Chapter 141.3: Bai Feiyun’s Letter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Thinking up to this point, Gu Xun asked, “Wonder who Baili gongzi is looking for?”

“It’s an old friend, here is his portrait.” A portrait had appeared at some unknown time in Baili Yu’s hand. “I’ll have to trouble Boss Gu to help take note of this person. Please notify me as soon as there is news.”

Gu Xun had no choice but to swallow his crushed teeth and agree.

Only then did Baili Yu leave, satisfied.

The moment they got back onto the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, Tang Doudou curved her eyes and remarked with a fox-like smile, “And I thought you had actually forgotten about it! I didn’t expect for you to launch a surprise attack on Gu Xun at the last moment. Did you see the look on his face? It was hilarious!”

“Next we’ll just have to wait for him to send the person over.”

“Why does Gu Xun have to personally send the person over? Could it be that you’ve already found that person?” It shouldn’t be hard for Baili Yu to find a person in Mist City based on his abilities. Even if he couldn’t find the person, couldn’t he just ask Feng Wu for help?

Why did he need to waste effort to get Gu Xun’s help?

“That person is not simple. Not a single person that has been sent out to look for him has returned.” Baili Yu’s expression was a bit grave as he said this.

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but start feeling tense as well. “Then would Gu Xun obediently hand that person over?”

“Of course not!” Baili Yu started smiling again as he looked down towards her chest.

HIs scorching gaze made Tang Doudou subconsciously cover her chest. Her expression was guarded as she said, “Wh-what are you planning on doing!?”

“En?” Baili Yu continued staring at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. “Never thought that you were actually quite impatient?” (anxious with connotation of eagerness)

Numerous black lines streaked down Tang Doudou’s forehead. She suspected that Baili Yu was also a transmigrator. What else could possibly explain how he knew about such a dirty topic?

“I’m going to look for Su Yi!” Tang Doudou made a prompt decision upon noticing that Baili Yu’s eyes were darkening and that an extremely dangerous aura was starting to radiate from him. She immediately stood up.

Just as she was about to open the door, Baili Yu gently reminded her, “We’re in midair right now.”

Tch. So what if they’re in midair. She knew qinggong so was there any need to fear falling?

Tang Doudou didn’t hesitate and directly opened the door.

The fierce wind almost swept her right out the door. Tang Doudou hastily hugged the palanquin door. What the freak? Why was this like riding an airplane ah!?

The wind continued to rush ferociously into the palanquin. Tang Doudou wanted to get down from the palanquin door and close the door but the wind was seriously too strong and too violent. It was so powerful to the point the entire palanquin was starting to shake. Tang Doudou turned around to look towards Baili Yu with a crying expression. Unexpectedly, she saw that he was holding onto the couch and doubled over laughing.

Damned fox!

Tang Doudou cursed him in her heart but on the surface, she cried out to him in a pitiful manner, “Baili Yu, save me.”

“I warned you.” Baili Yu retrieved his smile and got up from the couch, walking step by step towards the door.

“I was wrong…”

Tang Doudou looked at Baili Yu who was looking down at her. His robe flapped as the violent wind swept past. The corners of his lips lifted slightly as he leaned over and slowly drew closer to her lips.

Da f*ck? He wanted to play kissy at this sort of time?

Could it be that spring had really arrived?


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