Chapter 15: The Incorrigible Li Xueyi

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 15: The Incorrigible Li Xueyi

But what does he stand to gain from this?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and pondered as she listened to Elder Yu take turns with everyone to complain about Li Xueyi's countless wicked conducts.

"For one, he's completely a hedonistic son of rich parents. Besides eating, drinking and playing around, he doesn't know how to do a single thing!"

Meow a mii! Eating, drinking and playing around indeed was her, Tang Doudou's great expertise! Never expected that Li Xueyi also liked this. Looks like this transmigration was not completely random and senseless, at least this can be considered a common point.

"It is said that he's also incomparably hideous, so he has never dared to show his true appearance to people!"

Hearing this, Tang Doudou touched her face. Could it be that what she was wearing right now was the legendary human-skin mask?

"Li Xueyi's moral character is abhorrent, it is said that the chickens that belonged to Big Ma Wang of Clear Creek Village were stolen by him!"

"Exactly, and I heard he even ate them raw! He's seriously ruthless!"


Lord ah, what the hell was all this!? Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Just as she wanted to ask the person next to her whether this eating chicken raw incident was real or not, she heard a cold clear voice shout.

"Last year, Li Xueyi's conduct in Cloud Sun City seriously made people's hair stand up on end in anger. That girl of the Murong family is honestly pitiful, I hear that even now, she's still deranged and unable to take care of herself at all!"

Finally, within this bunch of probably baseless rumors and trivial matters, this matter came up.

Because she heard Bai Feiyun mention this matter before, Tang Doudou immediately also pricked up her ears and strained to hear, her gaze following the direction of that voice.

The entire hall quieted down due to this matter.

The one who spoke was a young man, He had on a deep black garment with very ordinary facial features, but his temperament was very extraordinary, especially that pair of eyes. They shone with reserved radiance, with just a look you could tell he was an expert.

Although his expression was matchlessly calm when he spoke, a flicker of calculation actually flashed through his eyes. It was so fast that hardly anyone noticed.

"School Head Xiao!" Hearing him bring up this matter, immediately there was someone standing up to express the suspicions he had in his heart. "Regarding this matter, Cloud City had already posted an announcement that it wasn't related to LI Xueyi, how did it get thrown on his head again?"

Xiao Yiyun gave a light humph. "Cloud City says it was not related to him, do you believe just like that?"

"This..." The man hesitated for a moment, then, without much confidence, said, "How could Cloud City deceive everyone."

"The original Cloud City wouldn't do such a thing as deceiving everybody, but you must remember, the current Cloud City is already no longer the Cloud City of the past!" Xiao Yiyun's tone was full of disdain. The Cloud City that everyone spoke of with exceptional restrained fear seemed not even worth a mention in his eyes.

"Sect Leader Xiao, these words......"

"What? Could it be that what I said was not the truth?"

Hearing this, Tang Doudou finally was able to grasp a bit of the development. This scene looked like a martial arts convention that was aimed against Li Xueyi, but in reality, it was the first protest against Cloud City by the entire Jianghu.

Thinking about this, she couldn't help but look at Elder Yu again.

After those few sentences he spoke at the very beginning, he had been acting pretty much like Bai Feiyun. He had simply sat there calmly this whole time, not saying a word.

As if the topic everyone was discussing has nothing to do with him.

Looking at everyone present, there was still one other person that was this calm. At the outermost corner of the hall, almost completely submerged in the violet pink gauze canopy, a faint figure could be seen. HIs whole body was nestled in the chair, the soft sound of even breathing could be heard.

The corners of Tang Doudou's mouth twitched. Holy shit, he was actually hiding in that corner sleeping!

If she hasn't deliberately looked over, she completely wouldn't have discovered that there was still a person over there.

On top of that, the noise in the hall never once stopped once it had started. Right now, because Xiao Yiyun pulled out the matter regarding Cloud Sun City, there was a brief silence in the hall, causing that soft breathing to be particularly clear.

So when Tang Doudou noticed that person, at the same time, several other gazes also swept over.

Elder Yu and Bai Feiyun also looked over, they were also pretty curious.

Pretty curiously as to who was such an exotic flower, that he was even able to fall asleep at the martial arts convention.


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