Chapter 141.2: Bai Feiyun’s Letter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Gu Xun didn’t comment on this and chatted with Baili Yu for awhile longer. Suddenly, Su Yi who had disappeared reappeared from some corner. His facial color was terrible; it was unknown what he had disappeared earlier to do.

“Where did you go?” asked Tang Doudou curiously the moment Su Yi sat down.

Su Yi didn’t make a sound and sat there gloomily, clearly very depressed. Tang Doudou asked again, “Who did you encounter? Why does your facial color look so bad?”

Su Yi sighed but still didn’t speak. A while later, he asked Baili Yu, “When are we heading back?”

Baili Yu slanted a glance at him. “Let’s go.”

They were finally leaving. Gu Xun let loose a breath of relief, then stood up in preparation to see them out.

Seeing as they were about to leave, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but recall what Baili Yu had said earlier. Didn’t he say that they were here to fish for information about Old Suo? How could they leave before even asking about it?

She couldn’t tell what Baili Yu was planning at all.

They were almost out of the Gu Residence when Baili Yu suddenly stopped walking. As if he had suddenly recalled something, he gave a light laugh and said, “I almost forgot about my main business.”

When Gu Xun who was behind him heard this, he stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Could it be that everything they had discussed earlier was not his main business?

“Boss Gu, I heard that you have extensive information networks in Mist City. There is a person I wish to find, wonder if Boss Gu could help make some inquiries about the person?”

How could Gu Xun possibly be unaware of who Baili Yu wanted to find? If Baili Yu had mentioned this earlier when they had first arrived, he would have found some excuse to tactfully decline. After all, he had already prepared for this scenario in advance.

Unexpectedly, Baili Yu didn’t bring this matter up at all earlier and talked a great deal about establishing a collaboration with him, tickling him so much his heart completely itched. Who wouldn’t want to earn money if the option was in front of them? Not to mention this was a business deal that didn’t require him to undertake any personal risk…

That was why he had no way of refusing right now.

If he refused and angered Baili Yu, he might not get any share of the benefits once Five Kilometers Emporium was rebuilt. At that time he’d regret so much his intestines would turn green.T/N


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - “intestines turn green from regret” I always thought the “intestines turn green” because the character for regret (悔) looks like the character for plums (梅) which is green~~ After doing a little bit of searching, apparently intestines turn green in a decomposing body and so the idiom is about figuratively “dying from regret”. A Baidu post also talks about how intestines are a looong part of the body and in the deepest region of your stomach so the saying is talking about a lot of deeep regrets. And then, I found out that plums aren’t green? (They are in Harvest Moon ToTT tho…) And that the character for plum I’m talking about actually refers to Japanese apricots which look green in some google images but aren’t green in ToTT… *sigh* I miss the taste of plums, I wanna play ToTT~~~

D: Ahem, /me raps Chi on the head. Back to the story please.

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