Chapter 154.1: Angered Off Jun Xin

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“You say that I’m not myself? Then who am I?” A dangerous and eerie voice that seemed to have come from a devil spilled out from Jun Xin’s mouth. The antique lamp hung at his waist, its faint blue light flickering softly.

Mu Ye didn’t speak. The person in front of him was too difficult to see through. His dangerous unpredictability was comparable with Baili Yu.

When Jun Xin saw that Mu Ye wasn’t speaking, he slowly licked his lips before saying in a low and hoarse voice, “I don’t want to kill you, you should leave.”

The sound of his words hung in the air. Mu Ye looked deeply at him, a trace of fear in his cold eyes. Then his eyes turned even colder as he said, “I will be back.”

Without waiting for Jun Xin’s response, his black robe lifted and he disappeared into the endless night like an owl.

Jun Xin’s figure moved slightly as if to chase after him. However, he abruptly stopped and turned to glance towards Bai Courtyard. The blue light of the antique lamp flickered and the chilling aura around him receded like the tide. He leaped down softly. By the time he reached the ground, he was back to his usual wanton and unrestrained personality as he swaggered towards Bai Courtyard.

He had just reached the entrance of Bai Courtyard when Tang Doudou, who was rushing out, ran straight into him.

“Why are you running so fast? Getting chased by a ghost?” He lifted his brows as he looked down at Tang Doudou who had run into his chest.

Tang Doudou covered her hurting nose and said, “Da fudge!? Why didn’t you dodge? Owww! My nose is practically about to fall off!”

Jun Xin humphed disdainfully. “Why should I have dodged instead of you moving out of the way?”

“Because I can’t react in time, don’t you know!?” This little kid seriously couldn’t live a day without angering her. It was too hateful!

“Moron.” Jun Xin wound around her, pillowing his head with his arms as he walked into Bai Courtyard. “Why are you looking for me?”

Tang Doudou only recalled that she was here to find him when he brought this up. She slapped her head, then wiggled her butt to catch up with him. “I wanted to ask you if you have any free time lately.”

“Do I look like I’m busy?”

She just knew that he was here ‘cause he had free time. Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’, then said, “If you’re not busy, could you help me with something?”


Brat, you’re sure presumptuous!

Tang Doudou silently criticized him in her heart. Jun Xin has been becoming more and more unbridled lately, now even his words seemed to have firecrackers attached!

“It’s like this. I might have to head out for a bit…”

Before she even finished speaking, Jun Xin interrupted her. “You can’t!”

“You, I-, I haven’t even finished saying it. Can’t you hear me out first?”

“You don’t need to finish it. I’m not going to let you go out.”


“There’s no reason. Just behave and stay in Huai City!”

“No way! I still have to deal with the matter of the Demonic Sect. What can I do while staying in Huai City?” Jun Xin’s tyrannical tone irritated Tang Doudou. It was enough that he didn’t want to help, but he even wanted to order her around?

When she thought up to this point, Tang Doudou decided not to waste any more words with Jun Xin. She glared at his back and said, “If you won’t help, then so be it. Humph!”

Jun Xin stopped walking, his black hair billowed wildly in the wind. The atmosphere was strangely tense as he said, “I’ll help you deal with the Demonic Sect.”

Tch. Would you be able to deal with it well?” Tang Doudou gave a disdainful humph.

“No matter how badly I handle it, it would still be better than any of your stupid ideas.” Jun Xin slightly lowered his eyes and looked at Tang Doudou’s scowling face. She seemed very vexed.

When she heard him say this, her little face puffed up like a delicate steamed bun.

“Many thanks for your good intentions, great Young Master Jun. This Alliance Head doesn’t need it!” No matter how stupid the idea was, it was her idea. At the very least, it was better than being ridiculed by this brat.

Moreover, didn’t Mu Ye say that he would withdraw the Demonic Sect’s forces if she agreed to marry him? She could make use of this. She could agree for now and make other plans once Mu Ye dispersed the Demonic Sect’s forces.

When Tang Doudou’s thoughts got to this point, she once again started cursing the person who was going around poisoning people with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

What exactly did that person want!?

“Refusing to admit a mistake won’t solve the problem. You can’t even fool me with those little schemes of yours, yet you’re hoping to fool Mu Ye? Aren’t you just dreaming in the middle of the day?” Jun Xin’s mouth was merciless. Every sentence attacked Tang Doudou’s knees like nails and she was practically about to kneel down to him.

Da fudge? But after thinking about it closely, Tang Doudou came to realize that what he said made sense.

And so she became distressed again. What should she do now?

There was no way she could follow through with Bai Feiyun’s earlier suggestion and just go raid the Demonic Sect, right?

Suddenly, Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up with an idea. Without paying attention to Jun Xin, whose expression was full of disdain, she rushed happily towards the guest rooms of the courtyard.

She was always bustling like the wind, not at all lady-like.

Jun Xin had a sour expression on his face as he moved his sleeve away from his face after the dust had settled. His gaze was dark, but traces of gentleness were present as he looked in the direction Tang Doudou had gone in. Was she going to ask Golden Wind Jade Dew for help?

It wasn’t a bad choice. Though Golden Wind Jade Dew’s martial arts were not the best of the best, they were the best of the top quality experts. There weren’t many people at their level that were a match for them.  As long as Mu Ye and the Protectors didn’t make a move, they’d have no trouble dealing with the Demonic Sect.

However, he had a feeling that Tang Doudou’s idea was definitely different from his.

Tang Doudou soon returned. The proud smile on her face was so bright it dazzled.

When she saw that Jun Xin was still standing there, she immediately lifted her chin and walked towards Jun Xin. However, she didn’t stop in front of him, but gave a light humph and rammed into his shoulder as she walked past.

If it was a different person acting that arrogantly, Jun Xin would have already beaten the person to death.

“Stop.” In the end, Jun Xin wasn’t able to keep silent. He was worried that she would do something that couldn’t be remedied.

Tang Doudou simply went ‘tch’ without paying attention to him. Hell, the only reason she had fawned upon him like he was some big master earlier was for the sake of asking him a favor. He refused to help, yet still wanted her to fawn over him? No way!

Thinking thus, she left without turning back.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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