Chapter 141.4: Bai Feiyun’s Letter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Y-you…” There was no way Tang Doudou wanted to play at that sort of high difficulty maneuver in such a dangerous place. As she stammered, trying to reject him, Baili Yu swept past her lips down to her chest. After he paused there for a moment, Tang Doudou felt a force tighten around her waist and her entire body was lifted into the air.

By the time the feeling was gone, she had already returned to the soft couch.

The door was once again closed securely, shutting all of the gales outside.

Still feeling lingering fear, Tang Doudou snuck a peek over, only to see that Baili Yu was holding the letter Gu Xun had handed her earlier. Only then did she realize that he was looking at her chest due to this.E/N

“Ahem, if you really wanted to see it you should have just said so. You made me think that you wanted…” Before she finished her sentence, she changed the topic. “Is this really something Xiao Bai sent to me?”

“We’ll know after looking.” Baili Yu didn’t waste any words and directly tore open the envelope, then took out the letter.

“What’s written on it?” Tang Doudou leaned over and discovered that, as expected, she didn’t recognize any of the words. However, upon seeing that there were a bunch of flowing things written, she suddenly felt that it was a bit inappropriate to let Baili Yu see it.

When she was recuperating in Plum Garden, Bai Feiyun had said to her that ‘as long as it’s you, it’s correct.’

Back then she hadn’t thought anything of it but later, she realized, wasn’t this a covert confession?

Da fudge, she had been out for such a long time, it couldn’t be that this was a love letter Bai Feiyun had written for her, right?

Thinking up to here, she peeked to check Baili Yu’s facial color. Seeing that he was focused on reading the letter and didn’t expose any strange expressions, she loosened a breath in relief and asked, “Don’t just focus on looking at it, read it out loud for me. What exactly is written on it?”

Baili Yu swept a glance at her. A very strange smiling expression appeared in his eyes. “Are you very curious?”

“Of course!” said Tang Doudou without a thought as she rolled her eyes. She didn’t notice that the smiling expression in Baili Yu’s eyes had deepened.

Baili Yu still seemed unsure as he asked again, “Do you really want to know?”’

Tang Doudou became annoyed and snatched the letter right out of his hands. “If you don’t want to tell me then just forget it, I’ll just ask Su Yi to read it for me later.”

As she said so, she tucked it back in her chest. For some reason she felt like something not quite right had definitely been written in this letter, otherwise Baili Yu wouldn’t have repeatedly asked her that.

Baili Yu didn’t have much of a reaction to her taking back the letter. The expression in his eyes also returned to his usual faintly smiling expression. He said, “Bai Feiyun wrote that the Demonic Sect has already destroyed about eight of the sects that are a part of the martial arts alliance. The Demonic Sect are using extremely ruthless methods, and everyone in the Jianghu is in danger. They’re asking for the Alliance Head Residence to help by making a move. Bai Feiyun has discussed things with Elder Yu and united several of the sects for the sake of dealing with the Demonic Sect. However, they need you, the Alliance Head, to return and preside over this situation.”

“It’s just that?” asked Tang Doudou doubtfully. She took out the letter and scanned it a couple more times, but still couldn’t understand it. “Why did the Demonic Sect suddenly bounce up again?”

Baili Yu smiled and said in an unaffected manner, “Probably to unify the Jianghu!”

It was unexpected that Mu Ye had so much ambition despite his cold manner.

“Does that mean I have to go back?” There was no way Xiao Bai would look for her unless something really important had happened.

Moreover, this situation was very serious. Since she was the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, she had to take responsibility regardless of whether she was willing or not.


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