Chapter 157.1: Cure to a Hundred Poisons

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Jun Xin’s annoyed voice drifted over while Tang Doudou was in the middle of looking around in fear of tripping into a hole.

Tang Doudou lowered her head and was immediately amused by what she saw.

In a hole not far away from her feet, Jun Xin was bending over and struggling to squeeze inside like a caterpillar.

When he encountered a narrow area, he even had to stop and suck in his stomach in order to squeeze himself through.

“Pfff!” Tang Doudou couldn’t help but burst out laughing as she thought mischievously, there’s no way Jun Xin brought her here to perform an imitation of a caterpillar for her, right?

“What are you laughing about? Hurry and come help me!”

From the start, Jun Xin was uncomfortable being squeezed in this hole. When he heard Tang Doudou laugh, all the air in his chest instantly leaked out and he pathetically got stuck.

Now Tang Doudou was laughing so hard her tears were about to leak out. “A-are you the Dou Bi that Monkey invited over? Aiyoh, I can’t, I can’t take any more. This is too funny!”

There were so many holes, yet he just had to pick such a small one!

Jun Xin was also very frustrated. “Stop laughing. If you’re too loud you’ll wake that guy up. Things will be troublesome if that happens!”

Tang Doudou who had been laughing non-stop immediately stopped when Jun Xin mentioned a ‘that guy.’ She looked around in alarm as she said, “What guy?”

“Help me get in first!” Jun Xin rolled his eyes at her.

Tang Doudou could only jump down. “How do I help? Who asked you to eat so much? Now isn’t it just great, you got too fat and can’t even fit.”

“Fat? You’re saying I’m fat!?”

“Ah, you’re not?” Tang Doudou widened her eyes innocently as she walked in and out of the tunnel Jun Xin had struggled to squeeze through like she was strolling down an avenue. Her behavior was clearly saying, ‘look at me, and you still say you’re not fat? If you’re not fat, would you get stuck?’

It angered Jun Xin to the point he was about to vomit blood.

How could male and female body types be compared using the adjectives fat and skinny!?

“How exactly do you want me to help you? I don’t have a way to make you skinny as a bolt of lightning! How about you just stay stuck here for a couple more days. Once you starve a little, you’ll be able to go back and forth as you please…”

“Bang!” Before she even finished her sentence, an explosion erupted. Tang Doudou fell to the ground, too surprised to react.

Was this an earthquake?

When Tang Doudou felt the violent shaking, she immediately looked in Jun Xin’s direction in alarm. If this was really an earthquake, he’d definitely die if he was stuck there!

“Jun Xin!” Unexpectedly, Jun Xin’s figure wasn’t there when she looked over. Now Tang Doudou was seriously panicking. “Jun Xin, Jun Xin! Little brat! Where did you go!?”

It couldn’t be that he fell in from being jolted free by the explosion?

The moment she thought this, Tang Doudou dove into the hole without hesitation.

In an actual earthquake, Tang Doudou’s action would undoubtedly be an act of courting death. However, she continued on with the attitude that honor did not allow one to glance back.

Jun Xin stood outside the hole, his eyes glimmering like stars. At this time, a man wearing a mask had appeared behind him. It was Feng Yunhuan. He stared at the hole Tang Doudou had entered with an exceptionally sinister gaze.

“Hall Master, it’s such a good chance! Why won’t you kill her!?”


Jun Xin turned and sent a slap over. “Scram!”

“Hall Master!”

“Don’t let me hear this type of thing again! Otherwise, it won’t end with something as simple as a slap!”

“Understood!” The stinging pain on Feng Yunhuan’s face caused him to recall the injury on his face. His gaze immediately darkened even more. Just wait! One day he’d definitely make all those people pay!

Regardless whether it was Su Yi or Li Xueyi!

“Have you made any progress in finding the things I sent you to look for?” Jun Xin naturally knew about Feng Yunhuan’s hatred. Back then he had also been shocked by Su Yi’s ruthless method when he went to save Feng Yunhuan. Just looking at it felt painful, so it was easy to imagine how much pain Feng Yunhuan must have been in.

However, when he recalled that Su Yi had done it for Tang Doudou and also as a warning for him not to rashly touch Cloud City’s things, Jun Xin didn’t blame Su Yi and wouldn’t even allow Feng Yunhuan to seek revenge.

This was because if Feng Yunhuan went to seek revenge with his current level of martial arts, it would just be seeking death.

Retrieving his thoughts, Jun Xin swept a glance at Feng Yunhuan who didn’t reply and said, displeased, “What? After an outing, you’ve decided not to even pay attention to the words I say?”

His tone was very dark. Feng Yunhuan was immediately jolted back to his senses and he knelt on the floor. “This subordinate doesn’t dare!”

“You can get up. After you find the item, send it back for me. If you haven’t found it then continue looking. Also, that sentence still holds. You’re not allowed to think of revenge while helping me handle this matter. If I find out that you even harbor a tiny bit of that kind of thought… I am capable of saving you, but I’m also capable of using an even more painful method to torture you to death!” Jun Xin’s tone was faint and demonic. Feng Yunhuan’s back immediately became damp with cold sweat. Compared to that merciless Su Yi, he feared the Hall Master in front of him more. His methods were simply not human methods at all!

“Yes! This subordinate understands!”

“Then go. Next time, don’t approach Huai City without my permission.” After Jun Xin finished speaking, he jumped into the nearby hole. In a few moments, his figure was gone.

Feng Yunhuan looked at the hole-filled ground and allowed his repressed resentment to surface. However, in the end, he suppressed it again and slowly got up from the ground. He had to obey Jun Xin and carry out the tasks that were assigned to him, otherwise, he would be killed by Jun Xin before he even got a chance to take revenge.

Jun Xin had never allowed useless people to stay at his side.

Feng Yunhuan took a deep breath, then turned and entered the bamboo forest.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Dray

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