Chapter 153.2: Mu Ye’s Condition

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“How did you get poisoned?” A peculiar thought was forming in Tang Doudou’s head, but she couldn’t quite grab ahold of it. It made her very vexed.

Mu Ye seemed to have predicted that she would refuse, as his expression wasn’t very disappointed. But when he heard the words ‘nothing else,’ a trace of pain appeared in his ice-cold pupils. However, it was very, very faint.

“I don’t know either. There wasn’t any indication at all. I only discovered it the second time the poison flared up and realized I was poisoned when I saw that the blood I vomited was black.”

“You didn’t feel anything the first time the poison flared up?” Wasn’t his reflex arc a little too long? (Reflex arc is a nerve pathway involved in reflex action. The longer your reflex arc, the slower your reaction, in literature. Not sure if it’s actually true in application. It’s probably not.)

Mu Ye said, “The first time I vomited blood, it wasn’t black so I didn’t pay any attention to it.”

Da fudge? To not even be worried about puking blood? His mentality sure was strong ah!

“Vomiting blood is common while practicing the Demonic Sect’s neigong techniques, so I thought it was normal. I only start being concerned after I vomited black blood, but no doctor knew what kind of poison it was. It was only after going to Azure Water Valley that I found out it was Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.” Although his tone was cold, it was also unconcerned. It was as if he wouldn’t express any emotion even if the poison were to flare up right now and caused him to die.

Tang Doudou had to admit respect for his strong mentality. At the same time, she felt sympathy for him. The seemingly mighty Leader of the Demonic Sect, in reality, was also a pitiful person, just like her, this martial arts Alliance Head. Though they sounded like they were powerful figures, they both suffered under a yoke and were actually not free at all.

Mu Ye knew that her current situation wasn’t good. He really wanted to help her get rid of the Demonic Sect, but he still had great plans to realize and could not afford to die that early. The only people that he knew of who had been poisoned by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance were her and Baili Yu, and there was no way he could go look for Baili Yu, right?

Under the setting sun, the two stared at each other in silence.

Bai Courtyard.

Bai Feiyun had renamed the magnolia-filled courtyard. One glance at the sign was enough to figure out that the two flowing words were Bai Feiyun’s handiwork.

Tang Doudou gently knocked and Xiao Dao immediately jumped out to open the door.

When he saw that it was Tang Doudou, his eyes filled with joy. “Lady Doudou, you’re finally back!”

Normally Tang Doudou would have been able to guess that something had happened in the courtyard just from his behavior, but today she simply turned around to glance at Mu Ye who was in the shadows before entering the courtyard, preoccupied with her own thoughts.Mu Ye only retrieved his gaze after that door closed completely. After a slight pause, he looked towards the nearby tree next to the wall. “How much longer do you plan to follow me?”

“Humph! I never expected that you would actually act this despicably!” Jun Xin’s voice drifted over from the tree. His tone was filled with disdain towards Mu Ye.

“No better, no worse (than you),” said Mu Ye mildly, then he turned to leave. Since she didn’t agree, he had to think of another way.

Jun Xin naturally wouldn’t let him go just like this. In a flash, he got in front of Mu Ye. “Remove your people and I’ll help you find a woman that survived after being poisoned by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. In the future, don’t bother her anymore.”

“You have no right to interfere in this matter.” Mu Ye looked at him coldly. “Move aside!”

“What if I refuse?”

“Without Bloodthirster, you can’t beat me.”

“Humph! Then let’s see if it’s true!”

He already had his hands full just dealing with Baili Yu, if Mu Ye joined in as well, wouldn’t his chances be null?

No matter what he had to chase Mu Ye away today. From his reaction to Tang Doudou earlier, he probably didn’t like her a lot and simply had a favorable opinion of her. As long as he found a woman to cure Mu Ye’s poison, Mu Ye, with his cold personality, definitely wouldn’t refuse it.

As for Baili Yu, he had ways to deal with him.

Mu Ye was in a very bad mood today. Upon hearing this provocation, his iron chain moved within his sleeve and several blades shot from his palm directly towards Jun Xin’s face.

Jun Xin knitted his brows slightly. Mu Ye was right. Without Bloodthirster, he couldn’t use a lot of his techniques. He might actually lose to Mu Ye.

The moment this thought occurred to him, a faint blue light appeared in his palm. It was like the pupil of a demon in the night, filled with viciousness.

Seemingly instantaneously, the two figures collided. The blades were shattered by the blue light. When their eyes met, shock flashed through Mu Ye’s eyes. Just as he was about to lower his head in order to get a clear look at what Jun Xin was holding, Jun Xin leaped up onto the wall. An aura even darker and colder than Mu Ye’s was emitted from Jun Xin’s body and pressured Mu Ye so much he couldn’t breathe.

Mu Ye was astonished. How was this possible? Jun Xin seemed to have instantly changed into another person!

“You’re not Jun Xin. Who exactly are you?” Upon feeling the opponent’s imposing aura, Mu Ye didn’t dare to act rashly.

Jun Xin gave a cold smile. “I am Jun Xin.”

“Jun Xin doesn’t know this sort of demonic technique. You’re not him.” Although Mu Ye didn’t know Jun Xin very well, after crossing swords a few times, if nothing else, he knew that Jun Xin only acted savagely when fighting. During any other time, he was a completely candid youngster. He was nothing like this person at all, with that terrifying, deep, cold gaze that seemed to have come from the ninth hell.


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