Chapter 151.2: Elder Yu has Returned

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“This subordinate greets Alliance Head.” A trace of darkness flashed through Elder Yu’s eyes when he saw Tang Doudou dash in and he cupped his fist towards her with a very strange tone.

Tang Doudou had been rushing and didn’t notice that Elder Yu was here at all. She only screeched to a stop upon hearing that familiar voice. Straightening out her garments, she replied calmly, “No need to be so polite. Elder Yu has come back from a long and difficult journey, you should hurry and go rest.”

She didn’t expect that she would so coincidentally run into Elder Yu. She hadn’t even prepared anything yet, so she was a bit flustered. She had managed to force herself to make an unperturbed expression, but a trace of panic still flashed through her eyes.

Elder Yu had extensive experience so naturally he noticed the panic in her eyes. He inwardly smiled coldly. He had hastily rushed back the moment he got the news, for the sake of catching her pigtail and adding the crime of planning a revolt with someone of the previous dynasty onto her crime of being violent towards the emperor. Li Xueyi, I’d like to see who could protect you this time.

Baili Yu was in the distant Mist City with his hands full. Su Yi has also returned to his city to deal with matters. Humph. All that remained was Bai Feiyun, and he was nothing to worry about.

Thinking to here, Elder Yu couldn’t help but smile smugly. He couldn’t suppress the smile at all. “What does this bit of toil matter? It is a matter of course to toil for sake of the safety of all the orthodox martial arts circles.”

“Elder Yu’s willingness to bear the burden of such tasks is truly a great example for my generation and the great fortune of the martial arts circles ah!” Tang Doudou clicked her tongue as she exclaimed in admiration.

This Li Xueyi’s ability to handle matters was nothing much but her mouth was quite amazing. When she said good words, people that heard them would feel light and airy. This was what Elder Yu was thinking. He found her earlier words very pleasing to the ear.

“Alliance Head, please don’t praise. These are all things that this Yu ought to do and are not worth mentioning!”

Tang Doudou’s lips twitched, she was very speechless in regards to Elder Yu’s shameless moral integrity. Her earlier tone clearly showed that she was speaking in opposites. Did he really not understand it or was he just pretending not to have understood it?

It didn’t matter, she should first settle him down.

“Elder Yu is truly too modest. You and Bai gongzi have truly been a great help during this time that Xueyi wasn’t here. Some other day Xueyi must invite Elder Yu out for a drink to convey my thanks!”

It can’t be denied that Li Xueyi has become harder to read after this outing. Or was it that he had finally understood the situation and decided not to fight against him anymore?

Elder Yu couldn’t figure out what exactly Tang Doudou was planning and decided not to rush into rising in revolt for now, but to figure out what she was planning first.

“Alliance Head is too courteous. I heard that Alliance Head had just arrived as well? I wonder if Alliance Head has seen Bai gongzi?”

“Is Elder Yu looking for me for something?” Just as the two were exchanging veiled words, Bai Feiyun’s gentle voice came from inside the Alliance Head Residence. His white garments fluttered in the wind as he walked towards the entrance.

Bai Feiyun glanced at Tang Doudou. “I’ve already sent out the people to provide assistance. If there are no other matters, I shall head back first.”

He was leaving?

Tang Doudou was stunned for a moment. Fudge, if he left, wouldn’t she, this little white lamb, but eaten cleanly by Elder Yu, this old wolf…

Pei! It should be having her ‘bones crushed and skin flayed!’

That wouldn’t do. No matter what she couldn’t let Xiao Bai run away right now.

But… She looked towards Bai Feiyun and saw him wink towards her. The electricity sent by those long eyelashes caused her heart to quiver. Swallowing back her saliva, she thought, what exactly did that mean?

“Hm? Are there no other matters?” Bai Feiyun had no choice but to nudge Tang Doudou again upon seeing her blank expression.

Tang Doudou wasn’t an idiot, she immediately came to realize that Xiao Bai was helping her get out of this situation. She had almost been paralyzed by those beautiful eyes. It really was a merit to have good looks, just a wink was already that captivating.

She immediately acted like she had suddenly recalled something. “Aiyah, there really is a matter I need to you to help me with.”

She turned around and said to Elder Yu in an apologetic tone, “Elder Yu, I still have business so I’ll leave first. If there are any matters, let’s discuss them when I get back.”

After she finished speaking, she pulled Bai Feiyun and headed out of the Alliance Head Residence.

Just as she was about to ask Bai Feiyun what to do next in a small voice, Elder Yu’s voice made them stop. “Alliance Head, please wait.”


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