as his little sister got married out.

But Li Xueyi’s current attitude clearly showed that he didn’t want to take responsibility. Since this is the case, then Li Xueyi shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless!

How could Tang Doudou have possibly known that another person has started holding a grudge against her for no reason? As of now, she had already returned to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce and was currently hiding the booklet shyly behind her. She deliberated over whether to show it to Su Yi or not.

Su Yi waited at the door for half the day but Tang Doudou still didn’t come out so he pushed open the door and walked right in. “What are you dawdling for? Where’s the booklet?”

“Hey!” Tang Doudou didn’t expect for him to abruptly strode in and hastily hid the booklet behind herself. “I-I still haven’t found it!”

Hell, she was pretty bold but she still wasn’t bold enough to look at this kind of inappropriate book with a man that she wasn’t very familiar with!

Maybe it was best not to let him look at it after all!

She should just wait until she encountered Cang Baicao again to ask him if he had given her the wrong thing.

Su Yi took in the changes in her expression. As a person with extensive experience, how could he be unaware of what Tang Doudou was thinking? However, he didn’t show it on his face and pretended to look around in Tang Doudou’s room.

“Why don’t you wait outside a little longer? I’ll have Qing He bring you to Baili Yu and you guys can have some tea while you wait,” proposed Tang Doudou.

Su Yi seemed to agree with this suggestion because he nodded. “That’s a good idea.”

Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief but before she could even relax her hand suddenly became empty. She hastily looked towards Su Yi.

Su Yi had already begun flipping through the booklet.

Seeing that he was looking at it seriously without revealing any strange expressions, Tang Doudou kept quiet and simply gripped the hems of her clothes nervously as she watched Su Yi.

“This is the right one ah.” After Su Yi looked through it for a while, he lifted his eyes and saw Tang Doudou’s nervous appearance. “What are you doing?”

“N-nothing.” Tang Doudou hastily released her garments and asked, “You said earlier that this was the right one, what does that mean?”

“This should be the method to cure the Hoarfrost Poison,” said Su Yi. Then he seemed to suddenly think of something. “That’s not right ah. Right now you’ve lost your memories so you can’t even understand this booklet. So what did Old Cang give this to you for?”

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. If she knew then would she still need to look for Cang Baicao?

Although, she was also pretty curious as to why something that looks like a ‘little yellow rabbit’ to her became a method to cure poison when Su Yi looked at it?


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