Chapter 141.1: Bai Feiyun’s Letter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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It turns out that Su Yi had already left at some unknown point in time.

Out of the three present, Baili Yu was the only one that remained unperturbed. However, Gu Xun was especially disturbed. His brows lifted a little. He had not noticed Su Yi leaving at all.

Tang Doudou was shocked at first but soon calmed down again. She was getting used to Su Yi disappearing and reappearing without a word like a ghost.

“Ahem, he’s just like that. Boss Gu, please don’t take offense.”

Gu Xun felt like the atmosphere wasn’t as oppressive now that Tang Doudou started speaking. Only the Lord knows how much pressure he was under when talking with Baili Yu, despite the fact that they were both smiling.

“This friend of Alliance Head Li’s is an unfamiliar face, moreover the name Su Yi does not sound familiar either. May I ask who he is?”

Wonder if Gu Xun would faint from shock if she revealed that Su Yi was the Lord of Cloud City?

Even as Tang Doudou considered this mean idea, she said with a smile, “It’s just a friend I occasionally run into. As for his background, I’ve never asked about it.”

Gu Xun said ‘oh’, then asked, “May I ask how much longer Alliance Head Li plans to stay in Mist City?”

If it weren’t for the fact that Gu Xun was Xiao Bai’s brother, Tang Doudou probably would have burst out cursing at Gu Xun by now. It’s not like she was eating his food or freeloading at his place, what did he mean by this attitude of driving people out? Moreover, the duration of her stay didn’t have anything to do with him, did it?

“Does Boss Gu feel that it’s irksome for this Alliance Head to stay in Mist City?” asked Tang Doudou with a fake smile.

Gu Xun immediately waved his hand and denied it. “Of course not!”

Following that, he took out a letter from his chest and handed it to Tang Doudou. “This Gu naturally hopes for Alliance Head Li to stay longer. It’s just that yesterday, that brother of mine somehow found out that Alliance Head Li had come to Mist City and asked me to pass on a letter as well as a message to have Alliance Head Li return to Huai City as quickly as possible.”

“Xiao Bai?” Tang Doudou took the letter as she looked at Gu Xun in surprise.

When she got confirmation from Gu Xun’s expression, she glanced towards Baili Yu. Almost as if she was simply wondering out loud, she asked Baili Yu, “What urgent matter would cause Xiao Bai to look for me?”

Baili Yu shook his head towards her, indicating that he hadn’t gotten any information about this.

Hence Tang Doudou glanced at Gu Xun again with skepticism. Gu Xun couldn’t be purposely passing on false information right?

However, there was no reason for Gu Xun to do this.

Tang Doudou decided to just open the letter first. Just as she was about to tear open the letter and look at it, she recalled that she didn’t know how to read this world’s words. In the end, she put it away in order to have Baili Yu read it to her when they got back.


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