Chapter 160.1: Urgent Situation

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Xueyi?” For a moment, Yu Fenger couldn’t recalled who Bai Feiyun was talking about.

Jin Longbiao didn’t remember either. Even though they knew that Tang Doudou was Li Xueyi, they were used to calling her Doudou.

The two looked at each other for a few moments without moving.

“No matter who it is, since it was Bai gongzi who called us, let’s go take a look?” Yu Fenger had a vague, bad premonition.

Jin Longbiao was also planning to do the same and immediately nodded. “Alright, let’s go see!”

And so, the two jumped over into the Alliance Head Residence. However, in midair they saw that Bai Feiyun was running out of the residence chasing after a figure.

“What exactly is going on?” Yu Fenger was completely confused but still pulled Jin Longbiao to head towards the Alliance Head Residence’s exit. Unexpectedly, after a few steps an uproar occured in the residence.

People poured out from all the corners of the courtyard.

“Who is it that dares to trespass in the Alliance Head Residence!?”

The fact that these guards suddenly appeared made Golden Wind Jade Dew feel very depressed. No one had ever blocked Bai Feiyun and Tang Doudou even though they were always running back and forth between the two courtyards!

Why did so many people appear the first time they jumped over?

However, since Doudou was the Alliance Head, Yu Fenger didn’t want to fight these people and explained patiently, “We’re friends with your Alliance Head. We live next door in Bai Courtyard. We only came here to help Bai gongzi!”

“Quit wasting words! All trespassers should die!”

“Come, take these two down!”

Yu Fenger still wanted to try and explain, but how could Jin Longbiao possibly endure these people’s chirping with his impatient personality? He swung his morning star and smashed back the first row of people, before pulling Yu Fenger and running.

The head guard that was blocking them hastily shouted, “Hurry, stop them!”

After he said that, many guards jumped onto the wall and started attacking Golden Wind Jade Dew. There were many people with bows among them. It caused the pair to become angry and start fighting with the guards.

“They’re seriously a bunch of annoying guys. Jin ge, don’t bother with them anymore. We’ll lose sight of Bai gongzi if we don’t hurry!” Even after fighting for a while, the number of people didn’t seem to decrease at all. Yu Fenger felt that these people weren’t trying to kill them but simply trying to delay them and prevent them from helping Bai Feiyun!

Although Jin Longbiao had a straightforward personality, he was no musclehead. Moreover, he had pretty good tacit understanding with Yu Fenger so he immediately understood what was going on.

Using his morningstar, he smashed a path through the guards, then spun his morningstar so that it made a whirlwind, keeping the guards from approaching.

Right at this moment, Elder Yu appeared amongst these guards.

“Golden Wind Jade Dew, you’ve finally come!”

For half a month he had been waiting to find evidence of Tang Doudou’s wrongdoings, however he never found a good chance.

Although he knew that Golden Wind Jade Dew lived in the neighboring courtyard, he didn’t dare to make a move due to Tang Doudou being there.

Unexpectedly, the heavens actually gave him such a good opportunity today!

Not only did something happen to Li Xueyi, making him act like a lunatic, but Bai Feiyun actually called Golden Wind Jade Dew to help and left.

Wouldn’t it be a waste if he didn’t properly cherish this great opportunity?

He must stop Golden Wind Jade Dew and prevent them from saving Li Xueyi!

“Fenger ah, Yu Qingshan, that old thing seems to be over there!” Jin Longbiao’s eyesight was pretty good. He noticed Elder Yu with one glance.

“It does seem like him!” Yu Fenger deliberated for a bit. “Was he the one that told these guards to block us?”


“Oh no!” Yu Fenger cried out as if he had suddenly thought of something. Sending out palm strikes one after another, he struck away all the guards that were blocking their way. “Jin ge, I remember now. Isn’t Xueyi our Doudou? That old thing is trying to delay us and keep us from saving Doudou!”

Jin Longbiao immediately understood, then his gaze turned fierce and he roared at Elder Yu, “Old thing, you’re seeking death!?”

Before his voice even faded, his figure along with the violently revolving morning star headed towards Elder Yu.

Elder Yu wasn't a vegetarian either. Lifting both hands, he concentrated his inner strength into a white ball of light in front of his chest. He abruptly pushed it forward and it made contact with Jin Longbiao.


The enormous shockwave sent many of the guards flying. Elder Yu was also forced back several steps. He was inwardly shocked. He’d never expected that this mountain bandit’s martial arts would actually be this good!

Jin Longbiao was also sent flying backwards, but Yu Fenger caught him.

“Jin ge, let’s go!”

Jin Longbiao estimated the gap between himself and Elder Yu and felt that there were pretty good chances at victory if they really started fighting.

However, when he thought about the fact that something might have happened to Tang Doudou, he dropped the idea of continuing the fight. After sharing a glance with Yu Fenger, their figures transformed into rays of light, before disappearing from the Alliance Head Residence in a blink of an eye.

Their speed was so fast even Elder Yu was caught unprepared.

“What kind of martial arts was that? It actually made it possible to move as fast as lightning!” Greed filled Elder Yu’s eyes. Golden Wind Jade Dew, originally I was just planning to capture you two to use against Li Xueyi, but now…

He swept his gloomy gaze over the guards. “Return!”

“Understood! Elder Yu!”


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