Chapter 155.1: A Very Astute Woman

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Having obtained Jin Longbiao’s promise, Tang Doudou didn’t waste any more time and jumped straight over the wall to get to the Alliance Head Residence. The guards patrolling the residence had already gotten used to Bai Feiyun jumping over the wall. They weren’t particularly surprised now that Tang Doudou joined in. With neither a servile nor overbearing attitude, they bowed towards Tang Doudou, then continued patrolling.

Tang Doudou, on the other hand, was slightly taken aback by their unperturbed manner. She had prepared a bunch of explanations, but in the end didn’t even get the chance to pull them out.

After muttering a complaint, she headed towards her room. She had heard Bai Feiyun say that someone was now staying there. He seemed to have said it was the Sect Leader and some disciples of Green Jade School.

Green Jade School was one of the female-only sects in the Jianghu. Although it couldn’t compare to Mother Mo Yun’s nunnery, it wasn’t inferior by much.

In addition, Sect Leader Mu Qingyao and Mo Yun had past disputes.

When Tang Doudou got to the door, she knocked gently and immediately heard a clear voice ask, “Who is it?”

Tang Doudou fixed her hair and her clothes a little, then pinched her throat. She had studied how to change her voice a little back when she was in the modern era. She wasn’t very skilled at it and couldn’t change her voice into a male one, but a neutral-sounding voice was still doable.

“It’s me, Li Xueyi. I wish to ask Sect Leader Mu for guidance on some matters.”

Her gender-neutral voice was a bit hoarse and very pleasant to listen to.

Her tone was gentle and soft, giving people an immediate good impression.

Inside the room, Mu Qingyao immediately knitted her brows upon hearing that it was him. It was already late at night. Why was Li Xueyi here looking for her?

However, the sound of that voice wasn’t as frivolous as the rumors made him seem to be. Mu Qingyao’s expression turned slightly serious as she told the disciple next to her, “Open the door for Alliance Head Li.”

That disciple was a bit unwilling and said quietly, “Master (as in teacher), we’re all females here. Li Xueyi is known for being lecherous, how could we let him in…”

“Quiet!” reprimanded Mu Qingyao coldly. “I’ve already warned you to be careful with your speech before we headed out, have you forgotten everything that I’ve said?”

Master had never been this fierce towards her before. That disciple pouted with unspoken grievances as if she was holding back tears. Mu Qingyao felt a headache upon seeing this. “Xinlan, Master is doing this for your own good. This isn’t Green Jade School, there’s a lot of things you can’t be obstinate about.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to the girl at the side who was acting as a graceful and upright disciple and said, “Xinyu, you go.”

Xinyu nodded, then stood up to open the door.

After opening the door, she saw an elegant young man wearing a light blue brocade garment was standing there. His features were delicate and he had a pair of clear eyes that contained a faint warm smile. The contrast of the dark night behind him made his appearance even more extraordinary.

This was what Li Xueyi looked like?

He had such a clean temperament, how was he anything like the rumors?

Mu Xinyu had not anticipated for the person outside the door to be like this. Despite always having been calm and collected, she couldn’t help but be stunned. She was only jolted back to her senses by Tang Doudou’s unique, gender-neutral voice when Tang Doudou asked if she could enter. Mu Xinyu hastily replied, “Ah, yes!”

Her heart raced as she moved out of the way.

Tang Doudou really wanted to rub her nose when she saw the flustered expression in the girl’s eyes. It seemed that she had inadvertently teased another young girl’s heart. What a sin ah!

It was no wonder there were so many rumors about Li Xueyi being some unruly silk pants and a big pervert. Just her out-of-place personality was enough to topple so many young girls, so the effect of the original Li Xueyi’s charm didn’t even need to be explained.

The ability to captivate girls at any moment came completely naturally to this body ah!

Women were all very scary. When they were in a situation of wanting something but not being able to obtain it, once they exploded, things were unrepairable.

Brushing aside these unrelated thoughts, Tang Doudou told herself to focus on the main business. She then looked towards the table at Mu Qingyao and was instantly taken aback. This was the Sect Leader of Green Jade School?

She looked really young! From the looks of it, she was only about twenty-five. However, she wore the sect leader apparel and was very dignified in her manner.

A trace of surprise flashed through Tang Doudou’s clear pupils, then she said with an easy-mannered smile, “I hadn’t expected that Sect Leader Mu would be so young!”

“Alliance Head Li is joking, Qingyao has already passed her spring season, how could Qingyao still be described as young?”T/N Mu Qingyao glanced at Tang Doudou and gave a light smile. “If we are to talk about youth, then it should be Alliance Head Li who is truly young.”

“Xinlan, bring Alliance Head Li a chair. Alliance Head Li, please sit!”

Mu Xinlan who had still been talking about Tang Doudou’s lecherous reputation earlier almost blurted out that this person wasn’t Li Xueyi when she saw Tang Doudou’s good looks. She was stunned and only snapped out of it when she felt her Master’s cold gaze. She then hastily moved to help get Tang Doudou a chair.

Tang Doudou didn’t act overly polite and accepted the stool Mu Xinlan passed over with a word of thanks before sitting down next to the table.

Mu Xinlan went back to her original position and started spacing out while staring at Tang Doudou’s handsome face.

Tang Doudou took in Mu Qingyao’s profound smile and became more on guard towards this Sect Leader. Though she looked quiet and simple, her thoughts were definitely not simple at all. Otherwise, there was no way she would have been able to establish such a large school at such a young age.

From the perspective of the people of this ancient era, those past eighteen were no longer young. But to Tang Doudou, people around the age of twenty-five had just graduated from college. They usually still didn’t know about society or the ways of the world well and were just big immature kids.

That’s why, in her point of view, Mu Qingyao was already very impressive.

“Sect Leader Mu is too modest.”

“Wonder what matter is it that has brought Alliance Head Li here this late at night?” Mu Qingyao didn’t waste time and got straight to the point, asking why Tang Doudou was here.

Tang Doudou felt that she couldn’t dawdle when Mu Qingyao was being so straightforward, so she immediately replied, “It’s nothing very big. I just wanted to ask Sect Leader Mu your opinion on the matter regarding the Demonic Sect.”

“My opinion?” Mu Qingyao looked at Tang Doudou, confused. “Qingyao doesn’t quite understand what Alliance Head Li means. Are you talking about my opinion in regards to the current matter, or my opinion in regards to how to deal with the Demonic Sect?”

“Sect Leader can talk about both points.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Qingyao was silent for a long time as if pondering where to start from. Mu Xinyu, who was standing to the side, picked up the teapot on the table and poured tea for Tang Doudou and Mu Qingyao. “Alliance Head Li, please have some tea.”

“Thank you!”

All his actions were naturally polite. One could tell with a single glance that his mannerisms weren’t faked.

“Alliance Head Li, no need to be polite. From the start, this is Alliance Head’s place. I’m simply presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers*. I hope Alliance Head Li doesn’t mind.”

A metaphor. If all life existed at the grace of Buddha, then any offerings to Buddha is just taking the things that belong to Buddha and offering them back.

“Of course not,” said Tang Doudou with a smile.


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