Chapter 156.2: Caused Stirrings of Love

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“What a sin ah!” Tang Doudou watched as the people from the Green Jade School left, then wiped the sweat on her forehead. Crap! Hopefully, Mu Xinyu would be able to meet a good man soon and would stop longing for her.

“You’re rejecting a woman that’s sent herself to your door? What are you faking decency for?”

Tang Doudou abruptly lifted her head and saw that Jun Xin, who had been gone for half a month, was crouching on top of the stone lion in front of the Alliance Head Residence entrance. He was chewing half a tanghulu as he played with the clean bamboo stick.

“Faking decency is at least better than being inhuman like some people!” said Tang Doudou with a cold humph.

Hell, she had still felt a little guilty about angering him off that day. She had been thinking of looking for him when she had time and bringing him some tasty treats!

But now? No way in hell!

Upon hearing Tang Doudou’s disdainful tone, Jun Xin’s face immediately darkened. He chewed the tanghulu as if chomping on Tang Doudou, making loud cracking noises. “Try saying that one more time!?”

“You think I’m going to repeat it just because you tell me to? If I did, what would happen to my reputation(face) as the Alliance Head daren?”

“Alliance Head daren?” Jun Xin suddenly laughed, then said with a slightly mocking tone, “You really do have a great reputation!”

After he finished speaking, he jumped down from the stone lion and reached Tang Doudou in just a few steps. He came very close to her and towered over her with disdain on his face. The corners of his lips lifted slightly. “It’s just a shame that I don’t feel like giving you face!”

Tang Doudou could only think of Jun Xin as a brat when seeing his baby face. She never realized until now that his figure was actually this large and tall. When he stood in front of her, he practically enveloped her. A seemingly subconscious oppressive aura radiated from him. Tang Doudou swallowed hard and made to put some distance between them. Unexpectedly, right after she moved back a couple of steps, Jun Xin grabbed her.

“I’m looking for you for something,” said Jun Xin in a deep voice before she could ask.

His tone was a little unfamiliar; it was completely different from his usual dissolute tone.

For some reason, Tang Doudou felt like she had heard this type of tone somewhere before.

It was familiar yet unfamiliar.

“What for ah?” Seeing that Jun Xin’s expression was serious, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but become nervous.

“Let’s go. You’ll know once we get there.” Jun Xin grabbed her hand and started walking towards the street.

His hand was as cold as that of a corpse. The moment Tang Doudou felt it, she got goosebumps. She reflexively tried to fling it away but she was gripped even more tightly.

“Behave, don’t make me use force.”

“...where exactly are you bringing me?” There was no way she could beat Jun Xin if it came to force. Tang Doudou was smart and didn’t resist further. She believed that Jun Xin wouldn’t do anything to harm her. As for this, it was just her hand that got cold. She could just treat it as free air-conditioning.

Just as she was thinking this, she realized with surprise that the temperature of the hand holding hers was slowly rising. Following that was an endlessly sad and apologetic voice that almost dissipated in the wind before it reached her. “Sorry, I forgot…”

However, before she could ask what he had forgotten and before she could think about what was off about Jun Xin today, Jun Xin flew with her out of Huai City.

They didn’t fly very far though and landed in a small bamboo forest outside Huai City. The moment they landed, Jun Xin started walking into the forest.

Tang Doudou didn’t know what was going on and could only follow after him to find out.

After they walked for a while, Tang Doudou suddenly felt that the surroundings seemed familiar. However, she couldn’t recall when she had been here before.

“No need to wonder, this is the secret exit of Rutaceae Pavilion, where that underground palace is.” Jun Xin was walking in front and didn’t turn to look at Tang Doudou, but he still knew that she was definitely frowning as she tried to remember.

Tang Doudou made the connection the moment he said this. This was the place where she had almost burned to death!

If Baili Yu hadn’t arrived in time back then, she might already have gone to report to the King of Hell.

“Why did you bring me here?” asked Tang Doudou curiously.

Jun Xin didn’t respond to her question and continued leading her inwards. He only stopped walking when they were above the underground palace.

For the sake of finding that antique lamp, Baili Yu had sent people to dig through the entire palace. The scarred ground looked like a hornet’s nest.

Tang Doudou had only heard about this. Now that she was looking at it, it was truly a spectacle too horrible to look at.

“What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and come down with me!”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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