Chapter 162.2: Bai Family Head Bai Luoqing

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Bai gongzi! Bai gongzi!” Just as he was about to walk out of the courtyard, the earlier peasant rushed up to him. “Please wait!”

“Uncle Liu.” Bai Feiyun was originally going to leave right away but stopped upon hearing Uncle Liu’s anxious tone.

“Bai gongzi, Family Head asked me to pass something on to you!” said Uncle Liu quietly after he walked closer.

A trace of puzzlement flashed across Bai Feiyun’s face. If Bai Luoqing had something to say, why didn’t she say it earlier and had to have Uncle Liu come tell him?

“Family Head also has her own difficulties. Although Bai gongzi didn’t grow up in the Bai family, you are still someone of the Bai family so you should empathize a little with Family Head!” said Uncle Liu sincerely.

Bai Feiyun didn’t speak. Bai Luoqing was full of schemes. Even if she had difficulties, she didn’t need his empathy at all. Back then, Mother had also contributed to the Bai family with all she had, yet didn’t she still end up that way due to their so-called ‘abandon the small to preserve the large’ ideology?

Seeing that Bai Feiyun wasn’t moved by his words, Uncle Liu sighed and started talking about what Bai Luoqing said earlier. “Family Head told me to advise Bai gongzi. This matter is already linked to the seven Imperial Courts’ struggle, so gongzi should consider it carefully.”

It was just a warning?

Bai Feiyun felt like this couldn’t be it and silently waited for Uncle Liu to continue.

As expected, Uncle Liu continued, “Family Head also said that if Bai gongzi could convince City Lord Su into agreeing to the Bai family establishing a presence in Cloud City, it would be fine even if you didn’t agree to that condition. She will definitely think of a way to bring you back to the Bai family home.”

Bai Luoqing’s ambition was growing wilder and wilder!

Bai Feiyun inwardly smiled coldly, but on the surface, his expression was tranquil as always. “Alright, I understand.”

After he finished speaking, he left without turning back. Bai Feiyun’s expression only darkened once he got outside. Bai Luoqing actually wanted to dip a finger in Cloud City, was she crazy?

That’s not right. There was definitely some other element involved that he wasn’t aware of. It seemed like it was time to return to Cloud City.

It was also a good timing to bring him to see Cang Baicao. He would definitely know what was happening.

Bai Feiyun walked out of the alley and was about to head to Bai Courtyard when he saw Jun Xin swaggering in front, eating a tanghulu happily.

Although he didn’t want to come into contact with Jun Xin, there was a chance that Jun Xin might encounter Li Xueyi so he called out to him.

When Jun Xin saw him, he was also quite shocked and hastily swallowed the tanghulu to ask, “Where’s Li Xueyi? Didn’t he go looking for you? Why isn’t he with you?”

“Huh?” Bai Feiyun looked at him, confused.

Jun Xin looked around, then pulled Bai Feiyun to the side of the road before asking quietly, “He was looking for you to ask you to check his poison. Didn’t he head back?”

He definitely knew something!

Bai Feiyun was certain that Tang Doudou’s abnormal situation definitely had something to do with Jun Xin so he told Jun Xin about everything that occurred earlier.

Jun Xin’s jaw dropped. His expression was incredulous and countless questions filled his eyes. How was that possible? Even if the bug heart was incapable of curing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, it shouldn’t cause any harm to her body!

“Is this incident related to you?” Seeing Jun Xin’s confused and shocked expression, Bai Feiyun grabbed his collar and demanded, “What did you do to him?”

Jun Xin pushed aside Bai Feiyun’s hand. He was worried about Tang Doudou’s safety so his tone turned very annoyed, “None of your business!”

“It is none of my business, but I don’t even know where he is right now! If something really happens, I’d like to see how you plan to explain it to Baili Yu!” When Bai Feiyun saw that Jun Xin didn’t plan to reveal what happened, and when he thought about the fact that Li Xueyi’s current conditions were unknown, he couldn’t suppress his anger and moved up to grab Jun Xin.

He had just reached out when Jun Xin swept past him; he didn’t even see when Jun Xin had moved. A gloomy voice that completely lacked the aura of life transmitted over. “I’m going to look for her.”

Bai Feiyun was shocked by Jun Xin’s speed. Originally there wasn’t a great gap between their martial art skills but just then he felt an extremely large gap as if Jun Xin’s martial arts skills had already surpassed his by an enormous margin!


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