Chapter 139.1: Clues to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance

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Su Yi probably also realized that his question didn’t really matter as he closed the booklet again. “Let’s go, let’s find Baili Yu. You can’t understand this but he will definitely be able to understand it!”

Tang Doudou glanced at Su Yi, puzzled. Didn’t he also understand it?

Why didn’t he just teach her directly?

Suddenly, she recalled the question of why he was so enthusiastic in sending her back. Based on how laid-back his personality was, how could it possibly have occurred to him that it was not safe for girls to walk outside at night?

Not to mention he had asked about Baili Yu more than once on their way back.

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but start making conjectures. He had probably come with her for the sake of seeing Baili Yu!

But why was he looking for Baili Yu?

Could it be that it was really as Baili Yu said, that he wanted to bring her back to Cloud City?

While she was thinking, Su Yi had already walked out with the booklet. When he saw that she was lost in thought, he left without calling out to her.

By the time Tang Doudou came back to her senses and moved to look for him, he was already gone.

Just as she was about to head out to look for Baili Yu, Qing He arrived.

“Lady Doudou, Master said for you to head to rest early as there are still matters to attend to tomorrow.” As Qing He spoke, she pulled out a female outfit from behind her. “This is the outfit Master picked out for Lady. He said that he hopes from now on you’ll keep on wearing things like this.”T/N

“Is he by himself right now?” asked Tang Doudou as she took the garment and spread it out.

Qing He replied, “No, Master is having tea with Su gongzi.”

Su Yi’s quite fast ah! He really managed to run to Baili Yu’s place in the blink of an eye.

Forget it. Nothing ever occurred between them except exchanges of frigid irony and scorching satire. She had already gotten bored of listening to it after that half a month, it was to the point that just hearing the start of an exchange put her to sleep.

Not to mention it was rather late. It’d be best to sleep first and think about the rest later.

After sending Qing He away, Tang Doudou returned to the room with the outfit. She threw the outfit over the head of the bed, then lay down on the bed and went to sleep.

The next day she was woken by the sound of Qing He knocking. “Lady Doudou, are you awake?”

“I’m almost awake…” replied Tang Doudou sleepily. “What is it?”

“Master asked for Lady to head over.”

Baili Yu? What was he looking for her so early in the morning for?

“Did he say what for?” Tang Doudou really didn’t know how the people of the ancient era regarded time. She didn’t even know when she went to bed last night. In any case, she still felt drowsy so she didn’t want to get out of bed at all.

A couple days had passed so Qing He didn’t hold as deep of a grudge against Tang Doudou as before. In addition, from the looks of Master’s intention, it probably wouldn’t be long before this Tang Doudou became their female master.

When she heard Tang Doudou’s sleepy voice, she said, “It seems to concerning a guest visit. Since Lady hasn’t fully woken, I’ll let Master know.”

“A guest visit?” Tang Doudou mumbled, then opened her eyes to look at the sun outside the window. “Forget it, I’ll be up right away. Wait outside for me a little.”

As she spoke, she climbed up from the bed and pulled on the female outfit with her eyes still half closed. Qing He seemed to know precisely when she had finished changing because she knocked again, “Lady Doudou, have you finished changing?”


“Then may I come in?”

“Sure!” After Tang Doudou finished changing, she picked up the comb on the dressing table and casually pulled her hair into a ponytail.

Qing He pushed open the door and entered, carrying things for washing up. When she saw Tang Doudou doing her hair, she hastily walked over and said, “Lady, let me help you.”

Tang Doudou looked at her long hair, then looked at the exquisite hairdo Qing He had and immediately handed over the comb to Qing He happily. “Alright, then please help me comb a more relaxed hairstyle!”


An hour later, Tang Doudou gazed at her reflection in the copper mirror. The mild green garment was complemented with a simple yet refined hairstyle, making her appearance as fresh and adorable as a hibiscus. It was not bad!

Tang Doudou was not stingy with her words at all as she ladled Qing He over and over again with praise. Qing He finally managed to urge her to head out.

When Tang Doudou got to Baili Yu’s place, she discovered that Su Yi was also here. When Su Yi saw her wearing a female outfit, he sized her up, then said disdainfully towards Baili Yu, “This is your good idea?”

Baili Yu ignored him. Walking straight to Tang Doudou, he also sized her up for a while before saying, “Let’s go.”

After he finished speaking, he got into the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin. When he saw that Tang Doudou didn’t move, he beckoned her. “Doudou, come here.”

“You’re not allowed to go over there!”

Tang Doudou had barely taken a step before Su Yi stopped her.

What exactly did these two talk about last night? She felt like today’s atmosphere was strange ah!

Before she could think more about it, Su Yi pulled two horses over. As he walked, he said sourly, “Our girl is a daughter from a decent family, how could she casually stay in the same room with a man by herself? Giving and receiving between a man and a woman is unclear, Xueyi, you must remember that! No matter what, don’t fall into a certain person’s trap!”

Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou got the general idea. Last night Su Yi had probably landed in a disadvantageous position again during their talk.

And so her pitiful self had become a tool for Su Yi to strike back at Baili Yu.

But Su Yi was seriously too much. He was already so old yet he still acted like a little kid, childish to the point people were made speechless.

Luckily Baili Yu was not childish. He simply ignored Su Yi’s acrid words and asked Tang Doudou, “En, you’re still not getting on?”

“Oh, I’ll get on right now!” Tang Doudou didn’t want to accompany Su Yi in his childishness either. Moreover, who would choose to ride those damned jolty horses when there was such a comfortable palanquin to ride? It’s not like she was mentally ill.

Su Yi was so angry his nose flared when he saw Tang Doudou fail to live up to his expectations and run towards Baili Yu. He stood there and complained that Tang Doudou was a white-eyed wolf (traitorous), and that it was a waste to raise her, she couldn’t even resist a little bit of seduction…T/N2

Tang Doudou simply turned a deaf ear to Su Yi’s old man-like prattle. She closed the door with a ‘bang’, then sat down opposite Baili Yu. Yawning, she asked, “What did you talk to him about last night to make him so riled up?”

Baili Yu passed her a cup of hot, steaming tea and said unhurriedly, “Nothing much.”

“Nothing much?” Tang Doudou sipped the tea, then picked up one of the pastries on the table and started eating. “If it was nothing much, then why’s he acting like he’s eaten explosives?”

“He probably didn’t sleep well last night.”

Tang Doudou gazed at Baili Yu’s face that revealed no hints, then asked, “Where are we going?”

“Gu Residence.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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