Chapter 162.1: Bai Family Head Bai Luoqing

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Just as Tang Doudou was about to call out to that person, someone hit her hard on the back. She immediately felt a stabbing pain and became dizzy.

Her eyesight gradually blurred, then she collapsed.

“Humph! You want to notify Bai Feiyun? Keep dreaming!” said He daren with a dark smile.

Daren, what do we do now?” asked the soldier escorting Tang Doudou.

He daren said, “Find a scapegoat to send to the Ministry of Justice, then bring him to the second prince’s residence. Be careful with this task. Don’t let anyone see!”

“Understood, daren!”

Bai Feiyun who was walking in the crowd sensed a very intense gaze. However, when he turned around, he didn’t see anything unusual. A trace of puzzlement flashed through his eyes. Could it have been someone that was shadowing him?

But it wasn’t possible for someone shadowing to have such an intense gaze.

More importantly, had Golden Wind Jade Dew found Li Xueyi yet? Bai Feiyun turned back to look at the street full of people, then walked into a hidden alley at the side. At a place with a special notation, he lightly knocked a few times - three long, two short.

After waiting quietly for a while, the small door next to the wall opened. A middle-aged man wearing peasant clothing looked out. When he saw Bai Feiyun standing at the door, he greeted him very respectfully, “Bai gongzi.”

Bai Feiyun nodded towards him, then lifted the hem of his clothes and walked in.

Inside was an ordinary peasant family styled courtyard. After Bai Feiyun entered, the peasant started leading him further inside. “Bai gongzi, my Family Head has already been waiting for you for a long time. Please come this way.”

“Is it just your Family Head?” Bai Feiyun naturally knew that person had been waiting for him a long time. He had always found excuses not to come because he didn’t want to obey the Bai family’s plans. From a young age, he had been sent out of the Bai family by his mother and grew up in the White Wind Manor that his mother had established. Hence, he didn’t have any good impression of the Bai family.

However, since things had gotten to this point, he had no choice but to come here. He had once seen symptoms similar to Tang Doudou’s current ones in the Bai family’s records. However, it had been too long ago so he couldn’t remember what he read clearly. That was why he could only come to look for the Head of Bai family to ask for a chance to return to the main house and thumb through the records.

He just didn’t know if he would make it in time.

While deeply worried, Bai Feiyun was brought to a dark, underground room.

“Feiyun, is that you?” Before he even entered, he heard a young girl’s voice come from the room. This voice barely sounded twenty. It was probably hard to imagine that such a young girl was the head of the Bai family.

“Feiyun greets Family Head.” After entering, Bai Feiyun gave his greetings in neither a servile nor overbearing manner before looking towards the girl dressed in purple who was sitting on the stone bed in the center of the room.

The girl had her back facing Bai Feiyun but slowly turned around after hearing his voice.

Her back looked quite perfect. Semi-transparent purple fabric covered that lithe body, exhibiting an extremely mysterious and hazy feeling. Her beautiful hair was pulled up high to reveal her slender, swan-like neck. Purple gauze hung down from her hair to her front. It was only revealed when she turned around that her features were actually half covered by that gauze. Only a pair of extremely charming eyes were left exposed.

“You’ve finally thought it through and come to see me.” The girl was Bai Luoqing, the head of the Bai family. Her charming eyes seemed to sigh with sorrow. She extended her jade feet from beneath her garment and the bell on her ankle jingled as she stepped barefoot onto the ground. The black-colored ground contrasted with her delicate jade feet as she walked step by step towards Bai Feiyun.

Bai Feiyun lowered his head, a trace of fear passing through his eyes. “Feiyun came to find Family Head to request something.”

Bai Luoqing stopped in front of him and lifted her brows in surprise. “Oh? How rare. You actually have something to request of me?”


“Since it’s such a rare occasion, say it. What is it?”

“I wish to take a trip back to the Bai family home.” Bai Feiyun revealed his intentions straightforwardly because he knew that superfluous words were useless with Bai Luoqing.

“Oh? It’s truly becoming more and more shocking. How unexpected that the first thing you ever request of me is the chance to go back to the Bai family home? Didn’t your mother vow back then never to go back to the Bai family home? You would actually defy your mother’s words? It really makes people curious why you want to return to the Bai family home.” Although Bai Luoqing’s words were full of questions, her tone wasn’t puzzled at all. On the contrary, it was calm as if she had expected this.

Bai Feiyun wasn’t surprised at this either. Although the Bai family couldn’t compare to a colossus like Cloud City or to a human devil like Baili Yu, it was still a large clan that had several hundred years of accumulated history. It had plenty of informants and an extensive information network.

Everything he did in Huai City and everything that twin brother of his, Gu Xun, did in Mist City were all within the Bai family’s grasp.

So Bai Feiyun didn’t offer a reason and simply beseeched, “I hope Family Master can agree.”

Bai Luoqing smiled and sat back down. “En. You know that I never make a losing deal. You definitely don’t want others to know that you’re going back, right? So, what do you plan to use to bribe me to keep this secret?”

She was the head of the family. It was a very simple matter for her to noiselessly bring a person back. The reason she was saying this was only because she wanted him to agree to that matter. And since he had come to find her, he had obviously already made the decision.

“As long as Family Head agrees, Feiyun will allow Family Head to set the price.”

After Bai Luoqing heard that, she started giggling. “Feiyun ah, Feiyun. Is it worth it to do this for a man?”

Bai Feiyun’s facial color darkened. “That’s my own business.”

“Aiy, I’m really curious about that Li Xueyi. What exactly is that man like, to actually be able to topple so many outstanding men and make them willing to dig out their own hearts to help him?” Bai Luoqing looked towards Bai Feiyun with an ambiguous gaze as if trying to see something from his face. “Could it be he looks even more charming than a woman?” T/N - It’s the Mary Sue halo.

Bai Feiyun didn’t reply.

The dark room was silent for quite a while before Bai Luoqing gave a long yawn. “You should return, I need to rest now.”

“Family Head…”

“Allow me a few days to consider.” Bai Luoqing lifted her hand and a continuous stream of energy hit Bai Feiyun, pushing him out of the room.

Following that, the door closed with a ‘bang.’ Bai Feiyun stopped himself from moving. His facial color was abnormally bad.

He never expected that this would be the outcome. Bai Luoqing hadn’t agreed or refused it. From the looks of it, she had gotten some news that made her apprehensive about the risks in helping him.

Otherwise, based on his understanding, Bai Luoqing would definitely not hesitate to agree to this very reasonable request since he had agreed to that demand.

As of now, he had no choice but to try and think of other ideas.


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