Chapter 140.2: Intentions Did Not Lie Here

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“Baili gongzi, what exactly is it that you desire?” Gu Xun receded his friendly smile and asked in a slightly low tone.

This was asking for Baili Yu to take control of the subject and state everything clearly.

From start to finish Baili Yu had kept that profound mysterious smile on his face. His emotions could not be deduced from his tone at all. “Baili doesn’t understand any of what Boss Gu said. Baili has come today only for the sake of discussing a collaboration.”

His words didn’t just confuse Gu Xun, it made Tang Doudou curious as well. Why did Baili Yu say that he didn’t know about this matter?

Was it for the sake of preserving his reputation?

After all, Baili Yu was influential not only among the Imperial Households but also in the Jianghu. His reputation would probably take a severe hit if people found out that he had ended up in the hands of human traffickers and almost got sold!

Gu Xun fiddled with the teacup on the table. His eyes were slightly bright, it was clear that this thought had also occurred to him. Hence, his expression relaxed quite a bit and he said in a surprised tone, “So it was like that. It was this Gu that had misunderstood.”

“Indeed.” Unexpectedly, Baili Yu changed from his earlier cold attitude and slowly started talking to Gu Xun about his collaboration proposal. Basically, he said that in the past the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had never thought about wanting Mist City, this huge piece of cake, however, they were now interested in the Five Kilometers Emporium in the southwest part of Mist City. They wanted to redevelop and reconstruct Five Kilometers Emporium. The reason he had gone to look for Feng Wu yesterday was also for this matter.

The reason he came to look for Gu Xun was because Gu Xun was at the center of Mist City’s network of connections and had good relationships with all the large powers and enterprises in Mist City. The size of Five Kilometers Emporium was not small, it was not realistic at all to just open stores that belonged to his Chamber of Commerce there. Thus, he wanted Gu Xun to pass on the news to those people that he intended to fund the reconstruction of Five Kilometers Emporium and that people who opened stores in that location only needed to pay him rent.

Tang Doudou was surprised to hear this. Baili Yu was stepping into real estate marketing? He was already the world’s richest individual, what need was there to squander effort and money on real estate?

Gu Xun was also taken aback by Baili Yu’s plan. It must be known that in Wind Spirit Imperial Court, some wealthy families possessed small-scale real estate but most of the larger real estate belonged to the Imperial Court. Hardly anyone would buy a large piece of land and develop it, much less rent it out.

This was due to the fact that the cost of buying land was way too high. When the cost of building houses was added on, it was a losing transaction no matter how high a person set the rental price.

Not to mention, when buying land from the court, though the price was high, it was at least clearly marked. Mist City, however, was not part of Wind Spirit Imperial Court; everything was decided by City Lord Feng Wu. Baili Yu wanted to buy Five Kilometers Emporium? The question of the price should be set aside for now. Based on Feng Wu’s recent actions in regards to Five Kilometers Emporium, it was a huge question whether Baili Yu would be even able to buy this land from her!

So the question of collaborating seemed to be counting one’s chickens before they hatched.

Gu Xun was a bit hesitant.

Baili Yu naturally had thought through all the possible apprehensions. How could he not know what Gu Xun was thinking about as he hesitated?

“Boss Gu, don’t worry. It’ll suffice if you just help me spread this news. I can take care of the rest myself. They only need to give a reply as to whether they’ll open a shop there once the area is fixed.”

Before Five Kilometers Emporium was abandoned the business there was better than all the other places in Mist City. It seemed to be bustling every day regardless of day or night. Later, for some unknown reason, it gradually started to decline. Most of the proprietors that had owned shops in Five Kilometers Emporium before became rich merchants with abundant family territories. As of now, their families were the main influential families in Mist City.

If Five Kilometers Emporium opened once again…

Gu Xun smiled and agreed to this deal. “Since Baili gongzi is sincere, then this Gu will help run around a little for Baili gongzi and deliver this good news to all the seniors.”

“En, as expected, Boss Gu has a refreshing personality.”

Baili Yu seemed to have known that Gu Xun would agree so he didn’t reveal any emotions and simply replied mildly.

Gu Xun thought this matter was finally over, yet after half a day Baili Yu still didn’t show any intentions of getting up and leaving. His heart started pounding uneasily again. He had no idea what else Baili Yu wanted.

Gu Xun and Baili Yu only talked about business matters for a long time. Tang Doudou could only understand half of it and became extremely bored so she looked to the side to find Su Yi. Then she cried in surprise, “Where’s Su Yi?”


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