Chapter 140.1: Intentions Did Not Lie Here

Prodigal Alliance Head


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These words irked Tang Doudou.

She didn’t know if Li Xueyi wanted to be the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles.

However, she did know that she didn’t want to be the martial arts Alliance Head at all. Putting aside the annoying messy matters that the Alliance Head had to deal with, just the fact that she didn’t know martial arts was a huge problem. If people found out, there’d probably be enough people showing up for revenge that the entire Alliance Head Residence would be torn down.

Perhaps noticing that Tang Doudou’s facial expression had turned dark, Su Yi gave a dry cough and didn’t continue this topic. “Baili Yu has already gone in so let’s head in as well.”

Tang Doudou glared at him, then walked into Gu Residence.

Originally he was trying to use Tang Doudou to anger Baili Yu but it unexpectedly backfired. He had just gotten on slightly better terms with this yatou but now he had messed up and they were back to the starting point. Su Yi sighed and rubbed his nose before following after them.

The moment they entered, menservants came over to guide them. From the looks of it, Gu Xun had already received news that they were coming.

The manservant that guided Tang Doudou last time was in the group of menservants. When he saw Tang Doudou, he smiled and made to greet her but Tang Doudou hastily shot him a look, telling him not to come over.

This manservant was not dumb. Once he noticed Tang Doudou’s look, he immediately complied and retracted his gaze without saying anything.

Tang Doudou sighed in relief, then glanced in front at the back of Baili Yu’s head. She was just thinking that she was lucky when Su Yi’s loathsome face appeared in front of her eyes. “Yatou, you know that manservant?”

Tang Doudou started. How did she end up forgetting about him?

“Don’t know him.” Of course Tang Doudou wouldn’t admit it, especially since she noticed that Baili Yu seemed to be eavesdropping. “For better or for worse you’re the grand Lord of Cloud City, how can you sow dissension all day as a hobby?”

Su Yi was tongue-tied from anger. When had he sown dissension for fun?

He said coldly, “Unable to differentiate good from bad!”

Following that, he flung back his sleeves and strode forward with large steps. From the looks of it, he was quite angry.

Tang Doudou pulled a face behind his back then saw that Baili Yu had turned around at some point in time. When he saw her making a face, he gave her a helpless yet doting smile.

Lately, Baili Yu had taken to wearing light-colored clothing. Yesterday was a moon-white changpao, today was a cyan cheongsam. However, no matter what the color and style of clothing he wore, it still caused people to be unable to shift their eyes away. In the past, his hair was always simply swept back, but today it was pulled up into a bun with a decorative jade hairpin the same color as his clothing. His current appearance gave off a rather immortal, celestial-like air.

Those seductive peach flower eyes seemed even more extraordinary due to the way he was currently dressed.

This brief smile contained several parts gentleness and a bit of indulgement; it truly caused beautiful women to lose color in comparison. This smile made Tang Doudou’s heart thump so fast she felt like she was about to have a heart condition.

Damned seductive yao!

The group arrived at that same pavilion in the middle of the lake under the menservants’ guidance. Gu Xun was already waiting there. When he saw them, he immediately walked over to greet them with a candid smile. “This Gu is truly honored to have the privilege to welcome you honored guests to my humble home!”

“Boss Gu is too courteous!” Baili Yu and Su Yi were conspicuously cold in response to Gu Xun’s extremely cordial reception. Tang Doudou felt a bit apologetic as she looked at Gu Xun who seemed somewhat awkward and embarrassed, and so she decided to walk over. Grabbing Gu Xun’s hand, she gave him a firm handshake.

It completely confused Gu Xun as well. He clearly did not understand what Tang Doudou meant by this.

However, for better or for worse he was still a person that had extensive experience. After giving a slight smile, he invited Baili Yu and Su Yi to sit down.

He didn’t mind at all that these two were acting so cold.

As if he was long used to it, he easily started a conversation with Tang Doudou. He knew that he couldn’t bring up the fact that he knew Tang Doudou in front of Baili Yu. On a different note, seeing her current tender and elegant appearance in female garments confirmed the rumors. As expected, she was a woman. Following that, he felt that the older brother from his family sure was stupid, to have not even figured this out. At the same time, he also became more cautious because it was possible that Bai Feiyun did know but chose not to tell him.

Gu Xun recollected his line of thought and asked curiously, “This guest is probably Alliance Head Li, Li Xueyi, correct?”

Tang Doudou nodded and revealed an extremely interested expression as she said, “I heard Baili Yu say before that Boss Gu looked very similar to my friend but I hadn’t believed it. However, you really do look like him! How rare, how rare ah!”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Baili Yu out of the corner of her eye. She only relaxed and started chatting with Gu Xun when she saw that Baili Yu’s expression was normal.

“Haha, so Alliance Head Li doesn’t know about this?”


“The friend Alliance Head Li is talking about is probably that elder twin of mine, Bai Feiyun, right?”

Tang Doudou displayed a stunned expression and immediately asked about it. As the two spoke, Gu Xun actually took the initiative to bring up the incident with Old Suo.

“Even if you honored guests did not come to my humble home, this Gu was preparing to pay a visit to apologize to Alliance Head Li and Baili gongzi!” said Gu Xun with an extremely apologetic tone.

Baili Yu who had been sitting there silently for half the day finally spoke with a smile that was not quite a smile. “What does Boss Gu mean by this?”

Aiy, he had clearly come to settle accounts with the person, yet he insisted on sitting there without talking and waiting for the person to bring it up. Yet now that the person had brought it up, he was still feigning ignorance.

Gu Xun naturally knew what Baili Yu meant by this. He sighed, then explained the entire incident to them. After he finished speaking, he stood up. “I am truly sorry. If you two do not mind, this Gu is willing to compensate for the damages you two have suffered.”

He had finished speaking but Baili Yu was still looking at him silently with that smile that didn’t quite seem like a smile.

This caused Gu Xun to start feeling nervous. He had already gotten to this matter but Baili Yu still wasn’t speaking. What did this mean?

He couldn’t see through what Baili Yu was thinking so he shifted his line of sight to Tang Doudou. As for Su Yi, Gu Xun thought he was simply one of Baili Yu’s friends, he didn’t know his true identity. Hence, while Gu Xun did treat Su Yi politely, he didn’t actually regard him with much importance.

Tang Doudou saw Gu Xun’s inquiring look but didn’t give him a reply. She knew that Baili Yu was doing this in order to fish for Old Suo’s current location and the reason he wasn’t responding was because Gu Xun hadn’t mentioned a single word about Old Suo earlier when he was talking about the incident!

She wasn’t dumb, this was obviously something Gu Xun and Old Suo had already agreed on ahead of time. However, the more Gu Xun concealed Old Suo, the more it proved that Old Suo was hiding something!

Hence she fell silent as well. Lifting her tea, she pretended to take a sip. As she was doing so, she noticed that Su Yi was currently spacing out while gazing at the lotus pond outside the pavilion.

Tang Doudou looked over as well but didn’t see anything strange about it. She retrieved her line of sight and decided not to pay any more attention to Su Yi, this boring person.

The conversation dropped into awkward silence. None of them said anything and the atmosphere of the pavilion gradually became hushed.


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