Chapter 16: Martial Arts Catfight Convention

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 16: Martial Arts Catfight Convention

Who would have expected that after Bai Feiyun swept a glance over, his unperturbed expression would immediately darken?

Tang Doudou sat behind him, so according to reason, it should be her that was the first to see Bai Feiyun's expression change.

But just as she noticed it, someone had already launched an attack, sending Bai Feiyun a difficult question.

If it wasn't that Elder Yu, who else would it be?

These two had kept their mouths closed from the start. Starting to speak once again, Elder Yu's tone was quite casual, seeming to have no hidden intentions as he asked, "What, does Bai gongzi recognize this person?"

His one sentence directed everyone's attention to Bai Feiyun.

"Don't recognize." Bai Feiyun slowly withdrew his gaze and indifferently replied.

But Elder Yu simply had no intention of letting him go just like that this time. Giving a few seemingly candid laughs, he said, "From the look of Bai gongzi's expression, I thought you guys knew each other."

"I was just surprised that someone would sleep here." Bai Feiyun explained.

"Is that so?" Elder Yu got up. His physique was very burly, his facial features rough-hewn. Sitting down, it couldn't be felt but the moment he stood up he would give off an enormous oppressive feeling. "I've heard that Bai gongzi's relationship with Cloud City was rather good and that you also had friendly relations with that Li Xueyi. Is this indeed true?"

Nice move. After winding around such a big circle, he's finally gotten to the main point.

Elder Yu's words once again pushed Bai Feiyun onto the chopping board. Everyone's line of sight all turned towards Bai Feiyun.

Yet Bai Feiyun was still as unperturbed as before. Facing all those questioning eyes, he calmly smiled as he explained.

"White Wind Manor and Cloud City have had dealings since ancient times, to describe the relation as good, it's not good, but to describe it as bad, it's not bad either.... As for Li Xueyi, I have met him a few times but it can't be quite called friendship."

"Wonder what Elder Yu means for asking this at this time?"

The moment Bai Feiyun explained, it caused all those doubts to disappear. White Wind Manor had always done business. It had pretty good relationships with many sects in Jianghu and its dealings with Cloud City was also something that everyone knew of.

Since they have dealings with Cloud City, having met Li Xueyi a few times can be considered quite normal.

"Haha, no other meaning, it was just a bit of curiosity, that's all!" Elder Yu broke into a laugh. From the start, he didn't expect to be able to direct everyone's criticism towards Bai Feiyun with one sentence.

It was just that, to find out Li Xueyi's current whereabouts, there was no other method but to start here at Bai Feiyun.

After those damned Demonic Sect people failed, they even took the only portrait they had of Li Xueyi with them. Otherwise, he also wouldn't be this passive. But if White Wind Manor wasn't handled carefully, it would cause his entire body to be marked by smell*!

Comes from a complete saying: 羊肉吃不到,惹得一身骚 Couldn't eat the lamb meat, yet caused the entire body to smell. Refers to a thief that wanted to steal a lamb but failed, and now he's easy to track because he stinks of lamb.

On the Jianghu, the White Wind Manor's position was only second to the Alliance Head.

As he thought on, he looked towards Xiao Yiyun.

The latter understood immediately and asked Bai Feiyun, "Although there's no friendship, Li Xueyi is someone of Cloud City. At this time he has run into misfortune and his whereabouts are unknown, did Bai gongzi never think of assembling some manpower in order to search for him? It seems like the Master of Rutaceae Pavilion and Bai gongzi also have friendly relations, not to mention Bai gongzi was also in charge of the security of this place. Is Bai gongzi not afraid that after this incident, Cloud City will seek you out to settle the matter?"

"It's probably that Bai gongzi doesn't know that Li Xueyi is the Cloud City City Lord's precious heart, if something really has happened to him... tsk tsk..."

Xiao Yiyun's last sentence stirred up another ten thousand waves in the hall. If this is actually true, it's really rather a bit way too stimulating.

It must be known that the Lord of Cloud City and Li Xueyi were both men ah!

No wonder Xiao Yiyun was so averse towards the Cloud City's Lord. There was actually such a reason. Anyone that was a man would have trouble accepting this matter! Not to mention the fact that the Lord of Cloud City was still placed above everyone in Jianghu!

Thinking this, everyone present all started getting agitated.

The coldly mocking female nun that spoke earlier was the first one to jump out this time. Pointing at Xiao Yiyun, she angrily said, "Xiao Yiyun, what evidence do you have to say this? If you don't have any evidence, I advise you best talk less!"

The current appearance of the female nun was as if Xiao Yiyun snatched away the person she had a crush on; it was completely livid.

Tang Doudou's lips twitched. My god, this martial arts convention sure is hell of a lot of excitement!


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