Chapter 161.1: Killed

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Jin Longbiao hastily prevented him from continuing. “Fenger, we had better find Doudou first!”

As he spoke, he gave Yu Fenger a meaningful look. Yu Fenger immediately understood and silently rebuked himself for acting stupidly!

“Don’t blame yourself. I think Bai gongzi wouldn’t make a mistake in the direction. We should search this place carefully. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just call in the brothers from the stronghold to help!” Jin Longbiao had always been very decisive during crucial times and Yu Fenger would usually listen to his decisions during those times.

This time wasn’t an exception. Yu Fenger nodded, then they split up to continue looking for Tang Doudou.

Speaking of which, where was Tang Doudou right now?

She was currently hiding beneath a vendor’s stand not far away from where Golden Wind Jade Dew were searching.

She saw black bugs crawling all around her. Her entire body trembled but she didn’t dare to move in fear of startling those bugs!

“Baili Yu, big evil spirit, why aren’t you coming to save me!?” Her face was tear-stained. The only person she could think of right now was Baili Yu.

However, no matter how long she waited, that person didn’t show up. Her entire body became colder and colder as if she had been thrown into a freezer.

She was underneath a vendor’s stand, so when she started trembling, she attracted the vendor’s attention.

The vendor abruptly lifted the tablecloth. When he saw that a girl with messy clothes and hair was crouching below his stand, he thought it was some beggar that was trying to steal stuff. He immediately started cursing, “You damned thief! See if I don’t beat you to death!”

As he spoke, he lifted his leg to kick Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou was terrified. The darkness made her feel safe, so when the tablecloth was suddenly lifted and the eye-piercing light blinded her, she subconsciously reached up to block the light. Just as she was slowly lowering her hand, she saw a giant snake coming towards her. Its mouth was open wide as it lunged towards her throat.

In the face of this immediate danger, her inner strength went out of control and frantically surged out. As the enormous power surged through her body, the blue veins on her delicate hands bulged in a horrifying sight.

Following that, she hit the snake with her hand.

Which meant that she hit the vendor’s leg. The vendor’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets. Following that, he released a blood-curdling screech.

By the time the people around reacted, the vendor’s leg had already fallen to the ground in two chunks. Blood sprayed all over Tang Doudou’s entire body. The strong smell of blood made her head clear up. When she saw the leg that was still twitching on the ground, she was immediately scared pale. She had no idea what was going on.

Her instincts told her that this scene definitely had something to do with her, but no matter how she tried she couldn’t recall what happened earlier. All she remembered was that she had gone to find Xiao Bai excitedly. Afterwards, afterwards it was all blank.

The vendor’s scream attracted a lot of spectators, but no one moved to help that vendor. They simply stood to the side and pointed at Tang Doudou. Seeing the fear in their eyes, Tang Doudou subconsciously looked down towards her hands and her bloodstained torso.

“Look over there!” Yu Fenger and Jin Longbiao had noticed that there was a commotion in this direction and immediately rushed over.

Tang Doudou’s hands trembled. She couldn’t believe that she had been the one who tore off the vendor’s leg, but the reality was right in front of her as the vendor was still staring at her with resentment in his eyes. Tang Doudou suppressed the fear in her heart and slowly walked towards him. She wanted to help, to bring him to a doctor.

The technology of this ancient era wasn’t good enough to reattach his leg, but preserving his life was still possible.

However, she was currently covered all over with blood and looked like a female demon that had crawled out from the underworld. Who would have thought she was trying to help? That vendor immediately started screaming, “Aah! Stay away!”

Tang Doudou stopped moving and said in a trembling voice, “Don’t be scared, I didn’t do that on purpose earlier. It really wasn’t on purpose! I’m going to take you to a doctor, to a doctor!”

“No, no!” The vendor rejected her good intentions. Blood was flowing like a river from the place where his leg had been torn off.

If he kept losing blood like this, he was really going to die!

Tang Doudou swiped at the blood on her face and said anxiously, “If you don’t get to a doctor, you really will die!”

More and more people were gathering. Seeing that the vendor wouldn’t listen to her, Tang Doudou hastily called out to the people around, “Can you guys bring him to a doctor!?”

However, everyone around simply backed away fearfully.

Tang Doudou really wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears. What exactly was going on!?

There was no time to wonder about this though. Since no one was willing to lend a helping hand, she gritted her teeth and walked over to help that vendor up. However, the moment her hand made contact, an even more terrifying scene occurred. At the instant her hand touched the vendor, the vendor flew out with a ‘bang.’

The figure flew out horizontally and knocked over countless vendor’s stands before falling heavily to the ground. There was an immediate silence.

He died?

He died!

Tang Doudou stared at the lifeless vendor in shock, feeling as if she had been struck by lightning. She had killed someone!

While she was frozen in shock, a group of soldiers rushed out from somewhere and surrounded the area.

Daren! The person that committed the crime in the middle of the street is right over there!” A woman had led those soldiers here.

Upon seeing the unmoving vendor on the ground, that woman immediately burst into wails. “Head of Household ah!!!”

This was that vendor’s wife?

Tang Doudou’s hands trembled. She didn’t dare to meet that woman’s eyes. Why did she become like this?

Why would it be like this!?

This wasn’t what she meant to do, but...

She slowly walked towards that vendor. The people around moved out of her way, fearing that she would hurt them.

The woman immediately blocked her. “Y-you’re not allowed to go over.”

“I want to take a look!” Tang Doudou didn’t believe that she had killed someone. She seemed to still see that vendor’s chest moving.

“I’m begging you, please don’t go over!” That woman knelt down in front of her and continuously kowtowed. “I’m begging you! My family’s Head is already dead, can’t you just let him off!?”

Tang Doudou really didn’t know how to explain. She didn’t even dare to reach out and push aside the woman in fear that what happened with that vendor would occur again.

When the woman saw that Tang Doudou still wanted to go over there, she went and kneeled to the soldiers. “Darens, hurry and capture her! My family’s Head is already dead!”

Seeing that a person’s life had already been lost, the leading soldier immediately gave the order. “Go, capture her!”

“Understood! He daren!”

The soldiers carefully moved to surround Tang Doudou. However, unexpectedly they were able to tie her up very easily.

Tang Doudou felt that things seemed strange. Why were these soldiers fine touching her when that vendor had flown out the moment she touched him? This was illogical!

She knew that the inner strength within her body sometimes went out of control but this definitely shouldn’t happen.

There was definitely something fishy going on!

Tang Doudou wanted to struggle free and go check that vendor’s corpse, but her hands had already been tied behind her back.

“Behave!” A soldier kicked Tang Doudou’s ankle, almost causing her to fall to the ground.

“He daren, the criminal suspect has been caught!”

He daren replied coldly, “Back her back to await the court hearing!”



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