Chapter 152.1: Demanding Her Life

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She should have known that it wouldn’t have been that easy to get away. However, this problem was something she would have to face sooner or later, running away wasn’t an answer. She paused for a moment to put on a smiling expression and turned around calmly. “Does Elder Yu still have something to discuss?”

A trace of cold light flashed through Elder Yu’s eyes. “Has Alliance Head dealt with affairs since coming back? Does Alliance Head have a plan to deal with the Demonic Sect? If you do not, what do you intend to do? It couldn’t be that Alliance Head is planning to avoid these problems by walking away from it, right?”

These rapid-fire questions caused Tang Doudou to panic, but outwardly she was still very calm. She made a show of muttering for a while before revealing a self-confident smile. “I already have a countermeasure for dealing with the Demonic Sect!”

“You have a countermeasure?” Elder Yu’s facial color darkened. “This is a matter that has bothered the martial arts circles for half a month, yet Alliance Head had been able to think of a countermeasure right after returning. This Yu really admires Alliance Head’s ability. Wonder what countermeasure Alliance Head has come up with? If it’s possible, please reveal it so everyone can determine if it sounds effective!”

“Are you doubting my abilities?” Tang Doudou lifted her brows slightly, her tone displeased.

Elder Yu immediately said, “Of course not, it’s just…”

“Since Elder Yu doesn’t doubt my abilities, then please just rest easy. This Alliance Head will naturally give the martial arts circles an appropriate explanation.” Tang Doudou interrupted Elder Yu’s words and spoke forcefully.

The moment she replied in this forceful manner, Elder Yu’s expression turned even uglier. “This isn’t a trifling matter…”

“This Alliance Head naturally knows that this isn’t a trifling matter. It couldn’t be that Elder Yu used to feel that this was a trifling matter?”

“Alliance Head should take it more seriously and discuss the countermeasure with everyone rather than obstinately clinging to your own course of action!”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou gave a light laugh. Lowering her voice, she said meaningfully, “Now Elder Yu is misunderstanding me. Do I look like I’m taking an independent course of action? Isn’t Xiao Bai accompanying me? Moreover, I feel like it’s better to keep the plan secret in order to avoid alerting the snake by beating the grass.”

“What Alliance Head means is that there’s a traitor in the Alliance Head Residence?” Elder Yu naturally understood the meaning contained in her words and his voice suddenly raised as if saying that Tang Doudou was creating something from nothing.

Tang Doudou and Elder Yu had been standing at the door for quite a while. When the people passing by saw them and heard them discussing the matter of the Demonic Sect, they all stopped to see exactly what Tang Doudou would do.

She was the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles, after all, she had to make an appearance and give the sect persecuted by the Demonic Sect an explanation.

“Whether or not there’s a traitor isn’t something that anyone can guarantee. I’m only doing this to be absolutely sure, after all, this is no small matter ah!” Tang Doudou said this in a very righteous manner so no one could really refute. From the start, Elder Yu was colluding with the Demonic Sect so he couldn’t insist on making Tang Doudou reveal the countermeasure. If Tang Doudou bit him back and said that he was the traitor, it would be very bad for him.

After all, he couldn’t tell for sure if Tang Doudou knew about the fact that he was colluding with the Demonic Sect. In addition, Mu Ye, that arrogant damned bastard hadn’t agreed to this move in the first place. If it weren’t for the fact that the Right and Left Protectors secretly started this operation and created a situation that couldn’t be salvaged, the Demonic Sect would have long since pulled back.

He was silent for a while as he considered how to respond to Tang Doudou’s words. He naturally didn’t want to let Tang Doudou have it easy.

“Haa, then it was this Yu that had been overly meddlesome. Since Alliance Head already has a plan, this Yu won’t ask any further. This Yu only hopes that Alliance Head can resolve this matter as soon as possible and return peace to the martial arts circles!”

His tone was very disappointed as if Tang Doudou has greatly wronged him.

There was no way Tang Doudou would fall for this hypocritical show of concern. She gave a faint smile, said goodbye, then turned and left with Bai Feiyun.

From her serious manner, it really seemed as if she was leaving to deal with business.

However, right after they left the large road in front of the Alliance Head Residence entrance and turned into a small alley - after that tiger-glaring-at-prey stare was gone - Tang Doudou’s shoulders immediately dropped as she leaned onto the wall. “Heavens ah, what do I do now?”

“Where the hell do I go to find a countermeasure!? I must have been crazy!”

“It’s all ‘cause of this stupid mouth!”

Tang Doudou crouched at a corner of the wall as she scratched her eyes. She regretted having said that she had a countermeasure on impulse so much that her intestines were turning green.

If the Demonic Sect was so easy to deal with, Bai Feiyun wouldn’t have struggled with it for half a month before finally resorting to calling her back.

“Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai, you have to save me this time!” When her thoughts came to Bai Feiyun, Tang Doudou abruptly stood up and looked earnestly at Bai Feiyun. “Otherwise I’ll really die ah, dead-as-a-doornail die ah!”


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