Chapter 155.2: A Very Astute Woman

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As the leader of a school, Mu Qingyao naturally had the ability to distinguish between important and unimportant matters, so she didn’t continue talking about this subject and started telling Tang Doudou about her opinion on the Demonic Sect’s recent movements.

“Although the Demonic Sect’s stance is fierce this time, it also completely lacks order. They seemed to have split into several factions and each of the factions was operating individually. There were several times in which they started fighting amongst themselves in order to seize the high ground. I feel that this recent move by the Demonic Sect was definitely due to something occurring within the sect that made all of them feel a need to increase their own influence. However, I can’t think of a motive.”

Her words caused Tang Doudou to have a whole new level of respect for her. As expected of a person Bai Feiyun mentioned by name, she had been able to roughly guess the entire situation having only surface information without knowing the actual situation. It was amazing. She had found the right person!

“Sect Leader Mu truly has great insight. Everyone believed that Mu Ye wanted to contend for control over the martial arts circles, no one ever thought that it had been due to a problem within the Demonic Sect.”

“The Demonic Sect has always been more united than the orthodox sects so it’s very normal to not have thought of this.”

“Then how did Sect Leader Mu think of it? I’m really curious!” Tang Doudou stared at Mu Qingyao with bright eyes. She felt that Mu Qingyao’s still gaze seemed to contain a lot of secrets.

Mu Qingyao was made very uncomfortable by Tang Doudou’s stare, but she couldn’t very well dodge bashfully like Mu Xinyu and Mu Xinlan. She was the leader of a school, after all, so she soon calmed down. “I’m simply looking with my eyes and thinking with my heart, then inferring the approximate situation from what I see. However, these are simply guesses. Whether it’s true or not still requires evidence.”

Although she said that they were guesses, her confident tone revealed that she had faith in her inferences.

Tang Doudou now had thought of even more plans. If it weren’t for the fact that she was worried she would be mistaken to be a Dengtu Zi (famous lecher), she would have already grabbed Mu Qingyao’s hand to beg her for help.

After taking a moment to calm down, Tang Doudou pushed up her nose and gave a dry cough before saying, “Actually, the reason I came to look for Sect Leader Mu today is because I have something to request (beg).”

Mu Qingyao seemed to be taken aback by the fact that he used the word ‘request (beg),’ as her facial color was a bit strange. However, she still said, “Alliance Head Li, please go ahead and say it.”

She was unexpectedly easy to speak with.

“I believe Sect Leader Mu also knows that the reason for my return this time is to thoroughly resolve the matter regarding the Demonic Sect.” After she finished speaking, she glanced at the three Green Jade School disciples who were straining their ears to hear the conversation.

Mu Qingyao instantly understood. “All of you, leave.”

The disciples didn’t dare to object knowing that these two needed to discuss an urgent matter. They quietly left with lowered heads.

Mu Xinyu was the last to walk out. She glanced at Tang Doudou, rather reluctant to leave, before exiting and closing the door behind her.

Mu Qingyao only retrieved her gaze when the footsteps outside became faint. She said to Tang Doudou, “Alright.”

Tang Doudou nodded and her expression became serious as she said, “I won’t hide it from Sect Leader Mu, after returning today, I met with the Leader of the Demonic Sect, Mu Ye.”

“What Alliance Head Li means is that Mu Ye is currently in the city?” Mu Qingyao was very shocked. What was even more shocking was that Li Xueyi had actually met with Mu Ye. Moreover, from the looks of it, no conflict had broken out between the two of them. It was very likely that they had discussed some things outsiders didn’t know about. Otherwise, his expression wouldn’t be like this when he brought Mu Ye up.

“The current situation of the Demonic Sect is just as you have described. Due to the fact that Mu Ye hasn’t been in the sect lately, a dispute arose when the Protectors started fighting over power.” When Tang Doudou got to this point, she examined Mu Qingyao’s face. As expected, there was no surprise on Mu Qingyao’s face. However, unexpectedly, there were signs of disappointment and frustration.

Disappointment and frustration?

Why would those expressions appear?

Tang Doudou stopped herself from asking and continued, “I’ve also negotiated with him but, regretfully, didn’t succeed, so he didn’t agree to retract the Demonic Sect forces.”

“This is to be expected. Although this wasn’t his intention, in the end, it only brings the Demonic Sect benefits and no harm. Even I wouldn’t agree to retract my forces if I were in that situation.” Mu Qingyao started inferring again and even extrapolated quite well. “I think that he definitely brought up a condition that Alliance Head, you, couldn’t accept, correct?”

This woman was truly terrifyingly astute!


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