Chapter 160.2: Urgent Situation

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou had asked the moment she returned why she didn’t see Elder Yu’s people. She was unaware of the fact that Elder Yu had already replaced all the people in the Alliance Head Residence with those loyal to him. It was just that his ability of keeping things concealed was truly amazing, even Bai Feiyun was deceived. Of course, he had used quite a lot of effort in order to accomplish this.

This was all for the sake of giving Tang Doudou a fatal stab!

Although he hadn’t been able to block Golden Wind Jade Dew today, no one he set his sights on had ever escaped his grasp, even if they fled to the ends of the earth. Elder Yu called his trusted aide over and gave him some instructions. That person immediately revealed an admiring expression and said, “Elder Yu is truly supremely clever in scheming!”

“Quit flattering me and go carry out the task! Also, inform Murong Ming that I’m agreeing to the deal he offered last time! Have him pick a time. The meeting place is the same!”


Over here, Elder Yu was thinking of ways to seize hold of information to use against Tang Doudou again. Over there, Golden Wind Jade Dew had almost caught up to Bai Feiyun.

“Bai gongzi!” They saw that there was no one in front of Bai Feiyun, and since they weren’t sure whether he had been chasing Tang Doudou, Yu Fenger hastily called out to him.

Bai Feiyun saw them and said, his usually calm face filled with anxiety, “I only saw that she had ran this way. However, she was seriously too fast, I couldn’t catch up. At the same time, I was worried that she would disappear from sight so I didn’t turn back to find you guys. Why did it take you two so long to get here?”

Seeing that Bai Feiyun who had always had a good temper was currently this anxious and angry, Yu Fenger hastily briefed him on what had happened earlier.

Bai Feiyun immediately became furious. His warm gaze instantly turned cold. “Yu Qingshan, you’re seeking death!”

“Bai gongzi, let’s not worry about that damned guy for now. Tell me where Doudou went? What exactly happened?” asked Jin Longbiao worriedly.

“Her poison has flared up. She’s in a delirious state and can’t control her inner strength. It’s very likely for her to be in life-threatening danger so we must find her and calm her enough to help her suppress her exploding inner strength!”

“What kind of poison would be this tyrannical?” asked Yu Fenger.

Bai Feiyun’s gaze deepened. He glanced at Golden Wind Jade Dew’s worried faces, before sighing and saying, “It’s the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance!”

He knew that the two would definitely be shocked speechless upon hearing this, but he hadn’t expected Yu Fenger to have such an abnormally strong reaction.

Yu Fenger’s face immediately paled and his body started trembling. His small eyes were currently opened very wide and completely bloodshot. He was clearly extremely stirred up. “Y-you said th-that, Doudou, she’s poisoned with the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance!?”

Bai Feiyun was confused about his response but he still nodded. “The matter can’t be delayed, I…”

Before he even finished speaking, Yu Fenger was already gone from sight.

Bai Feiyun looked towards Jin Longbiao whose facial color was also not very good, and asked, puzzled, “Do you guys know something?”

Jin Longbiao sighed. “This is a long story. We had better find Doudou first!”

After he finished speaking, he went to chase after Yu Fenger.

The people had left and their speed was faster than his. Bai Feiyun felt that he probably wouldn’t be able to catch up to them.

So he went back to the Alliance Head Residence. After making appropriate arrangements, he picked up his special medicinal box and left again.

Elder Yu took in all of Bai Feiyun’s actions.

Murong Ming was also right next to him.

“From the looks of Bai Feiyun’s expression, something has definitely happened to Li Xueyi!” said Murong Ming.

Elder Yu looked at him with disdain. “I already told you earlier but you didn’t believe me. You believe it now that you’ve seen it with your own eyes, right?”

“Humph, only what the eye sees is true. I, Murong Ming, never believe in rumors!”

Joy appeared on Murong Ming’s usually gloomy face. “Many thanks to Elder Yu for telling me such important information.”

“My information isn’t free, a remuneration is required. Murong gongzi, I believe you understand?”

“Of course!”

“I hope Murong gongzi will send over the item soon so that this Yu could give you more useful information!”

“Don’t worry, Elder Yu, I’ll send my younger sister over as soon as I get back.”

Unexpectedly, the ‘item’ Elder Yu was talking about was Murong Ming’s sister, Murong Jiao. The two discussed a person like an object without a change in expression as if it was as normal as breathing. They were truly inhumane!

Even their loyal subordinates couldn’t help but silently remark that the Murong family’s Miss was truly pitiful.

Meanwhile, Yu Fenger was anxiously searching for Tang Doudou. Few people in the world could compete with him in qinggong, yet after flying a great distance he still didn’t see any trace of Tang Doudou. He couldn’t help but panic even more. Could it be that Bai Feiyun had pointed in the wrong direction?

He looked around again. He even seized several people to ask them if they saw anyone passing by, but they all said no.

Later, Jin Longbiao caught up with him right in time to see Yu Fenger kick over a vendor’s stall and move to kill someone. He hastily went up and stopped Yu Fenger.

“Fenger ah, even if you’re anxious you can’t kill people!” Jin Longbiao pulled Yu Fenger to a stop and said tenderly, “Don’t be so impatient for now, alright? Let’s search slowly. I believe that heaven helps the worthy, so Tang Doudou will definitely be fine!”

“Jin ge!” After Yu Fenger saw Jin Longbiao, his tears started flowing nonstop. “I just feel really uneasy!”

The passersby were looking at them with weird gazes, but Jin Longbiao ignored them and pulled Yu Fenger into his arms. “I know, I know about it all…”

Yu Fenger’s tears fell even more heavily when Jin Longbiao started comforting him. He sobbed, “Jin ge, I felt really close to Doudou since our first meeting, but I never thought that she was actually, actually…”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

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